Beverage Day

Celebrate Beverage Day Event

Imagine what would happen to our lives if beverages don’t exist. There will be no juice in our lunch, wine in our fancy dinner, cold beer on a hot summer, coffee with a pastry, or milk with cookies. To put it simply, life without beverages would be so plain boring. To give appreciation to the many kinds of beverages we have, we celebrate Beverage Day every 6th of May of each year. If you want to know more about this special day of celebration, then you should continue reading below.Beverage Day

What is Beverage Day?

This unofficial holiday is always celebrated every year on the 6th of May. It is sometimes called National Beverage Day. Although not much is exactly known about the origin of this day, we can safely say that this day commemorates having beverages in our lives. Simply having a good beverage after a tiring long day can help you gain back energy and be prepared for what’s to come the next day.

History of Beverage Day

Beverages have existed as far back in the time of humans as possible. Perhaps the simplest beverage that people have drank before is water. More advanced than that is perhaps juice from fruits combined with water. But as technology evolved and time advanced, more and more kinds of beverages were created by people.

Nowadays, we have so many kinds of beverages. Some of these include alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. We also have caffeinated beverages, rice drinks, maize beverages, barley beverages, beers, fruit juices, soft drinks, lemonades, and more.

The first-ever record of beer was in Egypt. However, the first-ever beer made here was very weak that even children drank it. Other researchers point out that earlier records of beer have been traced back to the Neolithic period.

In terms of coffee, the first-ever one recorded as we know it today was made by Omar, a Yemeni from the 16th century. Now, we have different kinds of coffee. We either enjoy drinking instant coffee from sachet, making our own using the coffee maker machine, or ordering one in a cafe.

Soft drinks have been popular as well. Perhaps the most well-known one is Coca-Cola. Though it was created relatively only recently – in the late 19th century. Most of us love drinking this kind of soft drink now. But we moderate our consumption of this delicious drink because it contains lots of sugar.

When is Beverage Day?

Beverage Day is always celebrated on the 6th of May each year. This means that the celebration this year will be held on May 6. This event, according to people, is just as fun as celebrating National Greasy Foods Day.

Celebration of Beverage Day

Beverage Day is best celebrated by drinking your most favorite beverages. You can have your most preferred tea flavor, a delicious but healthy smoothing, a glass of thirst-quenching lemonade, or the best-tasting wine you could have. There are so many ways for you to celebrate and enjoy this special day.

Drinking Your Favorite Beverage

You can sit back and relax on this day with the beverage of your choice. If you are so healthy that it is water that you prefer, then do so. If it’s a fancy cocktail that you want, then do have one. Nothing is holding you back during this day to drink your most favorite beverage.

Trying Out New Beverages

Perhaps you are so inside your comfort zone that you haven’t tried other kinds of beverages as well. This day would be the best day to taste some new ones. Why don’t you search the internet for some good beverages that people love? There are so many kinds that it will be impossible for you not to find one that you really prefer.

Beverage Tasting Party

If you want to celebrate the day with your friends and loved ones, then you should try to throw a beverage tasting party. This is especially recommended if you are a beverage enthusiast yourself. If you are a wine lover, then you could do an exclusive wine tasting at home. If you are a coffee or tea lover, then invite your friends over for socializing with each other while drinking these delicious beverages with some pastries on the side. You can even do a tasting of different kinds of beverages that you like.

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