Celebrate Pocky Day – A Fun and Delicious Holiday for Snack Lovers

11th November Pocky Day

The Pocky Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated in Japan every 11th of November each year. This day commemorates Pocky, one of the most loved snacks not only in Japan but also all over the world. Pocky is a chocolate coated biscuit stick. It is also known as Pepere in South Korea.

About Pocky Day

During the Pocky Day, people celebrate by conducting various activities that let them indulge themselves into lots of Pocky. Glico hosts an event where they conduct various activities that allow them to show the world their products, especially their different flavors of Pocky. People also celebrate by eating Pocky and giving some to their friends and family.

pocky day

When was Pocky Day invented?

Pocky was first made by a confectionary named Ezaki Glico in 1966 in Japan. Soon after its invention, people instantly came to love the sweet snack. In 1983, the Lotte confectionary in South Korea began to produce its own version of Pocky called Pepero.

On November 11, 1999, the Pocky Day started as a fun celebration. Unfortunately, we are not sure as to who started this celebration. But still, we can say that such holiday started because people have come to love Pocky so much that they realized that it deserves its own special day of commemoration. Hence, the Pocky Day started.

What day is Pocky Day?

As mentioned earlier, the Pocky Day is celebrated every 11th of November each year.

Why is Pocky popular?

Pocky is popular for several reasons, including its unique taste and convenient packaging. The snack has also become a cultural icon in Japan and is often associated with fun and friendship.

The three most important information about why Pocky is popular are:

  1. Pocky comes in a variety of flavors, from classic chocolate to unique flavors such as green tea and strawberry.
  2. The snack’s slim and convenient packaging makes it easy to share with friends and bring on the go.
  3. Pocky has become a cultural icon in Japan, appearing in movies, TV shows, and popular media as a symbol of fun and friendship.

How is Pocky Day celebrated?

Pocky Day is celebrated in various ways, depending on the location and cultural traditions. Some people celebrate by eating Pocky with their friends and family, while others participate in Pocky-related events and contests.

The three most important information about how Pocky Day is celebrated are:

  • In Japan, some stores sell limited-edition Pocky flavors and special Pocky Day gift sets.
  • Pocky-related events and contests, such as Pocky-eating contests, are held in some countries to celebrate the holiday.
  • Some people use Pocky sticks to make creative desserts, such as Pocky-topped cakes or Pocky-infused ice cream.

 7 Interesting Facts You Didn’t  Know About Pocky Day

  • The name “Pocky” comes from the sound its creators said it makes when you eat it: “Pokkin.”
  • When launched in 1966, each individual stick was hand dipped in chocolate before the machines took over.
  • The idea to keep part of the biscuit un-dipped to keep fingers clean came from kushi katsu, a popular Japanese skewered fried pork.
  • Pocky Day began on Nov. 11, 1999. On the Japanese calendar, 1999 is the 11th year of Heisei, so Nov. 11, 1999, translates to 11-11-11. And all those ones look like Pocky sticks. Got it?
  • Pocky holds the Guinness World Record on Twitter as the most-tweeted brand name within a 24-hour period on Nov. 11, 2013 with 3,710,044 tweets.
  • The Pocky truck tour has given out more than 1.5 million boxes of Pocky since it hit the road in 2013.
  • There are more than 50 flavors of Pocky which includes Strawberry, Chocolate Banana, Cookies and Cream, Green Tea and Almond Crush.
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