International Pillow Fight Day

World Pillow Fight Day 2020

The word pillow fight day reminds everyone of a cherished memory of everyone’s childhood. And let’s welcome the international pillow fight day 2020. International pillow fights took place on the 6th of April every year. On that day big pillow fights will take place in different cities of the world including New York, London, Seattle, Rotterdam, and many others.Pillow Fight Day

First pillow fight of the history took place actually in March 2008 and since then the intensity of fight with pillows in the street keep on increasing exponentially. All just to have some fun!

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Rules of Pillow Fight

Undoubtedly, it’s hell fun to involve yourself in pillow fights but any game is incomplete without rules. So, in the case of pillow fight on International pillow fight, day 2019 and everyone who wants to participate has to follow the rules strictly. The rules could vary from culture to culture, city to city but some of the general rules which have been followed in all cities of the world are mentioned below.

  • Swing the pillow tightly.
  • It is prohibited to swing on people without having a pillow.
  • It is prohibited to swing on people while having a camera.
  • You are not allowed to use any kind of hard pillows. Soft pillows allow only.
  • Bring polyethylene bags with you to help with clean after having fun.

Some of the event organizers request everyone that doesn’t use any kind of feather pillow because using pillow having feathers is strictly concern about the animal welfare while on the other hand people allow others to use such kind of pillows because of it as more fun. So, mate if you are not clear about pillow rules of your event feel free to contact the organizer and inquired about the best option. But I must say that synthetic pillow is one of the best options for a pillow fight.

How to celebrate Pillow Fight Day

There are a plethora of ways through which you can celebrate the pillow fight day. You can organize your own event of pillow fight and can invite your friends and family members or can easily join the already organized pillow fight events. Challenge your roommates to the pillow fight battle, challenge your neighbor, challenge your friends and cousins, and enjoy the ultimate get to gather in Pillow Fight Royal Battle arena.

Pillow fight day is undoubtedly a great chance to make some new friends and to get rid of old pillows. Enjoy the Pillow Fight Round One… Fight!

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