Revenge of the Fifth

The Star Wars franchise has become a cultural phenomenon that has captured the imaginations of fans all around the world. May 4th, also known as “Star Wars Day,” has become a widely recognized celebration of the series. However, May 5th, or “Revenge of the Fifth,” has also gained popularity as a day to continue the Star Wars festivities.

In this blog, we will delve into the origins of Revenge of the Fifth and explore why it has become a beloved holiday for Star Wars fans. We will discuss the significance of the “dark side” of the Force in the Star Wars universe and how it has inspired the Revenge of the Fifth celebrations.

Additionally, we will provide tips and ideas for how to celebrate Revenge of the Fifth, including hosting movie marathons, dressing up as your favorite Star Wars characters, and creating themed snacks and cocktails. We will also highlight the various events and activities that take place on this day in the Star Wars community, both online and in person.

Exploring the History of Revenge of the Fifth: A Celebration of Star Wars

Revenge of the Fifth is a popular holiday celebrated on May 5th by Star Wars fans around the world. It is considered to be the day after “Star Wars Day,” which takes place on May 4th. While it is not an official holiday, Revenge of the Fifth has become a significant date for fans to celebrate the iconic Star Wars franchise.

The name “Revenge of the Fifth” is a play on the words of the Star Wars movie title “Revenge of the Sith,” which is the third installment of the prequel trilogy. The day is also a nod to the “dark side” of the Force, which is a significant element in the Star Wars universe.

Revenge of the Fifth is celebrated in various ways by fans, including costume parties, movie screenings, and themed food and drinks. It is also a day for fans to share their love for the franchise on social media and connect with other fans in the Star Wars community.

How to Celebrate Revenge of the Fifth in Style


Revenge of the Fifth is a significant date for Star Wars fans, celebrating the iconic franchise and its “dark side” on May 5th. If you’re a Star Wars fan and want to join the celebrations, here are some tips on how to celebrate Revenge of the Fifth in style.

  1. Host a Movie Marathon: Gather your friends and family and host a Star Wars movie marathon to celebrate Revenge of the Fifth. You can even dress up as your favorite characters to get into the spirit of the holiday.
  2. Make Themed Snacks and Drinks: Create themed snacks and drinks to enjoy during the movie marathon. Some popular Star Wars-themed recipes include Yoda Soda, Wookie Cookies, and Lightsaber Pretzels.
  3. Dress Up in Star Wars Attire: Dress up in your favorite Star Wars attire to celebrate the holiday. Whether you’re a Jedi Knight, a Sith Lord, or a Rebel Alliance member, there are plenty of options to choose from.
  4. Participate in Online Events: Join the global Star Wars community and participate in online events and activities to celebrate Revenge of the Fifth. Social media platforms and fan forums are great places to find like-minded fans to connect with.
  5. Explore Star Wars Merchandise: If you’re a Star Wars collector, use the holiday as an opportunity to explore and purchase new merchandise. From action figures to posters, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Join the Star Wars community in celebrating Revenge of the Fifth and embrace your love for the “dark side” of the Force. May the Force be with you!

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