Black Day August 15 in Kashmir

Kashmir Black Day in Pakistan: A Day To Support Kashmir's Freedom Struggle & Condemn Indian Brutality in Kashmir

Pakistan and Kashmiris across the world will celebrate Black Day as India steps into its 74rd year of independence on Saturday, 15 August .

The purpose of this day is to communicate the message to the global network that India has suppressed Kashmiris’ birthright to self-determination through the use of illegal force and abolition of Article 370.

Learn about Black Day August 15

August 15 will be observed as Black Day in Pakistan and among “Free Kashmir from India” movement supporting communities in Kashmir and other countries around the globe.

The holiday is created to condemn the unlawful Indian acts; constantly denying Kashmiris the right to self determination; removing Kashmir’s autonomy through Article 370; tell the outside world of the continued commitment of illegal crimes by Indian forces and government against the people in occupied Jammu and Kashmir battling for freedom of the state from the Indian rule; and express extreme hatred against the Indian imperialism for keeping the state in its illegal and forceful occupation.

Kashmir Black Day 15 August Pakistan - Black Day August 15

Black Day August 15 Observance

Black Day (August 15) will be marked with rallies, protests, and demonstrations in Pakistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir, and the “Free Kashmir from India” movement supporting communities.

Anti-India rallies and protest demonstrations in all small and big towns and cities at both sides of the LoC — forcing India to end brutality and gross human rights violations in the illegally-occupied valley — will be the hallmark of Black Day.

Participants of Black Day protest rallies will be wearing black bands around the arms and forehead, and carrying “Free Kashmir from India” slogans as a sign of hatred against India.

On both governmental and private levels – there will be conferences, special television programs, and seminars – held to highlight the problems faced by innocent Kashmiris and shame India for the barbarity and human rights abuses in occupied Kashmir.

In order to support Kashmiris in their freedom struggle, Pakistan Government has also introduced a new theme for Pakistan’s Independence Day – “Kashmir Banayga Pakistan”.


Free Kashmir Slogans for Black Day

  • Save Kashmir From Modi
  • End Kashmir Blockade
  • Kashmir Wants Freedom
  • Kashmir Banayga Pakistan
  • Stand With Kashmir
  • Kashmir Bleeds UN Sleeps
  • Go India Go Back

Free Kashmir Quotes Motto for Black Day August 15

  • One Slogan, One Track, Go India Go Back
  • India Stop Genocide & Free Kashmir
  • We Stand with Kashmir
  • Stop Killing in Kashmir
  • Say NO to Indian Brutality in Kashmir
  • Save The Land, Save The Kashmir
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