National Rocky Road Day

June 2 National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day

The National Rocky Road Day is celebrated every 2nd of June each year. This day gives dedication to the rocky road flavor we usually see in ice creams, brownies, and cakes. A lot of people love rocky road in its various forms and that it warranted because we can guarantee how delicious this sweet treat is. No wonder why a special day of celebration was given for it.

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National Rocky Road Day: All You Need To Know

Rocky Road Day

This holiday is all about celebrating rocky road in all its forms. But the most popular one is the rocky road flavored ice cream which is perhaps the most popular food that has rocky road as its flavor. Rocky road is composed of milk chocolate, marshmallow, and nuts. Hence, you can understand why such a term was given to this flavor: it is simply smooth milk chocolate made rough or “rocky” with bits of marshmallows and nuts. During this day, people celebrate by eating foods with the rocky road flavor. Such foods include rocky road ice cream, rocky road cake, and rocky road brownies.

History of National Rocky Road Day

The National Rocky Road Day has a rich history that can be traced from when the rocky road flavor was invented.


What is the origin of the rocky road flavor?

It was in Australia in 1853 when the rocky road dessert was first created. Confectionary items were just taken by some businessmen on their journey from Europe. They mixed their confectionaries with low-quality chocolate and local nuts. And from then on, the flavor became popular. Historical accounts say that the term rocky road was derived from the roads that were traveled by these businessmen to gain access to the goldfields.

What is the origin of the rocky road ice cream?

It was William Dreyer who created the Rocky Road ice cream flavor in Oakland, 1929. Thinking about the people who got devastated because of the Wall Street Crash, Dreyer created the rocky road ice cream dessert in order to lift up the spirits of the people. He made use of the original recipe for creating rocky road and then incorporated that to make an ice cream of this flavor. Just to add humor, it was said that Dreyer used his wife’s sewing scissor to cut up walnuts and marshmallows and then added them to the chocolate ice cream. Still, the dessert he made was good enough and tasted delicious.

But it was not only Dreyer who has claims on being the original creator of the rocky road ice cream. There is another man named George Farren who claimed that he combined a candy bar into a chocolate ice cream to craft the creamy rocky road dessert.

Regardless of who invented the rocky road ice cream, we are all happy right now that a dessert such as this was invented which we all enjoy eating whenever we want to.

When is National Rocky Road Day?

This holiday is always celebrated on the 2nd of June each year.

National Rocky Day Celebrations

Why celebrate the National Rocky Road Day?

Perhaps the main reason why you should celebrate this holiday is that you can spend all your time for the day eating the very delicious rocky road dessert. You can eat rocky road ice cream, rocky road cake, or rocky road brownies. There are so many more foods with this flavor. It is up to you to pick which one you want. But you will definitely be indulged and enjoy yourself when you spend your day eating it.

How to Celebrate National Rocky Road Day?

The following are the usual activities that people do to spend their day on the National Rocky Road Day:

Make Your Own Rocky Road

Maybe the best activity you can do to celebrate this day to its full potential is to make your own rocky road. It depends on you which kind of rocky road dessert you want to make. Just make sure that you have milk chocolate, nuts, and marshmallows in your list of ingredients so that you can make any dessert with this flavor.

Buy a Delicious Rocky Road Treat

Or maybe you are too busy during this day that you don’t have much time to make your own rocky road dessert. Hence, as an alternative, you can just buy a delicious rocky road treat from the store. For sure, lots of stores will be selling various kinds of rocky road desserts expecting that a lot of people will be demanding them during this day of celebration.

Celebrate on Social Media

You can also take your celebration on social media. For instance, you can use the hashtag #NationalRockyRoadDay to let your friends and followers know that you are also taking part in the celebration of this day. You can also use the same hashtag when you upload your photos of you eating rocky road dessert. You can also share a video of how to make a rocky road food if that’s what you want.

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