Uzbekistan Independence Day

Commemorating Uzbekistan's Declaration of Independence on "Uzbekistan Independence Day" - September 1

Independence Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan is observed every year on September 1st. This official holiday commemorates the day of August 31, 1991, when Uzbekistan emerged as an independent state on the world map. Know as Mustaqilligi Kuni in the Uzbek language, Independence Day in Uzbekistan is celebrated with fireworks, military parades, wreath-laying ceremonies, and entertainment activities such as music and dancing.

Uzbekistan Independence Day

Uzbekistan Independence Day in falls on Wednesday, September 1. This year, Uzbeks will celebrate Uzbekistan’s 30th Independence Anniversary.


The land that is today Uzbekistan once held great importance for being a Central Asian country. Previously known as the “heart” of the ancient Silk Road Trade, the country connected China with the Middle East and Rome.

Uzbekistan spent almost 200 years as part of the Russian Empire and then under the rule of the Soviet Union, before emerging as an independent state when Soviet rule dissolved in 1991.

Uzbekistan gained independence, after the August Coup in the Soviet capital of Moscow – a failed coup attempt that changed the history and the path of Russia. It happened when in August 1991 a group of communist hardliners attempted to scupper a treaty that would loosen ties between member states of the USSR. As a result, many Soviet republics including Uzbekistan declared their independence from the Soviet Union.

On 31 August 1991, the President of the Uzbek SSR Islam Abduganiyevich Karimov declared Uzbekistan independent from the USSR, followed by the Supreme Soviet of Uzbekistan adopting a resolution on the declaration of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the signing of the law by Islam Karimov on the state independence of Uzbekistan. On gaining independence, the Uzbek SSR was renamed to the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Although Uzbekistan gained independence on August 31, 1991 – the leaders of the country chose September 1 as a national holiday to celebrate Uzbekistan’s independence.

Uzbekistan History Timeline
1st century BC:
Uzbekistan being a Central Asian country, formed the most important overland trade routes known as the Great Silk Road, connecting China with the Middle East and Rome.
13th-14th Centuries:
Uzbekistan and the whole of Central Asia gets conquered by Genghis Khan and becomes part of Mongol Empire
18th-20th Centuries:
Russia takes control of Uzbekistan and a large portion of Central Asia, while Bolsheviks retain control of the region
August 1991:
Uzbekistan becomes independent republic on August 31


The day of 1st September in Uzbekistan dawns with a patriotic spirit running high in the whole nation. Every Uzbek celebrates the birthday of their beloved independent republic of Uzbekistan with great patriotic zeal and enthusiasm. There are celebrations in all the 12 regions of Uzbekistan, with colorful fireworks, feasts, music shows, and cultural dance events being held in parks and public squares.

The biggest of these celebrations take place in the capital city Tashkent, with the Independence Square and A.Navoi National Park being the top hot locations. With performances by hundreds of musical groups and famous stars, grand independence day parades by the military, and royals of the country in attendance – the majestic grandeur of independence day festivities in Tashkent just takes one’s breath away.

And of course, what a holiday is without family gatherings, parties, and feasts? Plov, the national dish of the country, made with rice, mutton, and grated carrot is a traditional dish cooked in a majority of the households and enjoyed by the whole family or a group of close friends on one table. Other famous treats of the day include sweets, sour milk balls, shashlyk, and Samsa meat pastries.

On the governmental level, there are speeches by the state heads focused on bringing unity within the nation and discussing ways on how to develop Uzbekistan to a level of excellence. Flag raising and wreath-laying ceremonies are also a part of Independence Day celebrations.

National Flag

Uzbekistan Flag consists of three horizontal bands – blue, white and green – separated by two thin red stripes. The flag also has a crescent moon and twelve stars at the top end corner of the upper blue band. The flag was adopted in 1991. The colors and symbols of that national flag of Uzbekistan carry political, regional, and cultural meanings.

  • Blue Color – represents water and the sky
  • White Color – represents peace and purity
  • Green Color – represents nature, fertility, and Islam
  • Red Stripes – represent the passionate “life force” within everyone
  • Crescent – represents the rebirth of Uzbekistan as the Independent Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as, symbolizes the Islamic faith practiced in Uzbekistan
  • Twelve Stars – represent the twelve regions of Uzbekistan

Happy Wishing Lines

  • My heart beats with pride when I see the fantastic colors of Independence, spreading joy and happiness all around us. May the glory of this day be with us forever, happy Independence Day!
  • Happy 28th Independence Day to my Uzbek friends! God bless you and your amazing country always.
  • Happy Independence Uzbekistan – 1st September. True freedom is Yours now and always. (amen)
  • May the sun in his course visit no land more free more lovely, than this our country.
  • Happy Independence day to Uzbekistan, its 28th anniversary! Here is to building more trust in a society, women & men will have equal opportunities both in education & at the job market.
  • You will live for ever! Love you my motherland Uzbekistan.
  • Happy National Day to my lovely and beautiful country, one nation of Uzbekistan, speak one language of Uzbekistan, one homeland of Uzbekistan, Long live my Uzbekistan.
  • Happy Birthday Uzbekistan – the country of my birth, I salute you as your daughter/son. Thank you for your culture, family values, traditions, morals, principles, and energy! I am forever proud to be an Uzbek.
Uzbekistan Independence Day
Uzbekistan Independence Day on September 1
Independence Day of Uzbekistan is observed on September 1st, commemorating the day of (August 31, 1991) when Uzbekistan emerged as an independent state after being ruled by Russia and Soviet Union.
Date:Wednesday, September 1
Also Called:
Uzbekistan National Day, (O’zbekiston Respublikasi Mustaqilligi kuni)
Uzbekistan gained its independence from the USSR
Holiday Type:
Official National Holiday
Fireworks, Parades, Concerts, Dance Shows

Happy Independence Day to all Uzbeks!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Uzbekistan Independence Day celebrated?

Independence Day in Uzbekistan is always celebrated on September 1.

When did Uzbekistan gain independence?

Uzbekistan emerged as an independent state on August 31, 1991.

How did Uzbekistan get independence?

Uzbekistan got independence on August 31, 1991 after the failed August Coup in the Soviet capital of Moscow. As a result of the failed coup attempt, many Soviet republics including Uzbekistan declared their independence from the Soviet Union.

How many years of Uzbekistan Independence in ?

Sunday, September 1, marks Uzbekistan’s 30th anniversary of Independence.

How is Independence Day celebrated in Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan Independence Day is celebrated with military parades, music and dance shows, fireworks, and feasts.

How to wish someone on Uzbekistan Independence Day?

Wish by saying, Happy Uzbekistan Independence Day.

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