Worship of Tools Day


Worship of Tools Day

March 11, is celebrating is Worship of Tools Day. Before, men are the ones who celebrate this day by going on their garage and worshipping their tools – not literally though. They only clean them or replace defective ones. This is not a bad celebration at all since after doing these activities, people have their homes cleaned of useful and defective tools and obtain new ones. After the hard work, friends and family members can celebrate with good food and good bonding.

What is Worship of Tools Day?

Worship of Tools Day is observed on March 11 of each year. In this day, tools are worshipped for how they are always able to help people build various things, fix different broken things, and more. But what is a tool? A tool is any physical item that can be used to fix a thing, build a thing, etc. Human was able to build tools as simple as a rock knife during ancient times. Nowadays, we have lots of modern tools most of which are already technologically advanced like machines.

Now, what is a toolbox? A toolbox is basically a container of tools wherein various kinds of tools are arranged and classified in order. Construction workers usually carry tools around them when constructing homes or buildings. Homeowners and households usually keep a toolbox or two in their homes so that they can easily fix or craft things.

These tools and toolboxes are the centers of attention during Worship of Tools Day. Unfortunately, the origin of this day is still a mystery to many people.  It is just like one of those days that seem to have appeared out of nowhere. Anyhow, many people have obtained the tradition of celebrating Worship of Tools Day. What’s better is that we can have another day to look forward to and another reason to have a good time and to celebrate.

Where to Celebrate Worship of Tools Day?

Now that we have talked about what the Worship of Tools Day is, it is now the time for us to talk about where to celebrate Worship of Tools Day. This question is actually easy to answer. Regarding the main event where people worship their tools by cleaning them or replacing them, such an activity can be easily one within the comforts of your own home. No need to bring your tools somewhere else just to be able to worship them, unless celebrating for you means going to a tool shop to have a tool repaired, replaced, or to buy a new one.

Most people celebrate the Worship of Tools day in their own homes or houses. They bring up their tools, clean them, and organize them. After a tiring day of work, their tools are good as new. It is time for them to reward themselves by eating some good meals with their friends and/or families. Other people even want to relax in a hotel or a spa. Others just want to enjoy sleeping in the comforts of their own beds. How the day is celebrated after an entire day of working can vary from people to people. But the essence of the day is having their tools cleaned and good as new.

How to Celebrate Worship of Tools Day?

If you want to celebrate the Worship of Tools Day but you don’t know how then this section will teach you. Here, you will learn some tips, guides, and things to do so that you can celebrate the upcoming Worship of Tools Day March 11, 2022.

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Beating All of the Rust

Tools that you own for quite a long time already may be pretty much covered in rust. You may have left your hammer at the back deck or your screwdriver might have stayed too long in the basement. If tools like these already look bad, then Worship of Tools day can give you the time to make them look better and function correctly again. Yes, that’s right. You don’t need to throw them out in the trash. You can follow some tips to de-rust your tools.

First, to clean rust, you can spray the surface using a penetrating lubricant and then wipe off the brown scales using a cloth or a scouring pad. Most people try to use sandpaper but you should avoid doing that because it may scratch the metal surface. Afterward, you should clean the tool by wiping it with a clean cloth or paper. Apart from removing rust, a lubricant will also loosen any squeaky join or rusted screw.

The lubricating may, however, not work well with a heavily rusted metal. It may work but much time and effort may be required for you to spend. Hence, you can use stronger alternatives such as acid-based rust removers. But be careful when it comes to using them so you better follow the instructions properly.


After de-rusting your tools, it is advisable for you to protect them from rusting in the future. So you should store them in a dry place such as a toolbox. That’s how you de-rust and protect your tools from rust during Worship of Tools Day.

Maintaining Sharpness as a Sword

Rusting is only one of the problems that your tools may have. Another one is lost sharpness. Tools such as gouges, scissors, chisels, and planes may already be dull after prolonged and repeated use. So what should you do?

When it comes to sharpening tools, you don’t need to be a pro. The important thing is that you know how to use the right tool for sharpening blades. For tools that should be very sharp like chisels or planes, a stone with moderate grit will work well. However, if the blasé is already nicked, dull, and damaged, then you may need a stone with an extreme or coarser grit.

Another problem with sharp tools that you may encounter is nicked bevels. In this case, it is important for you to properly know how to bevel angles for specific tools. For planes or chisels, beveling between 30 and 35 degrees is the recommendation. Make sure to know the original bevel of your hand tools so that you know how to properly angle them.

Therefore, the Worship of Tools Day is a great day for you to spend on sharpening up your already unsharp tools.

Electrical Tools Cleaning

Most homes nowadays own electrical tools than manual tools. Many manual tools before have been transformed to electrical tools already because it is much easier and safer to use them. Electric tools such as drills, jigsaws, belt sanders, and more must be kept clean always so that they will not get broken. Hence, you can take time to clean your electric tools during Worship tools Day on March 11.  If you are not sure how to properly clean your electric tools even after looking at the guide and instructions manual, then you should try to consult with a tool man or a tool shop. They will most likely know how your electric tools can be cleaned properly. They can even recommend your upgrades if there are available.

Re-organizing Tools, Crafting Something New, and Buying New Ones

The Worship of Tools Day is also another great day for you to re-organize your tools at home. If you have free time, you can take time to think of something new you can create using these tools. You can even try to buy new tools in tool shops or at the mall. If you know a handyman, then he or she might give you some tips on how you can “worship” your tools. There are many ways to celebrate Worship of Tools Day. Some were already discussed above.


Without the invention of tools, the world we live in right now will definitely not look the same. We are what we are today because of the invention of simple tools even during the early days of humankind. But now, we are so technologically advanced that various tools are being invented, thus making our lives much easier.

We can thus dedicate even just one day out of an entire year worshipping our tools. It might sound or look a little bit weird but you are actually just basically helping yourself. Because when you celebrate Worship Tools Day, you will be able to clean your tools, fix or repair any damage, re-organize your tool shed or toolbox, and make your life a little bit more organized and better. It does not sound to be a bad day at all, does it?

So then, you should join everyone in celebrating Worship of Tools Day  on March 11. There are only a few days left before this unique and one of a kind celebration.

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