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List of Religious Holidays of Sikh

Generally, it is believed that Sikhism belongs to Punjab, which is present in India and Pakistan amid the sixteenth century. Presently in excess of 20 million individuals pursue Sikhism around the globe, generally remaining in India. Sikhism is perceived as one of the most youthful religions on this planet.

List of Sikh Holidays

Sikh Holiday






Weekday Holiday Date
Wednesday Guru Gobind Singh Birthday Jan 20,
Thursday Lohri – Maghi Jan 14,
Monday Holi Mar 29,
Monday Hola Mohalla Mar 29,
Wednesday Vaisakhi Apr 14,
Sunday Birthday of Guru Angad Dev Apr 18,
Wednesday Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Jun 16,
Wednesday Birth of the Guru Granth Oct 20,
Thursday Diwali Nov 4,
Wednesday Martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Nov 24,
Friday Guru Nanak Birthday Nov 19,

The founder of Sikhism is Guru Nanak and his nine successors. These all together called the Gurus of Sikhism. Master Nanak was conceived in the time of 1469. He spreads a basic message “Ek Onkar” which signifies ” We are all one, with the One Creator of all Creation” Master Nanak’s followers were known as Sikhs, “Sikh” which signifies “searcher of truth”. Here are names of 10 originators of Sikhism.

  1. Guru Nanak.

  2. Guru Angad.

  3. Guru Amar Das.

  4. Guru Ram Das.

  5. Guru Arjan.

  6. Guru Har Gobind.

  7. Guru Har Rai.

  8. Guru Har Krishan.

  9. Guru Tegh Bahadur.

  10. Guru Gobind Singh.

As far as the Sikh’s Holidays are considered. The Sikhs don’t believe in any special day as a Holy Day. But the first lunar day of the Indian Lunar calendar is considered as one of the most important and special days where most of the Sikhs like to visit the Gurdwara in order to have some special prayers especially early in the morning.

The rest of the important days which are considered as Religious Holidays of Sikhs are given below.