Thomas Jefferson Day

Jefferson's Birthday

Thomas Jefferson Day celebrates the birthday of the former President of the United States Thomas Jefferson. He became a significant key figure in US history for being the principal author of the United States Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson Day is observed annually on April 13.Thomas Jefferson Day

What is Thomas Jefferson Day?

The National Thomas Jefferson Day is celebrated every 13th of April each year. This day is observed to honor the third President of the US, whose birthday falls on April 13. The commemoration is done to celebrate the significant contributions that Thomas Jefferson made when he was still living. Perhaps the most important one is his being the principal author of the US Declaration of Independence.

Who is Thomas Jefferson?

He was born on April 13, 1743. He is known for being the main author of the US Declaration of Independence. He became the first secretary of the state as well as its second vice president. He became the third President of the US from 1801 to 1809. He is also one of the most influential founding members of the ideals of Republicanism.

He is known to be an intellectual person. According to records, the library he owned has over 6,500 books in it. Jefferson had connections with intellectual leaders in France and Britain. Aside from being a politician, he is also a well-known polymath. He is said to have focused on subjects like archaeology, architecture, statesmanship, horticulture, writing, invention, and more. He is also the founder of the University of Virginia.

History of Thomas Jefferson Day

The first-ever declaration of Thomas Jefferson Day was proclaimed by Franklin D. Roosevelt through Presidential Proclamation number 2276 on March 21, 1938, which declared April 13 as a day commemorating the birth of Thomas Jefferson. The commemorative day was officially declared more recently by former President George W. Bush on April 11, 2007 (three days before Thomas Jefferson Day) through his 8124 declamations stating that Thomas Jefferson Day is an annual observance of a monumental figure who has contributed significantly to US history.

When is Thomas Jefferson Day?

The Day falls on the 13th of April each year. This year, Thomas Jefferson Day will be held on April 13.

Celebrating Thomas Jefferson Day

People celebrate the day in many different ways. But of course, the focus is Thomas Jefferson. A few days before or during the day itself, many news outlets and media remind people about the special day. Television shows and documentaries showing the life and works of Thomas Jefferson are broadcasted around the nation to inform and educate the people about him. Apart from that, here are some other ways by which people celebrate the day.

Thomas Jefferson Day Group Celebrations

Many organizations and community groups, especially the loyalists of Thomas Jefferson, celebrate the day by seeing and socializing with each other. Usually, public ceremonies, awarding of leadership excellence, and similar activities are held. Those people who show similar paths to the achievements of Thomas Jefferson are recognized and awarded in public for their contributions.


People can also visit different places where they can commemorate and show honor to Thomas Jefferson. One popular site is the center of Monticello which is located near Charlottesville Virginia. Some people give flowers to statues of Thomas Jefferson and others take pictures that they share on social media to remember the former President.

A Day to Read

Many people take time to read more about Thomas Jefferson during this special day. There are several books about him discussing his life and his contributions to US history. Many people also take time to recognize and read through the achievements of Jefferson with the hopes of being inspired to become like him. People also find amazement in reading the first declaration of Independence of the US, which was principally authored by Jefferson himself.

Social Media

As a simple way to celebrate Thomas Jefferson Day, many people also take time to post some pictures or status on social media. For instance, on Twitter, many people use the hashtag #ThomasJeffersonDay as a way to join in on recognizing and honoring the former president and also to remind other people on the platform about the special day.

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