Happy Star Trek Day

Honoring & Celebrating the Star Trek Franchise on "Star Trek Day" - September 8

The Star Trek franchise has been a cult phenomenon for decades. Dedicated fans of the franchise are called Trekkers or Trekkies. It is considered to be one of the most popular and most successful franchises of all time. Because of the much love it receives from the people, a special day has been dedicated to this franchise which is called the Star Trek Day that is celebrated every 8th of September each year.

About Star Trek Day

The Star Trek Day is a special day where fans of the Star Trek franchise get to experience various activities related to it. There are lots of activities including watching the Star Trek TV series, a marathon of the film series adaptations, reading of novels and comics, and selling and purchasing of merchandises of the Star Trek franchise. This is the celebration where fans can enjoy their hearts out in expressing how they love Star Trek, participate in various fantastic activities, and become friends with a lot of people who are also dedicated fans of the franchise.

What is Star Trek day?

Star Trek is an American media franchise that is based on the science fiction series created by Gene Roddenberry. The original Star Trek TV series debuted in 1966 and aired in NBC for three reasons. The franchise includes a series of films, spin off TV series, and further adaptations in several media including top slot casino games, novels, figurines, toys, and comics. It even has its own themes attraction in Las Vegas that opened in 1998 but then closed in September 2008. It also has at least two museum exhibits in the world.

When Celebrated

This holiday is always observed on the 8th of September each year.

Interesting Facts

The following are the most interesting facts about the Star Trek Day that are worth sharing to other people:

  • Star Trek is the most successful TV franchise in the world. It all started in an TV series and since then, it has branched into various forms of media.
  • Dr. Martin Luther King is a big fan of the Star Trek TV series because of the diversity of its cast.
  • The first interracial kiss on television happened on Star Trek in an episode during its 1968 run.
  • Lt. Uhura is considered to be the first African-American woman on TV to have played a non-servant role on television.
  • The Vulcan salute in this show was borrowed from a Hebrew blessing.
  • The show has inspired and created a lot of technological advancements. One example is the flip cell phones.


What is the origin of Star Trek?

Gene Roddenberry is the original creator of the Star Trek TV series. He has been a dedicated fan of science fiction. On March 11, 1964, he drafted a short treatment for a science fiction TV series that he called Star Trek. The story was about a large interstellar spaceship named SS Yorktown composed on a dedicated crew that wanted to explore the Milky Way Galaxy during the 23rd century.

The first season of the original TV series ran from September 8 1966 until June 3, 1969. From this point on wards, the Star Trek TV series branched out into various forms of media including film franchises, novels, comics, etc.

Star Trek in Modern Times

The Star Trek franchise, when viewed today, is somewhat corny, hackneyed, and racist. However, back in the days, especially when it was just released, it garnered incredible strides and also stunned and amazed people by how well-made it was. It was so futuristic that a lot of people came to love the original tv series. The elements inside of it were well-thought of and most of them were somehow unthinkable. For instance, the starships in the TV series were one of the most previous things about it.

Perhaps an example can be given. There is a character in the franchise named Nyota Uhura who stood out not just because she is a female officer on the deck of a naval vessel but also because she is of African-American descent.

The origin of Star Trek Day

We can make a good guess as to why such holiday started: the number of fans of the franchise continues to increase and these fans show more and more appreciation towards it. Hence, the Star Trek Day was born to give dedication to such beloved series. In addition, the Star Trek Day is observed every September 8, which marks the date when the first episode of the original TV series was released.

Why Celebrate

This is a fun day to celebrate regardless of whether you are already a dedicated fan of the franchise or not. For dedicated fans, they will surely be able to relate with all the nice activities showcased during the celebration. For people who are still not familiar with the franchise, this is the perfect time for them to get familiar with it and the opportunity to explore such a great, fantastic world.

How to Celebrate: Ideas & Activities

The following are the usual activities that people do to celebrate the Star Trek Day in the best way possible:

Do a Star Trek Marathon

Perhaps the best way to celebrate this day is to do a Star Trek Marathon. You can watch the original TV series online and get amazed by how modern and futuristic the concepts are. You can also indulge yourself into watching the Star Trek film series. You can enjoy the marathon alone or with your friends and family while you indulge yourself in popcorns, chips, and sodas.

Read Star Trek Books

If you like a more relaxing, calm, and peaceful celebration, then you can just celebrate the day by reading the Star Trek books including the novels and comics.

Purchase Star Trek Merchandises

You can also celebrate this day by purchasing star trek merchandises. These include books, novels, comics, figurines, games, posters, shirts, and a lot more.

Star Trek Day Celebrate on Social Media

You can also take your celebration of this day on social media. For instance, you can use the hashtag #StarTrekDay to let you friends and followers know that you are participating in this event. You can take a picture of yourself while you watch the original TV series or the movie.

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