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Republic Day of Central African Republic

The Republic Day of Central African Republic is a public holiday celebrated annually on December 1 in the Central African Republic – commemorating the time of 1958 when CAR (then known as Ubangi-Shari) became an autonomous republic within the French community and Boganda was established as head of government of autonomous Central African Republic.



CAR holds Republic Day celebrations on December 1. Events are held nationwide, with the biggest celebrations taking place in the capital Bangui. There are military parades, speeches, ceremonies, concerts, and dugout canoe races to commemorate the country’s freedom from the French colonial rule.

Why December 1 is Celebrated in the Central African Republic? The Central African Republic celebrates December 1, as a day to commemorate the time when the protectorate of Ubangi-Shari turned into a republic and gained freedom from French colonial rule.

CAR Republic Day History

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CAR Republic Day History

Central African Republic (previously called Ubangi-Shari), came under the colonial rule of France in 1894. In 1905, the colony of Ubangi Shari was united with Chad. In 1910, it got united with Gabon and the Middle Congo to become French Equatorial Africa.

Following World War II, a rebellion in 1946 forced the French to grant self-government. In 1958 the local people voted to become an autonomous republic within the French Community.

The French constitutional referendum of September 1958 dissolved the AEF, and on 1 December 1958, the Assembly announced the birth of the autonomous Central African Republic with Barthélemy Boganda as head of government. Today, CAR observes December 1 as a day to commemorate the turning of the French colony of Ubangi-Shari into a republic.

Boganda ruled the country until his death in a plane crash on 29 March 1959. He was succeeded by his cousin, David Dacko. On 12 July 1960, France agreed to grant full independence to the Central African Republic. On 13 August 1960, the CAR became a fully independent state with David Dacko as the first president of the independent state.

Republic Day of Central African Republic 1

Republic Day of Central African Republic

Republic Day of the Central African Republic is celebrated annually on December 1. This means that the upcoming CAR Republic Day will be observed on Sunday, December 1, – marking Central African Republic’s 61st Republic Anniversary since turning into a republic in 1918.

Republic Day Anniversary
December 1Sunday61st Anniversary
December 1Tuesday
62nd Anniversary
December 1Wednesday63rd Anniversary
2022December 1Thursday64th Anniversary
2023December 1Friday65th Anniversary
2024December 1Sunday66th Anniversary
2025December 1Monday67th Anniversary

Republic Day of Central African Republic Celebrations & Activities

The Republic day of the Central African Republic is celebrated with great zeal and pride. Military parades, festivals, seminars, concerts, and cultural exhibitions are held nationwide. The largest of the celebrations take place in the country’s capital. Some other features of Republic Day celebrations in CAR are – the annual canoe race of around thirty boats; and wrestling competition.

Since it’s a public holiday, so many Central Africans spend the day by cooking traditional dishes and sharing with community members, attending nearby celebrations, visiting Bangui to observe the nation’s largest military parade, and dancing to the beats of patriotic songs.

CAR Republic Day

Symbols of the Central African Republic (Republic’s Day)

The CAR flag is raised and flown on Republic Day in the Central African Republic. The flag has four horizontal stripes of – blue, white, green, and yellow – and a single vertical band of red with a yellow five-pointed star in the upper left corner.

The National Anthem “La Renaissance” (The Renaissance) is also performed. The words of the anthem were written by the then Prime Minister, Barthélémy Boganda. The anthem symbolizes unity, courage, and patriotism among Central Africans.

Happy CAR Republic Day Wishes

  • As we celebrate our nation’s republic day today, let’s recall our freedom fighters that lost their lives in the battle for the liberty we are enjoying today. Have a fantastic Central African Republic Day!
  • The future, progress, and growth of our great country do not rely solely on technological advancement but on how we build social cohesion and trust between our nation and its inhabitants. Let us continue building a fantastic nation.
  • Let us be mindful of everything we can do to help our nation to make it a place of wealth, peace, and happiness.
  • As Central Africans celebrate the Central African Republic Day today, let’s renew our pledge to always keep our national motto so that we can live together in peace and stability.
  • Again, it is time for us to show other states that Central Africans are wonderful people from a wonderful nation. Happy December 1!
Central African Republic Day

Happy Central African Republic Day Greetings

  • May the flag of our beloved Central African Republic soar higher and higher every year since we mark the anniversary of the Republic Day.
  • I am honored and happy to be a part of a peaceful and free nation. Here is greeting each African – a joyful Republic Day of Central Africa.
  • This state deserves your loyalty not only on a specific day like this but always. Have an enjoyable celebration!
  • If I am given a second opportunity to be born into this world, I will choose to live my life in this wonderful country filled with pleasure, love, and prosperity.
  • On 1st December , CAR not only celebrates its Republic Day but also marks 61 years of autonomous CAR since the proclamation of republic day in 1958 – the most significant historic event that changed the nation’s course ever.
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