National Whistleblower Appreciation Day

Everyone must be familiar with whistle-blower after wiki leaks and recently after Panama leaks. A person who enlightens on other person involvement in illegal practices in a state institution. Such a person is known as a whistle-blower.Whistleblower Appreciation Day

Mostly, whistle-blowers are from the same firms. If they know about their company’s illegal and immoral practices, they can blow the whistle. Many countries have now introduced laws to protect whistle-blowers.

These laws aim to reward, protect, and appreciate the whistle-blowers. Regulations keep the names of whistle-blowers anonymous. So that the whistle-blower gets the protection from the state, Whistle-Blowers laws help fight the menace of corruption and unethical activities.

What is Whistleblower Appreciation Day

Citizens of the United States of America observe national whistle-blowers day on 30th July. National whistleblowers day is a day dedicated to paying tribute to the brave whistle-blowers. It’s a day on which Americans pay their respect to the whistle-blowers. Who have saved citizens of the US from frauds, scams, and corrupt practices?

Whistle-blower appreciation day became official last year. The US Senate passed the bill to celebrate the national whistle-blower’s appreciation day on 30th July.

Background of National Whistleblowers Day

The first law for the protection of whistle-blowers surfaced in 1778 by the continental congress. All of this started when two naval officers of high command exposed the corruption of naval forces. Those officers were put on trial by the state for revealing the secrets.

The first whistle-blower’s act made sure that those officers will get an attorney to defend their case. All the congressmen voted in favor of the whistle-blowers. As a result, the first whistle-blower act passed on 30th July 1778.

The law stated it’s an obligation of a person working in an institution to report corruption. The person should report those malpractices to the concerned authorities.

On 30th July 2013, the US Senate made a bill. The resolution aimed to recognize 30th July as the national whistle-blower’s appreciation day.

Finally, the Senate of the United States of America passed a bill. The bill recognized to celebrate 30th July as national whistle-blowers appreciation day officially.

Ideas to Celebrate National Whistleblowers Day

To start with, the national whistle-blowers day became official last year in . Many people don’t know how to celebrate national whistle-blower day. They don’t know how to pay tribute to the unsung heroes. Don’t worry; we’ve some ideas on how you can celebrate this day.

  • Social Media Campaign

Social media is the most effective tool available today. Camping on social media is the best way to celebrate and spread awareness. You can start a social media camping on different social media platforms. The platform like Facebook and Twitter can help you a lot in this regard.

Start a trend and upload posts admiring whistle-blowers. Use hashtags and ask your patriotic friends to help you in this regard. Keep posting and spread awareness about the importance of national whistle-blowers day. You can also help educate the public about whistle-blower act through social media.

  • Public Rally

Arrange a public rally. A public rally is an excellent way to educate people and admire the whistle-blowers. Ask your friends to help in this regard. Firstly, make sure to arrange the necessary police permits required for a public gathering.

Make colorful play cards and banners in favor of whistle-blowers. Use speakers and chant slogans to pay tribute to the whistle-blowers.

  • Arrange Seminars

There are different firms that arrange seminars regarding awareness about whistle-blowers day. You can attend those seminars and pay tribute to the unsung heroes.

You can also arrange seminars yourself. Contribute with your like-minded friends, invite the general public to attend your workshop. Call some government or law attorney to give a lecture on national whistle-blowers day and whistle-blowers law.

As a result of your seminars, many people will come to know about national whistle-blowers day.

  • Office Campaign

You can celebrate and educate your office colleagues about national whistle-blowers day. When you are on a lunch break during office hours, tell your colleagues about federal whistle-blowers day. You can start the awareness campaign from your own office.

  • Learn About Whistleblowers Law

What’s better to pay tribute to the whistleblowing heroes than educating yourself about whistle-blowers law? Read and understand the whistle-blower’s law. Learn yourself and ask guidance from an attorney at law. Study the cases of different whistle-blowers and educate yourself. Learning yourself is another way to celebrate and thank the whistle-blowers.

  • Make a Donation

There are various firms who are working to protect whistle-blowers. Due to lack of funds, they are unable to achieve their targets. Donating to such firms is another excellent way to celebrate the national whistle-blowers day. Your donations will help in protecting those unsung heroes. Pledge to give some money, on this federal whistle-blowers appreciation day.


Q: When is the national whistle-blower’s appreciation day?

A: People observe national whistle-blowers day every year on 30th July. People of the United States of America will observe whistle-blower day this year on 30th July.

Q: What day is the national whistle-blowers day?

A: This year, people of the United States will observe national whistle-blowers day on Friday 30th July.

Q: What date is the national whistle-blowers day?

A: People and state of the US celebrate National whistle-blowers appreciation day on 30th July every year.

Q: What do for national whistle-blowers day?

A: You can celebrate the national whistle-blowers day by arranging seminars. If you can afford seminars or public rallies, you can start a social media campaign. Spreading awareness about the whistle-blower’s law and whistle-blowers day is most important.

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