National Zipper Day

29th April , National Zipper Day ( from 1913 )

National Zipper Day is celebrated every year on April 29th. We take too many things around us for granted. A zipper for instance seems like a simple object that is too abundant and we can see all around us. Most of the time, we fail to realize how useful zippers are. We use them to close our bags, our wallets, our pants or jeans, and a lot more. Moreover, most of you might not know that a special day is dedicated just to zippers. That day is called Zipper Day which is observed every 29th of April each year.National Zipper Day

What is National Zipper Day?

National Zipper Day is a day of celebrating zippers. It is a day when people take time to somehow worship zippers for being useful in their lives. Although this is an unofficial holiday, many people take time to celebrate and take part in the celebration. Such celebration does not need to be grand or luxurious.

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History of National Zipper Day

Not much is known about how Zipper Day started to be celebrated by people. However, research shows that the unofficial holiday celebrated the day when Gideon Sundback, a Swedish-American engineer, received the patent for the modern-day zipper back in 1913. However, before zippers were invented by Sundback, there were so many versions of this device.

Going back a little bit farther in time, the first sewing machine was invented by Elias Howe. Some people say that it was he who invented the first versions of the zipper. Although he was able to get a patent on the Automatic Continuous Clothing Closure in 1851, he did nothing much with it.

In 1893, Whitcomb Judson invented the Clasp Locker in order to fasten shoes. It all happened in the Chicago World’s Fair. Although it was similar to Howe’s invention, it was not the same. Sadly, not too many people were interested in this device so it went nowhere to becoming popular.

Here entered Sundback who was able to design the modern-day zipper we see and use today. The name he gave to it was Separable Fastener back on April 29, 1913. This is the date when we celebrate Zipper Day until today and will perhaps continue on in the future. A modified version, even closer to the zipper we see today, was patented in 1917.

The invented zipper was only used for shoes back in the days. However, the military improved its popularity of use when they used the zippers for flying suits. Eventually, more and more people started to use zippers in many ways. That’s is why we now see zippers in our bags, wallets, pants, jeans, clothes, and many more.

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When is National Zipper Day?

The day is always held on the 29th of April each year. This means that the celebration of this day this year will happen on April 29.

Celebrating National Zipper Day

Although Zipper Day might be too simple of a day to prompt a grand celebration, there are still so many ways how people celebrate the day. The following are some of these ways:

Wearing Zippers

Simply wearing zippers during Zipper Day is a good way to join in on the fun of commemorating zippers in our lives. You can wear clothes that make use of zippers instead of buttons. You may also use bags that make use of zippers. Or use a poach or a wallet that contains zippers. If you have shoes, like boots, with zippers, then do wear those. If you have more items in your home that contain zippers, then to use them as part of celebrating this day.

Creating Things Containing Zippers

Another good way to celebrate the day is to bring out the creative and resourceful person in you by creating something with a zipper in it. Perhaps the easiest thing to do is to make a shirt or pants with zipper. If you know your way around a sewing machine, then why not sew pants or clothes that make use of zippers? You may even make bags or wallets containing zippers. There are just so many things you can make.

National Zipper Day Celebration on Social Media

The celebration of the day on social media is real. In fact, many people get surprised that such a celebration exists. Because of this, many people share status or posts about the day with their friends and family members. You can join in on the fun by sharing the hashtag #ZipperDay on your social media accounts.