Relaxation Day – August 15

Happy National Relaxation Day - 15 August 2021

Every August 15 each year, the Relaxation Day is celebrated. This holiday was first proposed by Sean Moeller in 1985 when he was only 9 years old. During this day, people on social media participate by sharing the hashtag #NationalRelaxationDay. This holiday has also been publicized in various organizations, public institutions, and charities. This is just an evidence that we people do value relaxation so much because it is a necessary part of our lives.

What is the Relaxation Day?

National Relaxation Day

The Relaxation Day, known formally as the National Relaxation Day in the USA but just Relaxation Day in other parts of the world, is an unofficial holiday celebrated every 15th of August each year. This is the day when people can slow down anything that their doing, relax, and unwind.

We people have so much work nowadays that most of the tame, the fact-paced world and hectic lifestyles we have prevent us from taking a break. But the Relaxation Day solves that. This day rejuvenates and recuperates our bodies and minds so that we don’t get exposed to a lot of health risks. According to the founder of this day, too much work can make people sick. And he is definitely right. Doctors and other health care professionals have proven that too much work will trigger our bodies to release stress hormones which can have mental and physical harmful effects.

There are a lot of activities that can be done during the Relaxation Day to make help people take a good break from working like a dog.

History of Relaxation Day

As mentioned above, the founder of the Relaxation Day is Sean Moeller. He was only in fourth grade when he suggested this day bac in 1985. Although the celebration of this day had a slow start, its momentum quickly began to catch up through the years. And now, the day is recognized not only in the USA but also worldwide. A lot of people from different parts of the world participate in the celebration of this one of a kind event.

When is the Relaxation Day?

This day is always held on August 15 ever year. This means that the upcoming Relaxation Day will be celebrated on Sunday, 15 August . And next year, people will be celebrating it on August 15, 2022.

National Relaxation Day: Celebration Ideas & Activities

National Relaxation Day

Why Celebrate the Relaxation Day?

Stress is really harmful for the body. A lot of different diseases, especially cancer and cardiovascular diseases, have been linked with stress. What’s a good way to relieve yourself of stress? The simple answer to that is simply to relax. Relaxation calms our mind and our body. It is like recovering from a sickness and we ultimately get better. There’s no other day to relax in the best way than the Relaxation Day. Hence, the important reason why you should celebrate it.

How to Celebrate the Relaxation Day?

The following are the best activities that can be done to make the celebration of this holiday as amazing as possible:

Get Away From Your Phone

Your phone is most probably associated with your work or studies. If that’s the case, then get it away from you during the Relaxation Day. But of course, if your phone has something to do with how you can relax during this day, then go use it. Perhaps you can just inform your classmates, professors, or even workmates that you will not be available during this special day because you will relax for its entirety.

Classical Music Can Calm You Down

Studies have proven that classical music can help you calm down and relax. They say that classical music can lower blood pressure, slow heart rate, and decrease the levels of stress hormones. It would be a good idea to relax at your bedroom or living room while listening to the peaceful and calm classical music. Songs by Mozart are highly recommended.

Relax Outside

It might also be a better way of relaxing if you can go outside in the greens to relax there. If you have a garden, then stay there. If there is a forest near you, then go there. It is good for the body to inhale all the good air in these areas. They can reduce stress and increase oxygen flow in your body.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water can help you calm down and decrease your stress level. Hence, it would be a good idea to spend the Relaxation Day by always staying hydrated. Make sure that you always have your water bottle with you and full all the time. When you get the chance to refill it, do so.

Go to the Spa

Another recommended activity that is very easy to do during this day is to go to the spa. You can get massage and become super relaxed. All you need to do is to be present there. Very easy right?

Facts About the Relaxation Day

Relaxation Day

  • This holiday was created by a nine-year old boy from Michigan back in 1985.
  • According to a 2003 study, stress is linked with the chances of a woman getting breast cancer.
  • There are actually relaxation exercises that can help you fall asleep. Breathing exercise is one example wherein you inhale deeply and slowly and then exhale slowly. This relieves the body of tension.
  • Relaxation is linked with cold relief. Studies found that being in a calm and soothing environment can treat colds. So if you have a bad cold during the Relaxation Day, then it is just right for you to celebrate it by relaxing.

Relaxation Day Messages

  • We often complicate a lot of things and hence it is essential to make sure that today we simplify it all and just “relax”.
  • For relaxing, all you need is just a pool, sun and maybe a good book! Have a worthy relaxation day today.
  • Dealing with tress the 365 days is tough. Relaxation day is that window that lets you find yourself and get stable amidst all the rush of daily life.
  • Let yourself delve deeper into the chill mode today. The whirlwind of daily life stops just for this 24 hours of the relaxation day.
  • It’s officially the day when you can let go of yourself and just pamper yourself with all that you love to do in order to be relaxed. Happy relaxation day.
  • Life is busy and never easy. Happy relaxation day and hopefully you fuel yourself up for the hard work that comes ahead!
  • After a lot of work, people lose the sense of sanity and hence it is essential that they go into the full chill mode on this day and just have fun.
  • The effects of a good day are immense to keep a smile on your face for the upcoming hard days. Make the most of this relaxation day and just chill out.
  • It isn’t everyday that you are encouraged to relax. Enjoy to the fullest because this relaxation day is breath of fresh air amidst all the hustle and bustle of the daily life.
  • Happy relaxation day. Let your stress hormones go for a toss today and you make the most of the day with all the fun you can do.