Canberra Day

14 March Canberra Day in Australian Capital Territory

Canberra Day is a public holiday held each year on the second Monday of March on the capital city of Australia – Canberra. This special day is held to celebrate the official naming of the city of Canberra. It was named as such by Lady Denman, the wife of former Governor General Lord Denman, on March 12, 1913. Many Australians, especially those who live in the city of Canberra, observe and celebrate this day. if you are curious to know more about Canberra Day, especially since Canberra Day is so near, then you should continue reading more below.

What is Canberra Day?

Canberra Day marks the day that Canberra city was named. People started celebrating this day during the second Monday of March since 2007. There are various ways Australians celebrate this day. but most do so by going to the capital in the park party.

Is Canberra Day a public holiday? Yes, it is, in the Australian Capital Territory or ACT. The upcoming Canberra Day on March 14, will celebrate Canberra’s 105th birthday. Its cultural diversity and physical beauty will be celebrated. Australians are brought together in this day wishing the city a happy birthday. Usually, a celebratory festival is held.

As mentioned, Canberra day celebrated the naming of the capital city of Australia held every second Monday of March each year. During the celebration, the Canberra citizen of the Year is also named to pay tribute to the person who had a great impact on the city of Canberra for the year. Such a person may have improved indigenous affairs, significantly participated in volunteer work, assisted and helped refugees, and other people in need.

When is Canberra Day?

Canberra Day is usually held on the second Monday of March. Last year, Canberra Day was held on March 9, This year, Canberra Day will be held on March 8, which is so near that many Australians are already preparing for this day.

The History of Canberra Day

Canberra is a region in Australia that was home to many indigenous Australians known as the Ngunnawal people. They continued to live there even after the Europeans settles in the 1980s. However, the number of these people declines as the years went on due to several factors like emigration.

In 1911, the settlement of the European civilization expanded. Canberra was chosen to be the new capital of Australia after an international competition. The design of the city was handled by Walter Burley Griffin, an American architect, and also his wife named Marion Mahony Griffin. They designed the city so that there will be large buildings and many water features.

On January 1, 2911, the Australian Capital Territory or ACT was built. Canberra became the center of this region. It also became home to Australia’s federal politics.

As mentioned above, Lady Denman first started the celebration of Canberra Day on March 12, 1913, to celebrate the official naming of the city. On March 3, 2007, the Australian Capital Territory Minister Andrew Barr made a bill that will change the celebration of Canberra Day to the second Monday of March because it is the day that falls closest to the actual birthday of Canberra’s name each year. It was previously held annually on the third Monday of March.

A celebration of Canberra Day

Annual events are held in Australia to celebrate the naming of the capital city. The Canberra Festival is usually held during the second week of March. There is also a range of theatrical performances, sporting events, and exhibitions that occur around the time of Canberra day. people also celebrate in the very famous Park.

However, since Canberra Day is Monday, some families try to organized long weekend getaways to other cities in Australia. In addition, since Canberra day is a public holiday, schools, universities, government offices, and many businesses are closed during this day. it is also possible that public transportation is affected. But if parades are held, traffic rerouting may happen.

Canberra Day Events

Various events are held during Canberra Day. These events include:

  • The Canberra Festival composed of multiple events held in the city of Canberra
  • The Citizen Awards Ceremony to honor the citizen of Canberra with the best and most contributions. This award is presented by the Chief Minister
  • Balloon events are usually held to give joy and delight to many people in Canberra especially the children.
  • Theatrical performances which may include the history of Canberra are played.
  • Sporting events and exhibitions are usually held to make Canberra citizens cooperate with each other and become even closer to one another.
  • Events are available not only to Canberra citizens but also to outsiders in order for more people to appreciate the rich culture and traditions of Canberra, the capital city of Australia.

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How to Celebrate Canberra Day?

Since Canberra Day is very near already, then you might already be looking for ways on how you can celebrate this important and special days. If you want ideas, then you should take a look more below:

  1. Canberra Day Balloon Event

Even at the start of the day, Canberra Day is celebrated by the citizens of the country. In the morning, when the sun is just about to rise, people can watch balloons being inflated and rising and floating above the city of Canberra. If you are in the city of Canberra, then you can witness this magnificent view and event. You can take pictures of these events. You can also take selfies and post them online during the Canberra Day on March 9, .

  1. Food Delights in the Region

A food event during Canberra day is called the Forage which gives an opportunity for attendees to experience and taste the many delicious foods available in the region. There are numerous vendors selling a wide variety of foods, including the local delicacies in Canberra. Each year, there is a full line of vendors who will be waiting for customers to get a taste of their foods. You can search the internet to be able to find the lineup of vendors who will be catering the customers each year on Canberra Day. The list for this year’s Canberra day may already be posted now.

  1. Entertainment on Canberra Day

Entertainment activities will not be absent during Canberra Day. there is a lot actually. Kids can be entertained by local heroes such as Barnacle and the Octonauts. The musical celebration will also be present with a lineup of great artists, bands, and singers. You can participate in watching these performances with talented bands, most of which are skilled citizens from the country. You can then enjoy and get entertained during Canberra Day.

  1. Partying During Canberra Day

You can party during Canberra Day. There is a lot of attractions during the day. One of the most famous ones is carnivals. In a carnival, you can ride in exciting and exhilarating rides such as Cup and Saucer ride, Giant Slide, Jumping Castle, Laughing Clowns, and Flying Chairs. There are rides for children and also for adults. You can also participate in amusement activities like Worm, Combo Castle, Stick up Wall, Jump n Slide, face painting, and picnic games.

Most adults like to hold parties themselves. If you live in Canberra, you may get invited by neighbors or friends to join them for lunch or dinner. You may also hold one yourself and invite your own neighbors and friends. This is a great way for you to bond with these amazing people in your life.

You can surely enjoy Canberra Day with your kids, friends, and family members. There is just a lot to do, especially if you go to the festival and witness the various activities and events available during Canberra day.

  1. Becoming Involved with the Citizens of Canberra

The great thing about Canberra day is you can get involved with the many people in Canberra who are so hospitable, accommodating, and kind. If you are new to the place, they can even give you a tour around the city and tell you tell-tale stories about the origin and history of the city. Canberra Day is also a chance for you to get to know the local people and those who play major roles in the city’s growth and development.



And that is all the important things that you need to know about Canberra Day. With the right information in mind, you can now participate in this once a year event, join the upcoming Canberra Day, and enjoy yourself with the citizens of Canberra Australia. There are various kinds of events and activities available during this day ranging from entertainment activities and festivals. Though these activities are fun and exciting, the essence of the celebration will not be lost because the naming of Canberra city will be embedded in all of these activities.

With the rich history of Canberra that you now know from this article, you can try to share useful and informative information with other people. In case you need to check up some few facts, remember you can always go back here.

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