National Say Something Nice Day

Say something Nice Day Celebration Ideas

June 1 is the day when people can be very kind to each other by saying something nice to each other. The reason for this is because the day actually marks a celebration called Say Something Nice Day. the goal or aim of this event is to encourage people to spread goodwill and cheer each other so that they can open the channels of communication and share good things to each other.

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What is Say Something Nice Day?

This unofficial holiday is also known as the National Say Something Nice Day. The message of the day is that positivity or optimism goes a long way when it comes to spreading joy and happiness. When people kindly interact with each other, they can receive positivity and kindness, which then can bounce back to other people. This simply enriches our lives by making us happier and hence healthier. Many studies have long shown that happy people are healthier and hence live longer.

Say Something Nice Day

History of Say Something Nice Day

It was Mayor Keith Summey from North Charleston South Carolina who declared June 1 as Say Something Nice Day. This happened all the way back in 2006. It was held to recognize the communication endeavor and efforts of Dr. Mitch Carnell, who is the original founder of the day. Dr. Carnell was the author of Say Something Nice: Be a Lifter At Work. Carnell was joined by the South Baptist Convention and the Charleston-Atlantic-Presbytery to establish the celebration of this day.

When is Say Something Nice Day?

Say Something Nice Day is always celebrated on the 1st of June each year. Therefore, this means that this year, the celebration will be held on June 1, .

Celebration of Say Something Nice Day

The celebration of this day has so many purposes because saying something nice to other people can encompass a lot of positive things about life. For one, this day is held to remember and celebrate people who provide a lot of positivity in their work including health care workers, teachers, and even bus drivers.

This day is also a great opportunity to make amends with your enemies and apologize to people who you may have wronged or hurt because of your behavior or how you spoke to them.

This day also advocates fighting to bully, being unkind to other people, and lack of politeness, which actually dominates our society nowadays. In addition, the participants of this day hope to spread pleasantness so that people can become very kind to each other.

Apart from the above, here are some more ways how people can celebrate the Say Something Nice Day:

Acknowledging an Accomplishment

Sometimes, we people become so busy in our lives that we do not acknowledge even the smallest of accomplishments. Some busy parents, for instance, although they work hard for their family, fail to create good bonds with their children and acknowledge the little accomplishments they may have. The day of celebration hence creates a window of opportunity where people can strengthen their relationships with each other and acknowledge their accomplishments no matter how small or big they are.

Appreciating a Trait or Personality

It is also good to appreciate someone’s trait or personality during this day. Whether that person is a coworker, a close friend, a family member, or even a stranger, it is a good idea to celebrate the day by complimenting someone about his or her good personality or trait.

Complimenting a Style

Another way to give a good remark to someone is complimenting his or her style. If you like your friend’s way of dressing or styling, then you should say something nice about these things to them.

Say Something Nice Day

Complimenting a Feature

Appearance is also a good aspect or facet where you can say something nice about to someone. Simply saying that someone is pretty or handsome will already make them feel good and appreciate your kind words.

Appreciation for Little Things

Perhaps the most important of all is appreciating even the little things in your life. Say something nice about the things you have in life and reflect on all of your accomplishments can make you feel food on the inside. And when you do that, you can feel much better and prepared to say something nice to the people around you.

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