National Greasy Foods Day

25 October National Greasy Foods Day

In the world we live in, there are lots of delicious foods. Most of them are greasy ones like fried chicken and pork ribs. Yes, these foods are often considered unhealthy because of their cholesterol and high-fat content. But it does not hurt to eat them sometimes. Because of our love for greasy foods, a special day is dedicated for them. Such a day is called the Grease Food Day. This day, which is celebrated every 25th of October, encourages people to take a day off from their diet and enjoy eating greasy foods.

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National Greasy Foods Day

What is the National Greasy Foods Day?

This unofficial holiday aims to promote greasy foods to people. There is a lot to choose from such as chicken, pork, nachos, French fries, bacon, pizza, hash brown, and more. We can treat ourselves during this day and consider it a cheat day from our regular diet. We can also cook several kinds of food and make them greasy by adding some oil such as canola oil, pumpkin oil, soybean oil, palm oil, olive oil, and corn oil.

History of the National Greasy Foods Day

Yes, it is true that greasy foods get a lot of hate from health-conscious people. But these delicious foods will always make our mouths water. Imagine eating our favorite pizza slices with all the melted cheese on top. Also imagine eating your favorite cheeseburger or sandwich that contains all your favorite ingredients on top of one another. We celebrate these kinds of foods during the day.

Unfortunately, the origin of this unofficial holiday is kind of hard to track. There is no complete documentation of the celebration of this holiday. However, one thing remains to be true – greasy foods were not in existence the first time that humans learned to cook.

Being able to cook was a result of discovering fire. That time, humans just grilled whatever they can eat – like meat – in the fire. There were no greasy foods. But when humans learned to put oil in whatever they cook, more and more greasy foods were invented. Some foods like pork even become greasy naturally when they are fried.

The fact in real life is that there are lots of delicious greasy foods available. For instance, we have juicy hotdogs, juicy hamburgers, sausage rolls, fried pork, fried chicken, bacon and eggs, and a lot more. Because of our love for these kinds of food, we started to celebrate a day dedicated for them. Such a day is what we call the National Greasy Foods Day.

When is the National Greasy Foods Day?

This unofficial holiday is always celebrated on the 25th of October each year. This means that this year, the celebration will be held on October 25.

Celebration of the National Greasy Foods Day

People have various ways of celebrating this great holiday. If you want some ideas on how you can celebrate this day, then you should take a look below.

Fry Something Special

A great way to spend your day for this celebration is to cook something that can be fried. For instance, you can create some fried chicken with your own recipe of breading. You can also make fried pork using your own recipe as well. If you need assistance about which recipe will be good, then you can look for online tutorials or cookbooks that can show you how to create the best greasy food. Once done, you can invite your friends and family to eat with you during lunch or dinner.

Hit Up Your Favorite Restaurant

If you don’t have time to cook during this day, then you can just go to your favorite go-to restaurant. Order your favorite greasy food and then enjoy it yourself. If you want some company, then you might as well invite your friends or relatives to eat with your during this time. It will be good to celebrate this special day with some nice people.

Make Pizza, Hamburger, or Fries

You can also try to make some simple recipes to celebrate the day. Easy to cook greasy foods include hamburger, pizza, and French fries. You can also add some harsh brown into the list. Cook these foods for snack and eat it while you relax on a movie marathon or a chitchat with your loved ones.

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