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North Macedonia National Day

Commemorating North Macedonia's autonomy from Yugoslavia on "North Macedonian Independence Day" - September 8

The Independence Day of North Macedonia is celebrated annually on September 8, commemorating the 1991 Referendum for Independence which granted Macedonia freedom from Yugoslavia.

About North Macedonia National Day


The North Macedonian Independence Day falls on September 8, commemorating freedom from Yugoslavia in 1991.
Date:September 8
Holiday Type:National
Commemorates the September 8, 1991 Referendum of Independence – which led to North Macedonia’s independence from Yugoslavia.
Observed by:
North Macedonia
How many years in :
32 Years of Independence
Parades, Fireworks, Dance, Music
Also called:
North Macedonia National Day, Den na nezavisnosta

The North Macedonia Independence Day also called the Macedonia National Day (Den na nezavisnosta) is celebrated on September 8th as one of the most significant holidays in North Macedonia. It is a great day to remember by the citizens of Macedonia, as it marks the country’s independence from Yugoslavia.

North Macedonia National Day in

This year, the North Macedonian Independence Day falls on Sunday, September 8, – marking the 28th Independence Anniversary of North Macedonia or Macedonia’s 28 Years of Independence since gaining freedom from Yugoslavia in 1991.

Independence History

The late 1980s and early 1990s brought major changes in the world, and particularly in Europe. With the fall of the Berlin Wall, the outlines of the new European history were created. The Cold War ended. Along with the Wall, under the sway of democratic forces, communist regimes that were dividing the Continent into two parts for half a century, collapsed, too. Macedonia also took part in those big steps towards acquiring democracy, starting the path towards an independent and sovereign state, outside the Yugoslav federation.

On 25 January 1991, the Macedonian Parliament adopted the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Macedonia, followed by the decision to hold a referendum. On 6 August 1991, the Macedonian Parliament decided by acclamation to hold a referendum at which the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia had to declare themselves, and the question was:

“Are you for a sovereign and independent state of Macedonia, with the right to enter into a future union of sovereign states of Yugoslavia?”

The question was formulated this way primarily because the Yugoslav People’s Army was still in the Macedonian army barracks and its leadership was thinking about preventing the inevitable process of disintegration of the federation with the force of arms and intimidation.

The referendum for an independent and sovereign Republic of Macedonia was organized on 8 September 1991. Out of 1,494,626 registered voters, 71.85% percent turned out, and 95.32% of them voted in favor of establishing an independent and sovereign state. Based on the results of the referendum that reflected the citizens’ desire for independence, the Assembly completed the process of independence of the Republic of Macedonia.

The then-President of the Republic of Macedonia Kiro Gligorov declared Macedonia’s independence on 8th September, by reading aloud these words in front of a huge audience of local Macedonians gathered at the Macedonia Square in the capital Skopje:

“Dear citizens of Macedonia, allow me tonight to you and to all citizens of Macedonia to congratulate the free, sovereign and independent Macedonia!”

Since that day, 8 September is observed to commemorate the Independence of the Republic of Macedonia.

After such declaration, on 17 November 1991, the first Constitution of the Sovereign Republic of Macedonia was enacted and voted, and the next month, on 19 December 1991, the Assembly adopted the Declaration on the international recognition of the Republic of Macedonia as a sovereign and independent state.

Several months later, Yugoslav People’s Army left the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, and on 18 August 1992, the Army of the Republic of Macedonia was established. On 26 April 1992, an important step towards monetary and economic independence was the introduction of the Macedonian currency, the Denar.

Why Celebrate

North Macedonian Independence Day (8 September 1991) is remembered and celebrated as the date when the historic goal of ‘independent Macedonia’ was formally achieved. This date marks the realization of the ideals and desires of generations of Macedonians who have dedicated and sacrificed their own lives in centuries of struggle for establishing an independent Macedonian state.

Macedonia Independence Day 8 September

Celebrations & Activities

8 September Independence Day is the most important holiday in North Macedonia. On this day, the beautiful country is brimmed up with patriotic fervor and energy. Hundreds of thousands of locals take to the streets carrying Macedonian flags and displaying their patriotism.

The grandest of the celebrations take place in the country’s capital Skopje. A large number of people gather at Skopje’s Pella Square to witness the grand military parade, air show, fountain dance show, and cultural dance followed by the Prime Minister’s speech in front of the audience.

Other celebratory activities include free music concerts, exhibitions, family-friendly festivals, dance shows, and entertaining plays in almost all the towns and cities. Offices, Schools, and Businesses observe a day off in honor of the country’s independence.

Interesting Facts

North Macedonia has gained its independence on September 8, 1991 – after the passing of the Independence Referendum – which granted complete freedom to North Macedonia from Yugoslavia rule.

Greece refuses to acknowledge an independent Macedonian identity. They claim that what is Macedonia is actually Greek. Greeks have viewed Macedonia as a part of their empire for a long time, and much of their history is interrelated. After the Balkan Wars in 1913, Greece officially acquired the entire Macedonian region. But they lost part of their territory during the World Wars to what later became Yugoslavia. The lost territory later gained independence and became the Republic of Macedonia. Today the stronger Greece has barred the poorer country of Macedonia from joining organizations like the EU and NATO.

North Macedonia National Day Wishes Greetings

  • May you have many more peaceful and productive years ahead!
  • Happy Independence Day, Macedonia!
  • Macedonia, a name with beauty, Happy Independence Day, love you all.
  • Happy Independence Day to the citizens of Macedonia!
  • 28 years ago, Macedonia gained independence from Yugoslavia without a single drop of blood shed. Happy Independence Day to the greatest Macedonia.
  • Happy Independence Day, Macedonia! Wish well-being to people.
  • Happy Independence Day Macedonia… Wish you peace, love, rule of law and good inter-ethnic relations… Cheers!
  • Happy Independence Day Macedonia and best wishes to all citizens residing in Macedonia. May we celebrate this day for many years in peace and prosperity!
  • Happy 28th anniversary of independence Macedonia and to all Macedonia citizens!


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