Noise Action Week

Noise Action Week: Turning Down The Volume on Noise Pollution

Noise Action Week, a UK-based event, is a significant initiative aiming to raise awareness about the nuisance of noise pollution and encourage best practices to reduce unnecessary noise in our communities.Noise Action Week

History and Timeline of Noise Action Week

Established by the Environmental Protection UK (EPUK), Noise Action Week has been an annual event since 1998. The week-long event is coordinated by the EPUK and supported by various organizations across the country, including local authorities, housing providers, mediation services, and universities.


1998: Noise Action Week is initiated by the EPUK.

Ongoing: The event continues to be recognized annually, encouraging citizens to take action against noise pollution.

Importance of Noise Action Week

Noise pollution is a growing problem, affecting people’s quality of life and overall health. It can cause sleep disturbances, stress-related illnesses, lost productivity, and even heart disease. Noise Action Week aims to highlight these issues, advocating for the reduction of excessive noise to protect public well-being.

How to Celebrate Noise Action Week

Raise Awareness: Use this week to educate yourself and others about the impact of noise pollution. Share information through social media or community engagements.

Advocate for Change: Encourage local policymakers to prioritize noise control regulations.

Practice Noise Reduction: Take steps to minimize noise at home and work, such as using headphones, keeping the volume down, and using noise-cancelling materials.

Participate in Local Events: Engage with local activities organized for Noise Action Week. You can find these events through the Noise Action Week website.

Noise Action Week FAQs

  1. What is Noise Action Week? Noise Action Week is a UK-based event that aims to raise awareness about the nuisance of noise pollution and encourages best practices to reduce unnecessary noise.
  2. When is Noise Action Week celebrated? Noise Action Week typically takes place in May each year. The exact dates can vary, so it’s best to check the official website for updates.
  3. Who established Noise Action Week? Noise Action Week was established by the Environmental Protection UK.
  4. Why is Noise Action Week important? Noise Action Week is important because it highlights the health and quality of life impacts of noise pollution, promoting actions to reduce excessive noise.
  5. How can I participate in Noise Action Week? You can participate by raising awareness about noise pollution, advocating for noise control, practicing noise reduction, and participating in local events.
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