Ride Like Wind Day

Ride Like the Wind Day - August 23

Ride Like the Wind Day is held every 23rd of August each year. During this day, people are encouraged to ride like the wind. Apart from that, people also commemorate the first time the Kremer prize was awarded back in 1977. Such prize is given to people who develop pioneering technologies in human powered flight.

What is the Ride Like Wind Day?

Ride Like the Wind Day

The name of this holiday plays an English language phrase “run like the wind” which means to run extremely fast. This phrase is also most often used when someone or something is running away. There is a popular song entitled Ride Live the Wind created in 1980 by singer-songwriter Christopher Ross. The story of the song recounts the story of an outlaw who ran away to Mexico in order to avoid being punished.

Run like the wind also sometimes refer to the act of doing things without a purpose. The wind can change direction anytime. Hence, someone who is riding like the wind is a person who changes course in life most of the time without any pertinent reason.

These things are those that are celebrated for the Ride Like the Wind Day.

When is Ride Like Wind Day?

This holiday is always celebrated on August 23 each year. This means that the upcoming Ride Like the Wide Day will be celebrated on  August 23.

History of Ride Wind Day

The origin of the ride like the wind day can be traced back to when human powered flights were first invented.

Origin of Human powered flights

Human powered flights are those machines that require human muscle power to run. However, because of technological issues, humans cannot fly for long distances and for a considerable amount of time. Thus, human powered flights are usually used only for recreational and experimental purposes.

The first ever authenticated human powered flight which covered a significant amount of distance took effect in 1961. It was made by Derek Piggott, a glider pilot from the British Royal Air Force. He used the Man Powered Aircraft in Southampton University back in November 9, 1961. It covered about 600 meters.

Origin of the Ride Like Wind Day

Unfortunately, even with extensive research about this holiday, we cannot pinpoint exactly how and when this celebration started. We also do not know who started it. But perhaps we can make a good guess as to why this celebration started: maybe a person or a group of people thought that a day should be dedicated for human powered flights, no matter how simple or complicated they are.

Why Celebrate Ride Like Wind Day?

The following are the main reasons why you should celebrate the Ride Like the Wind Day:

Honor The Proponents of Human Powered Flights

The people who have invented human powered flights must have gone through a lot of hard work just to be able to create the technology that we very much need right now. And because of this, such people deserve to be honored and celebrated during the Ride Like the Wind Day. Praising and remembering them will also inspire other people to develop innovative technologies for the betterment of human lives.

Get Fascinated with Human Powered Flights

Another reason why you should celebrate this holiday is the opportunity to get fascinated with human powered flights. You can become more familiar with how these amazing things work. Sometimes we just wonder how these devices can fly. When we learn the components and their functions, we get to know how they work. Along with that is the amazement that we can feel.

How to Celebrate Ride Like Wind Day?


The following are the best things for you to do to make your celebration of the Ride Like the Wind Day as best as it could be:

Take Flying Lessons

A good activity to do for the celebration of this day is to take flying lessons. Human powered flights may seem complicated at first but once you learn it, it will be a breeze and a piece of cake. Hence, if you have the opportunity to take flying lessons during this day, then do so. Fortunately, there might be some free trainings and lessons for flying that are offered to people this day. Do grab that opportunity to learn how to fly planes.

Ride the Bike and Feel the Wind in Your Face

The name of this holiday can also be associated to riding the bike and then feeling the wind in your face which can be very relaxing and refreshing. Hence, when you have time, you should go outside and ride your bike. It will be good to do so since you can celebrate the holiday while you exercise, which is definitely good for your body.

Go to the Carnival for Some Rides

Another interesting way to celebrate this day is to go to the carnival for some rides. For instance, you may ride the roller coaster or the speedy Ferris Wheel to feel the wind in your face. There might be other rides that will allow you to do so. It will surely be fun and exhilarating.

Celebrate Ride Like the Wind Day on Social Media

You can also take your celebration of this day on social media. For instance, you can use the hashtag #RideLikeTheWindDay to let your friends and followers know that you are also participating in the celebration of this day.

Ride Like the Wind Day Facts

The following are some good facts for the Ride Like the Wind Day that are worth sharing:

  • The first ever human powered flight was done with the Gossamer Condor 2 back in August 23, 1977. It covered a distance of about 2,172 meters.
  • The windiest place in the world is Port Martin, Antarctica, which has an average wind speed over a year of 64 km/h (40 mph). It experiences gale force 8 winds for over a hundred days a year.
  • In North America alone, there are over 50 million kites sold each year.
  • Kite is one of the oldest activities that children play but ironically, kite flying is becoming included in one of the fastest growing sports in the world.
  • At least one kite festival is held every weekend in some parts of the world.
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