World Autoimmune Arthritis Day

World Autoimmune Arthritis Day: Spreading Awareness, Encouraging Research


Every year on May 20, World Autoimmune Arthritis Day is observed globally. This day is meant to raise awareness about autoimmune arthritis, a group of diseases that includes Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, and others.World Autoimmune Arthritis Day

History of World Autoimmune Arthritis Day

World Autoimmune Arthritis Day was initiated by the International Foundation for Autoimmune & Autoinflammatory Arthritis (IFAA) in 2012. The purpose was to provide a platform to discuss, educate, and raise awareness about these diseases that affect millions of people worldwide.

World Autoimmune Arthritis Day Timeline

2012IFAA initiates the World Autoimmune Arthritis Day
Annually, May 20World Autoimmune Arthritis Day is commemorated globally

World Autoimmune Arthritis Day FAQs

  1. What is autoimmune arthritis? Autoimmune arthritis is a type of arthritis where the immune system attacks the body’s joints, causing inflammation, stiffness, and pain.
  2. What is the purpose of World Autoimmune Arthritis Day? The day aims to raise awareness about autoimmune arthritis, support research, and advocate for better patient care.
  3. How can I contribute on this day? You can contribute by educating yourself and others, participating in local events, advocating for policy changes, and donating to organizations that support research and patient care.

Celebrating World Autoimmune Arthritis Day

  1. Participate in Events: Attend seminars, webinars, and other events aimed at spreading awareness about autoimmune arthritis.
  2. Educate Yourself and Others: Understand the science behind autoimmune arthritis and spread awareness about its impact and the need for further research.
  3. Support Research and Advocacy: Donate to organizations that fund research or advocate for policy changes that improve the lives of those living with autoimmune arthritis.

Why We Love World Autoimmune Arthritis Day

  1. Raises Awareness: This day brings autoimmune arthritis into the limelight, promoting better understanding and awareness.
  2. Encourages Research and Advocacy: World Autoimmune Arthritis Day galvanizes efforts towards research and policy changes that can improve patient care and outcomes.
  3. Fosters Global Solidarity: It serves as a reminder of the collective effort required worldwide to address the challenges of autoimmune arthritis.
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