World Pinhole Photography Day

April 25 World Celebrated Pinhole Photography Day

The World Pinhole Photography Day is a celebration of the art of pinhole photography which is a unique kind of photo shooting using a little pinhole camera. The day aims to make people enticed to have pinhole photography as a hobby or a profession. Those who are experts are expected to share their photos and their techniques with the community so that other people can learn. This unofficial holiday is held every 26th of April each year.

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What is World Pinhole Photography Day?

The day’s main object is the pinhole camera. The primary products are all photos taken using this kind of camera. A pinhole camera is a small simple camera that has no lens. It has a tiny aperture called a pinhole wherein light passes through in order to project an inverted image at the opposite side of the camera box. This is called the camera obscura effect. The inverted image is projected on a paper or a piece of film.

This celebration is held on an international scale. It was created to promote and celebrate the essence of pinhole photography. During this day, many people all throughout the world are encouraged to take some time off, even just a little bit of their time, in order to conduct pinhole photography. They can then share their works of art with unusual beauty to their friends or family members.

History of World Pinhole Photography Day

Although this celebration is already a popular one among people all over the world, how this celebration started is still unclear to many. Unfortunately, our research was not able to identify how this unofficial holiday started. However, there are organizations claiming that the World Pinhole Photography Day started as far back as April 2001.

When is World Pinhole Photography Day?

The World Pinhole Photography Day is always held on the last Sunday of April each year. This means that this year, the day will be celebrated on April 25.

Celebration of Pinhole Photography Day

People in different parts of the world celebrate this day in many different ways. Here are some of them:

A Family Friendly Pinhole Event

Various organizations or clubs celebrate the day by conducting an event where people can experience various activities such as building a pinhole camera, taking photos using this camera, printing photos taken using the pinhole camera, and taking picture of different kinds using this camera.


Another way of celebrating the day is conducting workshop for building pinhole camera. Here, people can learn how to construct their own pinhole camera – a personalized one. They can also learn the historical techniques of pinhole photography. They can also practice and enhance their creativity in this activity. There are also activities that include experiments with light. People can also learn how to visualize compositions by agreeing on a specific theme of photos, setting a stage or location for the photo shoot, and using some pinhole tricks to create distortions in images.

Group Activities

Pinhole camera photo shooting is not only an individual activity. Many people can join together to create settings for a photoshoot and to shoot wonderful images using this little piece of camera. Within a group, you can explore various themes, discuss and select which one to portray, take turns taking photos, and learn various techniques from other people.

Buying and Selling Creative Works

Another way to celebrate the day is by buying photos created using a pinhole camera. There are so much talented photographers who can shoot great photos using this camera. You may be able to select some that you want to buy.

If you yourself are a talented one, then you may try to sell your creative works as well. For sure, many people will be willing to buy your photos especially if they are inspiring and creative enough.

World Pinhole Photography Day Social Media Celebration

The day is also celebrated massively in social media. There are so many people aware of the day so then they share status, messages, and even photos taken using the pinhole camera in their social media accounts. You can share your photos there if you want. Also popular during the day is the sharing of the hashtag #WorldPinholePhotographyDay as a way to inform other people that they are taking part in the celebration.