Poppy’s Birthday

Poppy's Birthday: A Celebration of the Iconic Star and 5 Surprising Facts

Poppy’s birthday is the perfect time to celebrate the enigmatic and talented singer, songwriter, and YouTube personality. In this article, we delve into Poppy’s background, career timeline, and why we love her.Poppy’s Birthday

We also uncover 5 surprising facts about the artist and answer some frequently asked questions. Plus, we provide a table of Poppy’s upcoming birthday dates for the next few years.

Fast Facts

  • Full name: Moriah Rose Pereira
  • Stage name: Poppy
  • Date of birth: January 1, 1995
  • Birthplace: Whitman, Massachusetts, United States
  • Genres: Electropop, synthpop, nu metal, experimental
  • Years active: 2011–present


Born Moriah Rose Pereira in Whitman, Massachusetts, Poppy’s journey into the world of music and entertainment began at a young age. She started dancing at the age of 9 and eventually found her way into singing and acting. At 15, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams, and her career took off shortly thereafter.

Career Timeline

  • 2011: Poppy’s musical career began in earnest with her uploading her first song, “Rainbow,” to her YouTube channel.
  • 2014: She signed with Island Records and released her debut single, “Everybody Wants to Be Poppy.”
  • 2015: The enigmatic, cryptic, and fascinating series of videos that have come to define her persona began appearing on her YouTube channel.
  • 2016: Poppy released her first EP, “Bubblebath,” under the name That Poppy, which garnered her a dedicated fanbase.
  • 2017: She released her first full-length album, “Poppy.Computer,” which showcased her unique blend of electropop and synthpop.
  • 2018: Poppy released her second album, “Am I a Girl?,” which further explored themes of identity, consumerism, and the digital age.
  • 2020: Poppy’s third album, “I Disagree,” saw her experiment with heavier sounds, incorporating elements of nu metal and industrial music.
  • 2021: She released her fourth album, “Flux,” which marked a return to her pop roots while still retaining the experimental edge she is known for.

Why We Love Poppy

Poppy’s unique artistry, enigmatic persona, and innovative approach to music and performance have captured the hearts of fans around the world. Here are some reasons why we adore her:

  1. Innovative storytelling: Poppy’s YouTube channel features a fascinating mix of surreal, cryptic, and thought-provoking videos, which have been the subject of much speculation and analysis by fans.
  2. Genre-defying music: Her discography covers a wide range of genres, from electropop and synthpop to nu metal and experimental, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
  3. Thought-provoking themes: Poppy’s work frequently explores themes such as identity, technology, and consumerism, prompting listeners to reflect on their own lives and the world around them.
  4. Stunning visuals: Her music videos and live performances are known for their striking visuals and avant-garde fashion, making her a true icon of modern pop culture.
  5. Dedication to fans: Poppy’s genuine love and appreciation for her fans is evident in her interactions on social media and during live performances.

5 Surprising Facts About Poppy

  1. No smartphone: Despite her futuristic and technology-focused persona, Poppy has stated in interviews that she doesn’t own a smartphone, preferring to use an old flip phone instead. This surprising revelation showcases her ability to separate her online persona from her personal life.
  2. Multilingual: Poppy is multilingual, speaking English, Spanish, and some Japanese. Her language skills have allowed her to connect with fans from diverse backgrounds and cultures.
  3. Voice acting: In addition to her music career, Poppy has ventured into voice acting. She lent her voice to the character “Poppy” in the animated series “Trolls: The Beat Goes On!” on Netflix.
  4. Guinness World Record holder: Poppy holds the Guinness World Record for the “Fastest time to wrap a person in toilet paper by a team of two.” She achieved this quirky feat with fellow YouTuber Kandee Johnson in 2018.
  5. Vegan lifestyle: Poppy is a passionate vegan and often uses her platform to advocate for animal rights and promote cruelty-free living.

    Poppy’s Birthday Dates

    Here’s a table of Poppy’s upcoming birthday dates and days for the next few years:

    2023January 1Sunday
    2024January 1Monday
    2025January 1Wednesday
    2026January 1Thursday
    2027January 1Friday


    Q: How did Poppy get her stage name?

    A: Poppy has never explicitly revealed the origins of her stage name. However, it’s believed that she chose the name because of its simplicity and catchiness, as well as its association with the vibrant poppy flower.

    Q: Is Poppy in a relationship?

    A: Poppy has kept her personal life private, and there is no publicly available information about her current relationship status.

    Q: What is the meaning behind Poppy’s “I Disagree” album?

    A: Poppy’s “I Disagree” album is a departure from her earlier work, incorporating heavier sounds and tackling themes of self-discovery, personal growth, and breaking free from constraints. The album’s title track, “I Disagree,” is about defying expectations and challenging the status quo.

    Q: How can I get in touch with Poppy or her management?

    A: To get in touch with Poppy or her management, it’s best to reach out through her official social media accounts or her website’s contact form.

    Q: Has Poppy ever collaborated with other artists?

    A: Yes, Poppy has collaborated with various artists throughout her career, including Diplo, Grimes, and Marilyn Manson. These collaborations have allowed her to experiment with different styles and further expand her musical horizons.

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