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Barbies birthday and panic day


Barbies birthdayKnow all about BARBIES BIRTHDAY AND PANIC DAY

March is the month of celebrations, you ask why? Well, it is the month where a lot of days are assigned to different causes and agendas. When a mass amount of people find someone, something or any agenda worth giving a massive amount of respect, they assign a certain day to it. The day is then celebrated worldwide in different forms and several ways. Sometimes there are some days that have rules and regulations to follow most of the times, yet it’s all up to people how they feel like enjoying or spending the whole day. Following this concept and a whole load of history a day assigned and dedicated to our favorite toy character, yes you got it right. It is dedicated to Barbie!

Know all about Barbie’s birthday and why is it celebrated.

Well, our beautiful Barbie will be turning 60 years old in this year’s month of March 9th, and yet her glamorous and pretty face stays the same. We have known Barbie since we were born; it feels like forever. Ken and Barbie are two sweethearts; we adore them with all our hearts. Moreover, Barbie is not a toy, for kids, she is a feeling and a role model that they see almost everywhere, in stores, on the internet, on the TV and even on the posters that are put up on the street walls. Barbie is a sensation she is a feeling, and she comes in all shapes and sizes, we can say she is the best shapeshifter, and we can always buy one that suits our style, whether is black or white, with straight hair or curly ones, with jeans or a dress, it is all up to us. She is the only toy who is known worldwide, there is no country and simply no one in this world that does not know her. Well, I am sure you guys want to dig in some history.

How was she invented

One fine day Ruth handler’s daughter was crossed and pissed off because she did not have enough collection of toys. All she had was baby dolls of the same type; she demanded something new from her father. Ruth searched the stores, but all he could find was baby dolls, so then he decided to make one of his own, and his daughter Barbara loved the new toy, and soon the whole world could not agree more on her point. Well, we can say that Barbie is inspired by the name Barbara, we are sure the gestures resemble too. So Barbie was officially launched in a toy fair in 1959, and here we are now with about billions of Barbie’s sold every year.

beautiful Barbies birthday

Along these years and load of success that he got, the 9th march was decided to be Barbie’s birthday. Which is still celebrated amongst the kids and adults, they gift each other barbies, watch Barbie movies, buy the new ones, etc. Well along with this our sources heard that there is a secret making going on in barbies home, yes the company is launching a new design on barbies 60th birthday and the world is excited and waiting to see what it is. Make sure you get one of that beautiful barbie that everyone is so curious about. Will it be a thick Barbie? Alternatively, an alien Barbie? Ugh, so many questions and no hints on answers buy guys the wait is surely going to pay off in the face of an elegant and dashing design of Barbie the doll.

What else is 9th march famous for

Well, the 9th march is only not famous for Barbie and her birthday. It is famous for a day that holds a much more exciting kind of cause. Well, when it comes to a holiday we always wish that it is fun and relaxing, well some holidays are not. Some holidays are meant to spread awareness, and we should know about that. March 9th is the international panic day. If you are thinking that, the day means to make fun of panicking, so you are entirely wrong.

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Why do we celebrate the panic day

It is less of a celebration and more of an awareness. It’s important to tell people that all of us fight our problems in different ways and we deal with them in different ways. It’s not important that what you are dealing with is the real problem. Maybe there is someone out there who is dealing with much more than you, who is in much more stress than we are in. The day is stopping those people who say that “oh don’t panic, you are creating drama.” This day slaps a STOP SAYING it OK to every kind of an ignorant person.

Frustrated stressed young woman on panic day

Stress is a life eater; we do not even know how and in which way are we getting damaged due to stress, it brings so many unwanted diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, anxiety, and depression-like mental illnesses.  This day, in short, tells all the world that it’s perfectly okay to panic or to be upset and it’s perfectly fine when you see a person panicking of being upset. Most of the people respond to fear and stress by panicking, it is the only way they feel relaxed by letting their inner feelings out, and it’s perfectly okay to do that. No one deserves to hide their pain so that it eats them entirely.

Stressed business man sitting with hand on head on Panic DayHow do we celebrate the panic day

This question arises in each, and everyone mind when they hear of panic day, how can they celebrate a day like this? Well, we can cherish the day and make it much lighter and fun in a way that it does not lose its respect in many ways. Here are some ways in which you can enjoy the panic day and make it a day of fun and awareness together; this way you won’t even disrespect the cause and have fun.

  • Try to comfort people in stress, well the most important thing you can do is make the sad, stressed and people that are in any problem a little happy. You can take them to dinner or maybe buy them something they like.
  • The least you can do it talk to them and make them feel safe and at peace.
  • The fun way around to enjoy this day is to scare your peers, so they freak out.
  • You can also cry, wail or point out problems with this society in a dramatic way so that people laugh and feel better.
  • You can indulge yourself in stress-relieving activities such as yoga etc.
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