Thrift Shop Day

Happy National Thrift Shop Day - 17 August

The Thrift Shop Day is celebrated every 17th of August each year. This is the perfect holiday for all those people who are fans of bargaining and also those who are enthusiasts of vintage and old items. During this day, lots of merchants open their thrift shops and offer lots of items for sale and also, lots of people go to these shops to look for some goods that they would like.

What is the Thrift Shop Day?

Thrift Shop Day

This holiday is a special day when people go to thrift shops to buy things that they need or want. Of course, a lot of thrift shops open during this day and they sell lots of items expecting that a lot of people will flock them. They also offer items at prices even cheaper than if they were sold during another day.

When is the Thrift Shop Day?

This holiday is always celebrated on August 17 each year.

What is a thrift store?

A thrift shop is a store that sells vintage, old, and used items at a discounted price. Another term for a thrift store is a secondhand shop, a resale shop or a consignment shop. In different parts of the world, many charities run thrift stores so as to raise money that they need for their cause.

What is thrifting?

Thrifting is a term which means buying cheap clothing and other household items in a thrift store. Thrifting does not only allow a person to save money but also allows them to be environment-friendly.

History of Thrift Shop Day


The history of the thrift shop day can be traced back to when thrift shops first emerged.

What is the origin of thrift shops?

According to experts, thrift shops have existed in the world for a long time already. People who have items that they have already used and will no longer be used offer those items at a low price for people. This is a good offer for those people looking for cheap things and also those looking for items that they can still use. The original thrift shops, however, only sold clothes. But as time went by, other items were included such as housewares, furniture, and toys.

What is the origin of the thrift shop day?

Unfortunately, even with extensive research about this holiday, we do not know exactly for sure how this holiday started and also who started it. But one this is for sure: this holiday was created so that a special day can be dedicated for thrift shops and also a day when people can enjoy the sale of lots of good things offered in thrift stores.

Thrift Shop Day Celebrations and Activities


If you want to find good things offered at very reasonable prices, then you should participate in the celebration of this holiday. In addition, if you want to save up some cash in buying some things that you need or want, then going to thrift shops will be a good way to do that. For instance, if you want to buy branded used clothes that will last long for you, then go to thrift shops that offer clothes. You can do all these amazing things when you celebrate the holiday.

How to Celebrate Thrift Shop Day?

The following are some good things about the Thrift Shop Day that are worth sharing to other people:

Visit a Nearby Thrift Store

A good way to celebrate this day is to visit a local thrift. There might be one near your home. You should give time to visit it and look for things that you can use at home or for yourself.

Host Your Own Thrift Store

If you have some things to sell to other people, then you can choose the role of the merchant during this day and sell your goodies. This is especially recommended if you have lots of things that you don’t use anymore and it will be good to sell them so that you can have some money for yourself.

Celebrate on Social Media

You can also take your celebration of this day on social media. For instance, you can use the hashtag #ThriftShopDay to let your friends and family know that you are also participating in this day. You can perhaps take a picture of yourself with a thing that you have brought from the thrift shop or you may post a photo of the thrift shop you are hosting.

Tips for the Thrift Shop Day

  • Bring some friend along to be with you.
  • Prepare a list of the things that you want to buy in the thrift shop before you go there.
  • Remember that you can still haggle for the price of the items offered in a thrift shop. Hence, you can buy items at an even cheaper price.
  • When buying in thrift shops, you will find lots of items with unknown labels or those that are not famous. But don’t ignore these. Remember to prioritize quality, always.
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