Saint David’s Day

March St. David's Day

It is a renowned as the festival day that is celebrated each year on 1st March in for remembering the death of the great leader of Wales. This day is renowned as the national day of Wales. He was a Welsh Pope who lives during the 6th century that was later cherished to the prestige in the 12th century by bishop Callixtus 2. On this day, ceremonies and parades are held throughout the country. Its biggest ceremony is apprehended in Cardiff.

What is Saint David’s Day?

St David's Day greeting card templateIt is a festival day of Christians that is observed annually on 1st March in the remembrance of the great leader of Wales. He died on 1st March, but this date is yet not assured.

He was the citizen of Wales and also part of the imperial family of Cunedda. He was popular as the preacher and the creator of a lot of religious communities.

On this day people, wear national symbols of Wales for remembering their great leader. He eats only scallion during fasting and also ordered his militia to use scallion on their helmets in a war against Saxons to look different from their enemies. On this day, parades are held throughout the country; people raise the Welsh flags and also demonstrate dragons, which are another sign of Wales. On this day people sing chorale and narratives and also play their national anthem.

It is not a public day. It is the day of that saint from those 4 saints who take part in making of the United Kingdom.

Who was Saint David?

He was the religious leader who was born at the end of the fifth century, and he was also the pope of Wales. He expanded the belief of Christianity throughout Wales and also creates 11 churches throughout the Wales and Brittany. His power is shown by building a lot of churches in his remembrance in Wales.

Saint David's Day card. Wreath with daffodills and leeksIt is always celebrated on 1st March, as the culture that he was died on that day in 589 AD, although the culture also declares that he survived for about 100 years, which is considered as the splendid age in the sixth century.

It is not accepted as the national day of Wales till the 18th century; the festival extended back to 1120 AD when he was glorified by the Bishop Callactus 2. He was famous among some people as the native supporter during the time of Welsh opposition to the Normans.

He has some minor wonders that are related to him; however the most popular is the gathering of the huge mass during the decision of making him the Archpope at the Synod of Llanddewi Brefi. When he was called to speak to the people, some people accused that due to the huge mass, they cannot hear him properly. At this situation, the ground begins to move up, locating him on top of the mass, so that people can watch him and can hear him. After this marvelous miracle, the decision of making him the Archpope was taken.

Is It A Public Holiday?

The National Assembly for Wales in 2000 voted collectively to make it a public holiday and the assistance of the public in Wales stayed firm. Later on, the British Government canceled it making it a bank holiday.

As a result, where the United Kingdom, Scotland and Northern Ireland Countries have holidays for remembering their leader, however, England and Wales have not.

Parades are held annually in Wales for remembering their great leader. The biggest parade among all is held in Cardiff. On this day, a large number of Welsh traditional places, like Beaumaris Castle, Caernarfon Castle, and Tintern Abbey, are opened for public for free.

Saint David's Day

On this day, a large number of Welsh nationals use one or both native symbols of Wales on their suit jackets or scallion on this day. The culture of using scallion comes into existence when a huge mass of Welsh armed force is ordered to use scallion to differentiate themselves from the enemies, which looks the same.

Public Life

This day is not considered as a public holiday in the United Kingdom or other countries like Canada and the United States. Although it is a day of celebration, as a result, many schools offices, institutions and also businesses held special programs on this day. Some towns, cities, and villages also held special parades on this day, which may cause disturbance or traffic or public transport.


On this, day people use different kinds of symbols to represent their culture. On this day people, use the Welsh flag has a red dragon on it, which displays the white and green background. Many people also use scallion on their clothes as their symbol of Wales on this day.


St. David's DayHe plays an important role in the Welsh traditions but people a little bit about his life. It is assumed that he survived for about 100 years and was died in 589 AD, but the words that were written on his life emerged after 5 hundred years after his death. That means it is hard to tell which part of his life is true and which is a story. He was very tall, kind and physically strong and eat a provident diet. It is said that his parents were religious bishops; he is the grandson of Prince of Ceredigion in South-west Wales. And he’s also the nephew of the King Arthur.

He traveled across Wales, Cornwall in the south west of England, and also Brittany in France and also across Ireland and Jerusalem. He created many churches in Wales and also became Archpope. He was glorified in 1120 and 1st of March and also his day included in the calendar of the church. People started traveling to his church after he was glorified. A church yet stays on its original place.

What Do People Do On This Day?

Many people having Welsh tradition and background celebrate this day in the remembrance of their great leader. Some people also visit the church to observe the function of the church and some people also cook different kinds of meals and share it with their friends, families, and relatives.

Many people also arrange different kinds of functions, parties and also arrange special events, which include people using symbols, or mottos that represent their Welsh culture. Some people also carry flags, which uses a red dragon that displays white and green background on this festival.

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Special Events

People are having Welsh Traditions visit churches on this day. Many people also organize parades and special events on this day. They also sing choir narratives on this day. On this day people, wear different kind of symbols that represent their background and Welsh traditions.


On this, day people having Welsh tradition celebrate this day in remembrance of their great leader. Government announces half-day holiday for children of the schools, but the offices and other businesses remain open on this day. Many schoolchildren wear symbols that represent their tradition on this day. Parades are being organized on this day, and also different kinds of events are arranged on this day.

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