Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day

Loving and Appreciating Bulldogs on "Bulldogs are Beautiful Day" - April 21

The Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day is dedicated to giving love and appreciation to our cute and lovely bulldogs. Although their appearance is not perceived as cute as other breeds of dogs, they are very loyal and can bring happiness to their owners. Hence, they deserve their own day of celebration wherein they are pampered.

About Bulldogs are Beautiful Day

During this holiday, people show their appreciation to these lovely and fuzzy animals. To stop the discrimination of bulldogs for how they look, various groups and organizations hold beauty contests for bulldogs – awarding those with the most beautiful appearances reflecting how well they are taken care of by their owners. Such pageants also showcase the talent of bulldogs by showing off what tricks they can do and what skills they possess.

Other people resort to posting videos of their bulldogs in different scenarios ranging from cute instances to things like performing tricks. Also during this day, people take the advantage of learning more about the history, physiology, and behavior of bulldogs.


The history of the Bulldogs are Beautiful Day can be traced back to the origin of bulldogs in the USA.

Origin of Bulldogs

Bulldogs came into America from the British. They were first mentioned in print back in 1500. The spelling of their name first appeared in a letter back in the 1630s. The name “bulldog” came from the fact that bulldogs were once used in sports bull baiting. This was popular in England, reaching its peak popularity in the 19th century. However, it was eventually banned in 1835.

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Moving forward in time, bulldogs became associated with British culture. They have become icons of the country. In fact, Winston Churchill was often compared to a bulldog during the periods of World War II. The first bulldog club was established in 1890 – its name was Bulldog Club of America.

The average weight of bulldogs ranges between 40 and 50 pounds. They have a short lifespan. Byt the age of 5 or 6, they start to show signs of aging. It is also rare for them to live for more than 10 years. Bulldogs can be aggressive. But when properly trained, breeders can remove such quality from them. They can be very friendly and patient. But at times, they can be stubborn. Bulldogs are also one of the most ideal pets for families.

Origin of the Bulldogs are Beautiful Day

It is a fact that bulldogs weren’t always associated with beauty. They have wrinkled faces, short tails, and stocky bodies. However, fortunately enough, someone wanted to throw out the conception and started labeling bulldogs as beautiful animals. That is why in 2005, Jackie Valent published a children’s book entitles Stinky the Bulldog. In 2007, she pioneered the celebration of Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day. She encouraged people to look beyond the appearance of bulldogs and to see the beauty in their unique appearance.


This holiday is always celebrated every April 21st of each year.

Why Celebrate

The following are the main reasons why you should participate in the celebration of the Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day:

They are Cute and Adorable

Bulldogs are cute and adorable. Don’t get mistaken with their appearance because that what makes them unique creatures. Their actions and behavior are cute too. They can relieve your stress and make you happy for your day. Hence, this is a good reason why you should participate in the celebration of the Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day.

They Can Adapt Well

Another reason why you should celebrate this day is to celebrate the fact that bulldogs can be good either in the city or in the countryside. They are also fairly low in energy, hence less exercise is required for them. They can sniff around your backyard or sleep on your apartment floor. They can adapt so well in a variety of environments.

They are Good Watch Dogs

Apart from their cute looks, bulldogs are good watchdogs as well. They can guard you well against people who might have bad interests in you. For instance, they can guard your house and alert you when someone unknown is around.

Bulldogs are Beautiful Day Celebration Ideas & Activities

The following are the best things to do to make your celebration of the Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day as best as it can be.

Volunteer in an Animal Shelter

One good way to celebrate this day is to volunteer in an animal shelter. As you may have known already, animal shelters require a lot of human effort, especially since a lot of pets have to be taken care of. Animal shelters that take care of bulldogs might need your help so you should go give them a helping hand.

Visit a pet Café

You can also celebrate this day by visiting a pet café and have fun with the bulldogs in it. You can feed them and take pictures with them, which you can also share in your social media accounts along with the hashtag #BulldogsAreBeautifulDay.

Adopt a Bulldog

Some bulldogs in animal shelters are waiting for owners who will take care of them. You might be the person who can take care of these bulldogs and make them feel special throughout their lives.

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