Buddhist Holidays

Buddhist Holidays

List of Buddhist Holidays

Throughout the year Buddhism celebrates many holidays and events most of which commemorate important events in the life of the Buddha or various Bodhisattvas. The date of the holidays is based on the lunar calendar and often differs by country and tradition.

Buddhist holidays are joyful occasions. A festival day normally begins with a visit to the local temple, where one offers food or other items to the monks and listens to a Dharma talk. The afternoon might consist of distributing food to the poor to earn merit, circumambulating (walking around) the temple three times in honor of the Three Jewels, chanting, and meditation.

Numerous Buddhist events or holidays are dictated by the moon as opposed to the date, so the dates change each year. Further, similar events of the Buddha religion are seen on various dates in various locations of Asia, for instance, various dates for Buddha’s birthday.

Buddhist occasions regularly are a blend of secular and religious practices, and the manner in which they are observed can change significantly starting with one custom and culture than another culture and customs.

Some of the most important Buddhist holidays and festivals are briefly outlined below.

List of Religious Holidays of Buddhist

Jan 28,Mahayana New Year
Feb 12,Chinese New Year
Feb 08,Nirvana Day
Feb 27,Magha Puja Day
Apr 27,Theravada New Year
May 26,Vesak – Buddha Day
Jul 24,Asala – Dharma Day
Aug 13,Obon
Jan 20,Bodhi Day


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