Spring is a nature’s way of saying, “Let’s Party”, and the month of April with its wide range of exciting holidays and fun events – literally gets this fact right. With DayFinders, celebrate all those special April moments and party like the whole months is yours!

April, the fourth month of the year, brings with it a wide bunch of fun, public, national, religious and independence day holidays. Starting with April Fool – a day Fool of Fun all the ways – the month celebrates other 80+ holidays and festivals, which you might not be aware of.

If you think that the month of April is only about April Fool’s craziness, you lack being far too smart. There are lots of Independence Day Holidays, Religious Holidays, Fun Holidays, and Food Holidays that you can observe during this month.

We bring you an exclusive insight into all the important holidays and festivals that fall in the month of April. Get ready your pens and mark all these mentioned events on your April calendar. Delve into the celebratory spirit and celebrate this jolly month of spring with many reasons for happiness!

April Holidays & Events 2020 List

  • Photo of Walpurgis Night

    Walpurgis Night

    Walpurgis Night is a celebration that annually takes place between April 30 and May 1. Its origins date back to…

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  • Photo of Holy Monday

    Holy Monday

    Holy Monday, also called Great and Holy Monday is the first Monday of Holy Week. The day commemorates the important…

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  • Photo of Holy Tuesday

    Holy Tuesday

    Holy Tuesday is the Tuesday of Holy Week, and the last Tuesday before Easter Sunday. It is the third day…

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  • Photo of Holy Great Wednesday

    Holy Great Wednesday

    Holy Wednesday is the Wednesday of Holy Week and the Wednesday before Easter Sunday. This is the day on which…

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  • Photo of Maundy Thursday

    Maundy Thursday

    Maundy Thursday, also known as Holy Thursday, is the Thursday of Holy Week. The day commemorates Jesus Last Supper with…

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  • Photo of Happy Easter 2019

    Happy Easter 2019

    Easter is an important Christian religious holiday, commemorating the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The main Christian belief of…

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  • Photo of Dolphin Day

    Dolphin Day

    Dolphin Day is celebrated annually around the world during April 14. This day gives focus on dolphins wherein people learn…

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  • Photo of National Burrito Day

    National Burrito Day

    Oh Yes, Burrito Lover’s all-time favorite holiday, the National Burrito Day has just arrived. National food holidays might sound plain.…

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  • Photo of Palm Sunday Calendar

    Palm Sunday Calendar

    Religious festivals commemorate special moments in every religion’s calendar. Christians annually celebrate Palm Sunday – an important event in the…

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