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Afghanistan Independence Day | Afghanistan National Day

Commemorating Afghanistan's autonomy from British rule on "Afghanistan Independence Day" - August 19

August 19 in Afghanistan is celebrated as Afghan Independence Day. The day commemorates the signing of the 1919 Anglo-Afghan Treaty, which granted Afghanistan complete independence from British rule after three wars. Happy Afghanistan Independence Day.

Afghanistan was one of the British protectorates at the beginning of the 20th century. The history goes back to the mid-16th century when Ahmad Shah Durrani established Afghanistan as a state.

There are also proven records that can be traced as far back as 500 BCE. During this time the territory was under the control of the First Persian Empire. Archeological studies show that Afghanistan once also had urbanized settlements between 3000 BCE and 2000 BCE.

The foundation of present-day Afghanistan is attributed to the marking of the Anglo-Afghan Treaty in 1919, which discharged Afghanistan from British impact and it became independent.

About Afghanistan National Day

Afghanistan Independence Day (is observed annually on August 19. It marks the day when Afghanistan gained independence from British Rule after three Anglo-Afghan wars. Afghanistan turned into a British Protectorate after defeat in the Second Anglo-Afghan War.

Afghanistan Independence Day is also known as by the names of, Afghan National Day, and Afghan Victory Day.

August 19 is one of the most joyous times of the year in Afghanistan. Millions of patriotic Afghans mark the country’s Independence Day with great zeal and fervor despite security threats.

The streets and boulevards of all the main cities are beautifully decorated with tri-color Afghan flags, lights, and posters of former kings and national heroes who struggled for Afghanistan’s Independence. Fireworks, music concerts, football, and cricket match competitions, are also a part of modern-day celebrations.

Independence Day 

The Afghanistan Independence Day falls on Wednesday, August 19. It will mark Afghanistan’s 103 Years of Independence since gaining independence from British in 1919.


Afghanistan’s independence is a result of three Anglo-Afghan Wars, combined.

The First Anglo-Afghan War (1839-1842) led to the British occupying Kabul. To cope with this, Afghan Prince Wazir Akbar Khan formed a strong Afghan force. Akbar Khan’s army defeated the British force at the Kabul-Jalalabad Road. As a result of the war, many British army men were held captive by Afghanistan, as prisoners of war.

After this defeat, the British started to make special arrangements for a second war with Afghanistan, with a mission to rescue the British prisoners of war, held by the Afghan forces.

The Second Anglo-Afghan War (1878-80) begun. British faced a defeat in the first phases of the war but earned a brilliant victory later at the Battle of Kandahar. As the result of the war – Afghanistan become a British protectorate, Abdur Rehman Khan was appointed as the new emir of Afghanistan, and a new phase of friendly Afghan-British relations started.

The British were promised a complete control of Afghanistan’s foreign affairs, and in exchange, Britain would secure Afghanistan from Persian and Russian forces. At the end of the day, Britain was not given full control of foreign affairs. This rising tension sparked the Third Anglo-Afghan War of 1919 and the signing and adopting the 1919 Anglo-Afghan Treaty, also known as the Treaty of Rawalpindi. This treaty was signed in Rawalpindi, British India. Under this treaty, Britain surrendered control of the country and Afghanistan became independent.

Afghanistan gains Independence from Britain

Today, Afghanistan celebrates 19th August as their official Day of Independence, commemorating the adoption of the Anglo-Afghan Treaty of 1919 and celebrating the British withdrawal from Afghanistan.


August 19 is one such important days of the year when the whole Afghan nation is all smiles. The celebrations are performed in tight security, with thousands of security personnel posted in places where celebratory activities are being held.

The main highlight of the celebrations is the Kabul city of Afghanistan. The boulevards, towns, and streets are decorated with Afghan flags and lights. Convoys of cars driven by Afghan patriots hoisting the flag march through different areas of the city, playing patriotic Pashto songs on amplified speakers, dancing to the beats, and cheered on by by-passers.

A few musical concerts by Afghan male and female singers, cricket and football competitions, and other independence-special festivals are also held in Kabul. Attended by thousands of Afghans, concerts are a new addition to Afghan Independence Day celebrations.

The main purpose of such activities is to entertain Afghan families and kids, who spend their lives in difficult situations due to the devastating condition of the country. The complete arrangements are done in tight security, to cope with threats from Taliban militants who oppose such activities.

On the governmental level, the Afghan Independence Day is celebrated by the President laying a wreath at the Freedom Minaret in Kabul, followed by a meeting with cabinet members and other government officials – discussing the ways to make Afghanistan prosper and peaceful.

Happy Wishes Messages Greetings

  • HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY AFGHANISTAN. Inshallah, we get the peace we deserve.
  • Happy Afghanistan’s Independence Day and best wishes to all the Afghans across the world, with prayers and hope for a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan.
  • Afghan Independence Day Greetings to all Afghans around the world. Although our years have been spent mourning lives lost, inshallah one day we will see the day when Afghanistan is truly free and independent, a day where we celebrate life and prosperity without mourning our dead
  • I wish all my Afghan brothers & Sisters a very happy Independence day.
  • Happy 101 years of Independence to the country that bleeds in silence yet never fails to show its courage & dignity for what it stands for. Zindabad to my beloved country Afghanistan, may you find the peace & prosperity you deserve.
  • Happy Afghanistan National Day! The people of Afghanistan will emerge stronger, united and make the nation, the greatest. Because you all deserve nothing less.
  • Wishing a very happy independence day to Afghanistan and Afghan people. May almighty bless you with peace, prosperity, and success.
  • Happy National Day to all Afghan brothers and sisters. Afghanistan, my land, my roots, my passion. May ur earth and blue skies feel the peace u deserve.
  • Happy Independence Day My beloved Afghanistan, May We see a peaceful & prosperous Afghanistan in the coming Years to Come.
  • Happy 101 Years of Independence to all Afghans. Towards a stable and prosperous Afghanistan.
  • Best Wishes for Afghanistan Independence Day . It’s been 101 years since king Amanullah pronounced Afghanistan a fully independent country.

Patriotic Quotes & Sayings

  • “Thousands of years and beyond… My Proud nation, My determined nation. Empires came, Empires fell. Enemies came, Enemies lost. But You have stood through it all PROUD, STRONG and UNWAVERING. May the Smiles never fade, may the Faith never diminish. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY MY AFGHANISTAN.” – Anonymous
  • “I prefer liberty with danger to peace with slavery” – Anonymous
  • “Afghans will never give up hope, struggle & resilience against any power that undermines their freedom & sovereignty!” – Anonymous
  • “Afghanistan, the unconquerable country that is so fiercely independent no attacker has ever owned it despite ravaging it” – Anonymous

Afghanistan National Day – 19 August

Celebrated annually on August 19 – Afghanistan Independence Day commemorates the 1919 Anglo-Afghan Treaty and relinquishment from British-protected state status.
Date: August 19,
Flag hoisting, decorations, concerts, games, fireworks, festivals
Marking Afghanistan’s independence from British Rule after three Anglo-Afghan wars.
Also called:
Afghan Victory Day, Afghan National Day
Independence Anniversary:
101 Years of Independence

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