Aunt and Uncle Day

Aunt and Uncle's Day 26th July

The Aunt and Uncle Day is celebrated every 26th of July each year. This day pays tribute to all aunts and uncles who have been and continue to be special people in our lives. They hold an extraordinary place in our hearts. They fill us with fun, love, and give us a lot of incredible memories. Most of the time, they spoil us more than our parents do. That is why we must return this favor to them by celebrating the Aunt and Uncle Day.

About the Aunt and Uncle Day

During this special day of celebration, all aunts and uncles all over the world are made to feel special by their nieces and nephews. People spend quality time with their aunts and uncles and give them gifts that they like to receive. They are spoiled back – just people returning the favor. Adventurous aunts and uncles are made to join adventurous trips with their nephews and nieces. Parties are even hosted for these special people. Basically, people just want to make sure that their aunts and uncles enjoy a good time during this special day dedicated for them.aunt and uncle day


Unfortunately, even with extensive research on this topic, we are not sure who founded this celebration or when did it first happen. However, we can still make a good guess as to why such event started. Perhaps a person or a group of people thought that we all celebrate a lot of family holidays including mother’s day, father’s day, grandparents’ day, and sibling day but we don’t have one for our aunts and uncles. Them too deserve recognition and love from their nieces and nephews. Hence, the Aunt and Uncle Day was founded.


As mentioned earlier, the Aunt and Uncle Day is always celebrated on the 26th of July each year. This means that the upcoming Aunt and uncle Day will be held on July 26,

Why Celebrate

There’re similar love holidays as well known as the National Girlfriend Day & Wife Appreciation Day. The following are the main reasons why you should participate on the celebration of the Aunt and Uncle Day:

They are Always there to Listen

One good reason why you should celebrate the Aunt and Uncle Day is that they are always there for you to listen. Whenever you want to talk to someone about your problems, aunts and uncles can be there for you to talk and listen to what you have to say. They also give good advice. Sometimes, they are the first persons we talk to before our parents, especially if the problem we have involves our parents. To return such kindness that they give to you, you should celebrate this event.

They Spoil You

Another good reason to celebrate this day is that this is the best time to spoil your aunt and uncle after them spoiling you all the time. During our time as kids, our aunts and uncles give us anything that we crave for, especially sweets. We get excited when they bring out their trail mix for us to indulge on. Hence, we should return this favor to them by spoiling them during this special day.

They Know About Your Parents’ Secrets

Our aunts and uncles know a lot of secrets about our parents, especially those when they were still children. They tell us these stories, most of which our parents are embarrassed about. Even when they tell us the same story every family gathering, we still cry our hearts out and leave us with tears of joy. This happiness that they give us is something that we should compensate by celebrating the aunt and uncle day.

Celebration Ideas and Activities

The following are the best things to do to make your celebration of the Aunt and Uncle Day as best as it can be:

Spend Quality Time with Your Aunt and Uncle

You can celebrate this day by spending quality time with your aunt and uncle. You can just simply invite them to your house or just go to their home and spend a day with each other. You can do all sorts of things like watching films or series and cooking some nice meals that you will enjoy eating together. You can also go out and spend your time anywhere you want.

Give a Gift and Letter

Another good idea to celebrate this day is to give a gift and letter to your aunt and uncle. You can think of a present that your aunt and uncle will like. You should then write a heartfelt letter stating how lucky you are of having an aunt and an uncle like them. Give these to them and for sure, you will be able to make their day.

Celebrate on Social Media

You can also take your celebration of this day on social media. You can, for instance, use the hashtag #AuntAndUncleDay to let your friends and followers know that you are also participating in the celebration of this special day.


  • I love my uncle and aunt which is why I’m going to celebrate this day. Happy National Aunt and Uncle day to everyone!
  • Aunt and Uncle play major roles in everyone’s life. They deserve this day.
  • After my parents, I love the most is my aunt and uncle. Happy day to you Aunt and Uncle.
  • Dear Aunt and Uncle, it is you who know me better after my parents. Lovely wishes on this day.
  • When I feel down, you made me calm, when I was happy, you enjoyed with me. How can I forget you, dear Aunt and Uncle?
  • I have got the best Aunt and Uncle in the world. I wish them a happy life.
  • They are the one who knows all our weaknesses but not reveal to the world! How amazing to have such Aunt and Uncle!
  • You definitely need a hug and kiss on this Aunt and Uncles day.
  • You really listen and extend your warm support whenever I need. Your love is countless. Happy Aunt and Uncles Day.
  • Even if you are in your old age, I still believe you are in your mid age when you used to enjoy with me like anything.
  • When I see a grey hair on my Aunt and Uncle’s hair, I feel sad. I don’t want them to get old.
  • If I search the whole world, I could never find an aunt and uncle like you. Love you.
  • Aunt, is like a big mother and Uncle is like a big father. A best friend of our life.
  • Age doesn’t matter when your heart is young. That is why I call them my friends! Happy day my Aunt and Uncle!
  • For a sweet and nice Aunt and Uncle, here I wish you both long life and cheers throughout life.
  • Many of the children get their cuteness from their aunt and uncles. Cheers on Aunt and Uncle day.
  • Thank you for being my Aunt and Uncle. Happy Aunt and Uncle Day!


  • “An aunt is a safe haven for a child. Someone who will keep your secrets and is always on your side.” – Sara Sheridan
  • “Only an aunt can give hugs like a mother, keep secrets like a sister and share love like a friend.” – Unknown
  • “Well, I do have some maiden aunts that are not quite like the aunts in the book, but I definitely do have a couple of them, and a couple of old aunties.” – Donna Tartt
  • “An aunt is someone special to remember with warmth, think of with pride, and cherish with love.” – Unknown
  • “It is not money my aunt thinks about. She knows better than to value worldly wealth above its price.” – Anne Bronte
  • “My father’s sister never married in order to raise me.” – Marcel Carne
  • “Aunt: A cherished friend and personal cheerleader who will always see you through rose colored glasses.” – Unknown
  • “I basically don’t do that well with children, although my sister says I’m a great aunt.” – Ann B. Davis
  • “I have confidence that you filled with joy my dad’s life when you were kids, because you’re a nice person and especially with an excellent sense of humor.” – Unknown
  • “There is no greater happiness in this world to know that, apart from my parents, I have an uncle who loves me and is always available to listen.” – Unknown
  • “Uncles are there to help the child get into mischief they haven’t thought of yet.” – Unknown
  • “I’m as lucky as can be. The world’s greatest uncle belongs to me.” – Unknown
  • “Uncle: The brother of your father or mother; someone special to remember with warmth, think of with pride, and cherish with love.” – Unknown
  • “An uncle is a blessing. It means so many things. Words could never tell the joy an uncle brings. An uncle is a bond of faith that even time can’t sever, a gift to last all of our lives. An uncle is forever.” – Irene Banks
  • “Uncle: Thank you for giving me your time. We may spend it to do some mischief to play, but it will always be worthy at the end of the day.” – Unknown
  • “An amazing uncle is like a glass of refreshing lemonade in the hot summer of life.” – Unknown
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