World Kissing Day

Tuesday, 6th July International Kissing Day 2021

The World Kissing Day, also known as the International Kissing Day or the National Kissing Day, is an unofficial holiday celebrated on the 6th of July every year. It is a holiday that is all about people being encouraged to kiss the person that they love. The kiss that they have to give is not exclusive for romantic purposes only. They can even kiss their family and relatives on the cheeks as well as their friends in order to show their love to these important persons in their lives. The World Kissing Day is indeed a very interesting event. And so let us learn more about this day down below.

World Kissing Day

What is World Kissing Day?

This day is the perfect opportunity for you to grab someone special in your life and pucker up. You can give your friend a good peck on the check. You can kiss the forehead of your children and all other young members of the family. You can also give kiss on the cheek to your other relatives and family members. If you are in a romantic relationship with someone, then you can also give him or her a passionate and tongue-lashing kiss. This is such a good celebration and one that spreads love between people. No wonder why this celebration has become so popular in different parts of the world.

History of World Kissing Day

It was around 2006 when this day was established. It initially focused on the exchange of kisses between lovers. However, according to research, about 5% of people over the age of 45 still lock lips at least about 31 times a week. But during the day, we encourage more of that.

Around the world, various events are organized to celebrate this special day. There are events for romantic lovers, for family members, and even for friends. Moreover, there are actually events for people who are looking for someone they can be in a romantic relationship with. Examples of early events held to celebrate this day include setting up dates and classes about kissing so that people can become amazing kissers.

Nowadays, the celebration of this day has evolved. It no longer involves kisses between romantic partners only. For instance, among friends and relatives, it is so usual for people to greet each other by kissing one another on the cheeks. Though this tradition has been in existence ever since the ancient times.

Of course, children love to get kisses from their loving parents. On the other way around, parents appreciate kisses from their children. The bottom line is that the celebration of this special day has evolved so much that a lot of people now participate in this event regardless of whether they are lovers, friends, family, or single.

When is World Kissing Day?

The World Kissing Day is always held on the 6th of July each year. What this means is that this event will be held on July 6, this year. And for next year, it will be celebrated on July 6, 2022.

Celebration of World Kissing Day

Below are some ideas on how people celebrate this special Day internationally.

A Simple Way of Giving Kisses

Of course, since the event is all about giving kisses, then people give kisses to the ones that they love. For instance, partners usually wake up to this day by giving passionate kisses to each other. Parents exchange kiss on the cheek with their children. Family members and relatives also give each other some happy kiss on the cheeks. Close friends also join together to pucker up each other. Of course, such kisses given are meant only to express love and appreciation for each other.

Celebration in Different Countries

Various countries also have different ways of celebrating this unofficial holiday. In Greece and Italy, both men and women usually give each other kisses on the lips. But these do not mean kisses of the romantic kind. In France, people give air kisses on the cheeks with each other as a custom of greeting.

Eskimo kissing has been a staple in some countries as well. This is the practice of rubbing each other’s noses while taking in each other’s breath. This has been practiced by Pacific Islanders and is actually used by some communities as a way to measure compatibility between partners.