Tax day United States America

15 April Tax Day in United States

Tax day United States AmericaCitizens do not have a holiday on this day, but they need to gather their information regarding the income tax and submit it to the internal revenue service, (IRS). However, it might only be delayed if there is an extreme weather condition, but it would not exceed later than 17 April. So the schools, shops and other businesses are opened as well as the post offices as they would be very crowded at the last dates.

Tax day United States America Day

This day is the 15 April, and on this particular day, you have to pay the taxes, which had been applied years ago when the civil war was held to recover for the financial loss that has been made. This has been going on from years and was readopted since 1861. However, this was mainly applied to fund the civil war in the revenue of act. Furthermore, this was an unapportioned tax on interest, which was not supported by Congress as it also violated the law of being apportioned.

Moreover, the Americans did not like the aspect of paying tax as it was also unconstitutional, but later it was reintroduced. The tax, which was to be paid 3 percent on all the incomes, was fair at the time of civil war; therefore, it was successful, but later when it continued later, it was opposed. Later it was levied at 2 percent of the annual income when the 16th amendment was sentenced in which it was applied to all citizens who have enough income.

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So these taxes are due on 15th of April for the United States except for Maine and Massachusetts as the citizens of these states are given 2 more days to file the taxes as per the holidays for Patriots day. However, people who have not followed up with the due date will be facing interest rates and penalties.  Now people who have an annual income of more than 66 thousand dollars will be liable to charge the fee. However, some companies do not charge the fee while citizens with below 66,000 income will not be charged with any filing fee.

Now, this tax was highly increased since the commencement of the world war 2, the citizens were highly taxed, and the people who were in short income resulted in being a victim of these taxes however it was not a big deal for the ones who had higher incomes. So the people who were old and poor were not held liable to pay the tax as the federal government supported them.

Now the date has also been a disappointment since it gets shuffled sometimes. In the first civil war, the date was 1st of March, later it was changed to 15th of March during the second world war, and later in the 1950s it was changed to 15th April, and it has been the same since then. However, it gets changed sometimes due to the business days or Extreme weather conditions.


The rules of income tax have been changed after 30 years by Donald Trump. Therefore, there has been some modifications in the tax reduction. According to the IRS, they have configured it out with the payroll makers to make sure that the refunds would be unique this time. If the citizens have not reviewed them withholding, they might be even asked to pay them a bill.

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It has also

been announced that approximately 4 million filers would be receiving refunds; however, the other 4 million would be liable to pay their balance for the new system.  Now it is stated that the ones who are married and have 2 dependants on them would acknowledge a large amount of uplift in the refunds, most importantly those who earn below 40 thousand a year and those between 100,000 and 125,000 a year.

Now let’s talk about the fastest ways to receive the refunds, as it has been a very important question for many of the citizens. Therefore you need to fill in the electronic forms and opt out for the direct deposit to make sure you receive the funds faster. According to the IRS, the direct deposit has been one of the safest, secure and efficient ways to complete this process as they report that the higher authorities also use the same way for social security and other affairs, which makes it quite, secure.


Now, if you are not a person who would perform everything automatically, you have other better options as well which would include the companies like Tax Turbo, ETC to complete the e-filling, but make sure if you are making an appointment with the accountants. Make sure that you do it as soon as possible to avoid any last moment disappointments or any inconvenience since it gets very congested as the due dates come any closer.

Therefore, if you have completed all the steps of the e-filling, you must go ahead and check your bank accounts right after the 3 weeks if you have selected the direct deposit way. Therefore, you may go ahead and track your fillings since the IRS provide the tracking of your refunds which can be double checked 24 hours a day.

One of the main concern of people who have not fully paid their taxes and are not ready to pay all the bills at once, you do not have to worry about it, rather than victimizing yourself by using up your credit cards or loans. Make sure to check out the IRS payment plans which have been designed for those who are not able to afford it at once; the benefit is that their plans are much cheaper and lower interests which would not be a blunder for you, rather than getting assistance from a bank.

Now if you do have a concern about your records, you need to make sure that the IRS keeps a record for 3 years so do keep that in mind if you are not aware of this. Moreover, do check the IRS2GO app to find free filling and tracking everything. There are many pros and cons of this return taxes as many types of scams and frauds begin, you get calls and other tricks to hunt for your social security numbers to apply for refunds, therefore make sure that you have already paid all your bills to remain safe from all the types of scams.


For instance, you need to be careful and make sure that you report if something is wrong, because the IRS does not communicate through solicited texts, social media or emails, so please be careful that you do not give out any information through this sort of way. Therefore, if you need to communicate, feel free to letters to US postal.

Now that is the best way to receive the refund of the income tax; you have to choose the right path for yourself and give it a go. Make sure that you finish up with everything a week ago to make sure you haven’t made any blunder in the process.

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