No Socks Day

National No Socks Day

This beautiful day is celebrated on every 8 May of the year. It’s a great event to enjoy and free your clean tones from a pair of socks. Your toes can feel the fresh air without socks and can breathe freely. You can wear your flip-flops and open sandals to celebrate this day. You can walk over the grass, stone, sand dip your feet in water to let them feel what nature is and how it feels like.

What is No Socks Day?

 “One can never have enough socks,” said Dumbledore.

Millions of people around the world love to wear soft and beautiful pairs of socks. It’s an amazing invention to protect your feet from the sun and keep them cozy the whole day. A perfect invention for the winter months. Wearing socks is the best way to keep your feet cozy and protected all time. But do you know what? Socks could be annoying sometimes, especially in hot scorching summer. Yes, sometimes all you need is to let your beautiful feet be free of everything.

To give you that freedom, the fun holiday lovers have introduced a No Socks Day which is a good opportunity to let your feet freely fly and allow your toes to taste the sand and water. This is a national no socks day when people around the world enjoy the beautiful sand under their feet, enjoy music, and share the best moments with their friends. This is the day to free your laundry from a pair of socks. This day is as much a celebration as wear Red day.

When Is No Socks Day celebrated?

No Socks Day

Who has introduced No Socks Day?

Have you listened to the latest trend “No Socks Day”? Don’t know about it? Well, today we will share an amazing and exciting event which will be celebrated this year. The hashtag #NoSocksDay is everywhere on social media platforms. It’s a unique way and an initiative to let your feet free of socks and let them enjoy nature. No socks day is an actually a liberation for feet worldwide. Yes, you need to head out barefoot and free them from coverage. It’s time to enjoy yourself with some good music barefooted.  

The idea behind this holiday is to free your feet from every kind of coverage to let them breathe. Ruth & Thomas Roy of has created the National Socks Days to encourage people around the world to get the freedom of the foot. The aim to celebrate this day is to reduce the laundry load for a day. Yes, we all can contribute to the betterment of our environment without contaminating water with harmful laundry detergents.

A lot of people don’t like their feet because of many reasons. Some have huge and hair feet, while some have dull and damaged heels. No Socks Day is an equal opportunity for all who have sexy feet and those who don’t like their feet just to enjoy the way they want to.

History of No Socks Day

The history of No Socks Day is odd and old as well. It’s the invention of Thomas Roy and his beautiful wife as an extremely fun holiday. This creative and fun idea has been included in Chase’s Calendar of Event. It’s a calendar that contains various events from every corner of American life by brothers William and Harrison Chase. The calendar was first published in 1957 to incorporate all the exciting events in a single book. This calendar of events emphasizes celebrating unusual traditions, historical anniversaries, and much more.  No Socks Day just like many other weird holidays is an addition of May Pages and so is the opportunity for all to let free feet over the grass and soil to feel the whole wildlife.

However, Chase’s Calendar of Events when first published contained 364 entries over 32 pages, and now today it has crossed this and contain total new editions of 12,000 entries over the 752 pages. It’s quite impressive. This is the best way to compile all the wild and funny holidays in one place and to spread this knowledge to all people.

Why Is No Socks Day being celebrated?

It’s a fun holiday, and people celebrate it to take part in this wacky holiday to give freedom to the fee to feel unbound soil under these feet. Yes, you need to wear socks for dress shoes to go to the office and school and that could be quite irritating sometime. This is a perfect day for those who want to free their toes and want to take part in making the environment better for a day by reducing laundry load.

How to Celebrate National No Socks Day?

There’re many ways to celebrate this crazy day. Wear your favourite shoes and step on the floor by keeping in mind the aim of this day—free and have fun.

  • Why not walk barefoot on the sand and dip your feet in water to enjoy nature? Just walk without socks to your favourite place, on the sand beach, and drinking water.

  • Get your partner with you to a favourite place and add beautiful and memorable romantic moments by matching footsteps with him/her.

  • Let your feet free and enjoy sand walking and get the best ideal excuse for a new pedicure. You just don’t need to think twice and remove your socks.

  • Might you don’t have open-toed shoes? Is it so? Why not buy a brand new pair at this No Socks Day?

  • Just dance barefoot with your friends and enjoy the moment by drinking fresh juices and hat on head.

You’re all free to enjoy this silly day at its fullest.

Importance of No Socks Day

After long winter seasons, now it’s the time to put off your warm pair of socks and wear small bikinis with a big hole the heels to showcase your toes. This day is synonyms to freedom as you can wear your flip flop and just be silly of your own to enjoy it in a splendid way. Time to kick your socks off!

Save the date! 8 May

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