Pan American Day

Pan American Day - 14th April (USA) and 12th October (Belize)

People in the USA celebrate Pan American day on 14th April annually. This day commemorates the First International Conference of American States which happened on April 14, 1890. This conference built what is now known as the Organization of American States (OAS). This day symbolizes the sovereignty of American countries as well as their unity with each other. it gives time for these countries to coordinate with each other and track the progress of being as one.

Belize, a small country, also celebrates Pan American day but on 12th October. Americans celebrate Columbus day on 12th October. Citizens of the US celebrate Pan American day to pay tribute. They honor the conclusion of the first conference of American states. The meeting concluded on 14th April 1890.

Pan American Day: All You Need to Know


Pan American day is the day to pay tribute and pay respect. People honor the delegates who took part in the first conference of the American state. As a result of the meeting, they formed the first union. They named it the union of American republics. Conference ended on 14th April 1890.

The United States of America celebrates Pan American day on 14th April every year. This day honors the efforts of politicians for bringing the western hemisphere together.

What is the start of the celebration of the Pan American Day?

The first-ever celebration of the Pan American Day happened on April 14, 1931, in the member countries of the International Union of Americas Republics. A speech was delivered by President Herbert Hoover in Washington, Texas, USA. There was also a tree planted on the grounds of the OAS.

When is the Pan American Day?

People in the US, after the presidential order, celebrate Pan American day on 14th April every year. The small country named Belize celebrates Pan American day but on October 12th. Americans celebrate 12th October as Columbus Day.

History of Pan American Day

The US citizens observe national Pan American day every year on 14th April. This day marks the first-ever conference of American states which concluded on 14th April 1890.

US secretary of state Mr. James Blane first purposed the concept of the conference for the western hemisphere. The idea of Pan-American inspired him. It took ten years for the idea to become a reality, but it happened. Finally, the first conference began in October 1988.

Washington, DC, the capital of the US, was the venue of the conference. The main idea was to improve the relations between the North and South American countries. The discussion covered a variety of subjects like currency, trade, military, and security.

As a result of the conference, they formed a group of American states. An organization of American state suggested celebrating the Pan American day in 1930.

The US was first to celebrate the Pan American day on 14th April 1931. In 2015 president Barak Obama proclaimed 14th April as the national pan American day.

Why Celebrate

The following are the main reasons why you should participate in the celebration of the Pan American Day:

To Celebrate Unity

One of the main essences of this celebration is to commemorate the unity of the countries of America. This unique celebration brings together the countries and reminds everyone of why the OAS was built – in order to provide the countries with opportunities of coordinating with each other for a better relationship with each other and better economic results for each nation.

To Have Fun

Of course, since this is a celebration, the event duration is full of fun activities that are so enjoyable to do. There are various activities and ceremonies, encouraged by the president himself, that are fun to do during this day. Hence, if you want to have a good time, then you should go to celebrate this day.

What is the Importance of Pan American Day?

Pan American day is to celebrate unity and harmony. 14th April marks the creation of an organization of American states. It has significance because it’s part of history. On 14th April delegates of different north and south American countries gathered for unity.

Pan American day is part of history which reminds Americans about the unity and the efforts of their forefathers.

Facts About National Pan American Day

  • American president proclaims to observe the week of 14th April as a national pan American day.
  • The idea to observe the holiday on national Pan American day came in 1930. Group of American states proposed the holiday.
  • Every country in North and South America celebrates this day. The main idea behind Pan American day is to improve the relations. Promote brotherhood and trade between American nations.

Pan American Day Celebrations & Activities

How to Celebrate the National Pan American Day?

There are different ways to celebrate the national pan American day. In this part, we’ll give you different ideas on how to celebrate the Pan American day.

Spectate the Presidential Proclamation

One of the highlights of this celebration is the proclamation by the president. You should go watch or spectate this one. Usually, the president will give a brief background of the Pan American Day celebration. If you still don’t know much about it, then hearing this proclamation would give you new knowledge about the event.

Spend Time with Your Friends from Other American Countries

You can also celebrate this day by spending time with your friends from other American countries. Let this bond and the happiness that it brings represent the unity of the American nations and the fruitful results of such cooperation. You can even plan before the event in order to maximize all the fun that you can experience when you celebrate this day.

National Pan American Day Parades

Joining or organizing a parade is a brilliant idea for the national pan American day. Different groups, city mayor and governors hold Pan American day parade. You can join a show or organize one. Take part and enjoy the celebrations of being American.

These parades are for fun. People come dressed in different costumes to show their pride and respect. You can also dress in a unique way to enjoy the ceremony and celebrations.

School Plays

Different schools in America organize theatre plays. The theme of those plays is Pan American day or to showcase American pride. You can go and join the school play. It is another excellent way to spend the Pan American day. Relax and watch students perform on this day. Don’t forget to applaud the performances of the students. They put lots of effort to make their play a success.

Social Media

Social media is another excellent way to celebrate the national pan American day. Even on social media, there are different ways to celebrate the Pan American day. You can change your display picture and replace it with an American flag. Post and tweet on social media is another way to celebrate Pan American day. You can post pictures and how you feel about the day with different hashtags. There are live videos and so much stuff that you can join.

Orchestra Music

Orchestra’s on Pan American day play music. If there is an orchestra near you, go and enjoy the music. It is another brilliant way to celebrate the national pan American day. Take your friends and colleagues with you instead of sleeping all day long. You should enjoy a bit of music.


You can set an exhibition, and it is one of the great ways to celebrate the Pan American day. Set up an exhibit about the history. Display pictures related to the history of the Pan American day. If you don’t have enough resources, you can go to other people’s exhibit. On this day, people also set up exhibits. Go, learn, and have fun on Pan American day.


On the occasion of Pan American day, shows are also held. It’s a public procession for fun and leisure. You can go and become a part of the pageant. It is another excellent way to celebrate the national pan American day. Pageants are full of leisure and fun activities. You can also find some quality food. Go out with your friends and family, have fun, and enjoy yourself. Eat traditional and delicious food. Pageants are another excellent way to show the spirit of being an American.

Which Countries Celebrate the National Pan America Day?

Almost every north and south American country celebrates the national Pan American day. They all commemorate their unity and being as one in maintaining peace and security by understanding each other’s nation. During this day, the President of the USA makes a proclamation declaring the dates of celebration and encourages people to honor these observances with appropriate activities and ceremonies. People celebrate this day by spectating such proclamation. They also find time to learn about the history of the different countries of America to gain a deeper understanding of each other’s nations. People also spend time with their friends, family, or relatives from other American countries.

The following are the countries that celebrate this event:

  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Cuba
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Haiti
  • Honduras
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • United States
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela


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