National Black Dog Day

Appreciating Black Dogs & Inspiring People To Adopt Black Dogs on "National Black Dog Day" - October 1

National Black Dog Day is celebrated on October 1. This pet holiday sheds light on the black dogs that usually suffer from a bizarre phenomenon called “black dog syndrome” and raises awareness of the plight of black dogs desperately waiting for adoption.

About National Black Dog Day

October 1 is National Black Dog Day, a pet awareness holiday that encourages people to adopt black dogs, love black dogs, and appreciate black dogs. This holiday is similar to Black Cat Appreciation Day.

People consider Black Dogs as ‘Bad Luck’ and are four times less likely to adopt a black dog over other colored dogs…

Black dogs often remain in shelters awaiting adoption, four times as long as their lighter-colored counterparts. This phenomenon is known as Black Dog Syndrome, and it sucks! Essentially, a lot of people don’t want black dogs because they consider them as bad luck, dangerous, a bad omen or think stereotypes about the behavior of these creatures.

It’s really sad since there are plenty of beautiful black dogs who can’t get houses — simply due to the color of their fur. To educate the world about the absurd superstitions regarding black dogs and to remind people how adorable black dogs can be – the National Black Dog Day is celebrated on October 1st.

When Celebrated National Black Dog Day

The National Black Dog Day is always celebrated on October 1. This means that the upcoming National Black Dog Day will be observed on 1 October.

Who Created This Day

Black Dog Day was created by Colleen Paige (a pet lifestyle expert and animal rights activist). The origin of this day dates back to 2013 when Colleen Paige went to an animal shelter to adopt a pet dog and was moved to tears after seeing a seriously injured poor black dog begging help with longing eyes.

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The dog was seriously injured and literally a skeleton covered in fur, weighing only 28 pounds of her normal 60 pounds. From the dog’s condition, it was clear that her previous master has horribly beaten the poor soul to such severe injuries. The staff at the animal shelter was also least concerned about the dog’s condition and told Colleen that “since no one wants a black dog, we may euthanize her some days later”. It was then, when Colleen Paige got to know about the awful stigma associated with black dogs.

Colleen adopted the dog and named her “Sailor”. She provided her with the best medical treatment, the best living environment, the best food, and took utmost care of all her needs. The sailor took a year to get over her traumatic past.

Sadly, on October 1st, 2014 at 14 years old, Sailor passed away from incurable liver cancer. Colleen Paige formed the Black Dog Day to be celebrated every October 1, as a day to highlight to the plight of black dogs everywhere, encourage people to adopt black dogs, and keep Sailor’s legacy alive.


The objective, mission and theme of Black Dog Day are solely focused on:

  • encouraging people to adopt black dogs
  • putting an end to the superstitions regarding black dogs
  • ending the Black Dog Syndrome
  • creating a better life for black dogs
  • telling people that black dogs are as amazing, as friendly, as loving and as loyal as dogs of any other color

What is the Black Dog Syndrome?

In many shelters, black dogs have been continually passed over in favor of the lighter colored dogs. As a matter of fact, black dogs and cats belong to the “harder-to-adopt pets category” and take four times as long to find their fur-ever homes. Why? The reason is Black Dog Syndrome. Here’s what is Black Dog Syndrome:

  • Many people associate Black Dogs with danger, aggression, and bad luck. Add to this the fact that dark colored dogs are portrayed negatively in novels and movies.
  • Black Dogs are harder to photograph. Captivating images of pets on shelter sites play a huge role in helping dogs win the hearts of their families. Since black dogs’ features often do not stand out, individuals are not that much inclined to wish to adopt them based on their images alone.

In reality, not one of those reasons means that black dogs are not great pets. But they do imply that these gorgeous pooches have some challenges to overcome. National Black Dog Day has been set up to help increase awareness of the plight of black dogs awaiting adoption.

Do you know? There’s another pet holiday that encourages people to adopt Bulldogs, called National Bull Dogs .

Celebration Ideas & Activities

October 1 encourages you to join the Black Dog Day moment by telling people about Black Dog Syndrome, using a medium like social media to highlight community’s prejudice against black dogs, and educating people that black dogs are as friendly, as loving, and as loyal as dogs of any other color and that they should be adopted. Here’s how you can celebrate National Dog Day:

Light up Social Media with Hashtag #BlackDogDay. While other people can use this trend to honor black dogs, proud black dog owners can use this trend to educate the worldwide community that black dogs are beautiful inside and out, and they are every bit as amazing as dogs of lighter colors.

Adopt a black dog. There are so many black-colored dogs desperately waiting for the chance to cuddle and play with their fur-ever family. So let’s adopt one and shower him your love and care that he may have always remained deprived of before.

Put an end to silly superstitions. Help break stereotypes and spread the reality by sharing this informative article on social media using the hashtag #BlackDogDay to spread the word!

Love your black dog. If you own a black dog, then October 1 is its special day. Do what you can do to make your pet feel super special and blessed.

Why Adopt A Black Dog: Top 10 Reasons

Since October 1 Black Dog Day encourages the adoption of black-colored dogs, here we have listed some of the top reasons on why you should pick a black dog.

1). Black Dogs Need Love and Safe Home

October 1 Black Dog Day

Do you know? Black Dogs have the lowest adoption rates and the highest euthanasia rate. This is because people consider black-colored dogs as bad luck and spooky. But besides the superstition factor, many people also don’t adopt dark-colored dogs because they are “bad to photography” or “bad at selfies”.

2). Kindness For Dogs Does Not Discriminate Based On Color

Black Dog Day October 1

Black dogs take longer to find loving homes. These pups are left alone in animal shelters with hopes of finding a loving home, only to be euthanized once their time is up.

3). Black Dogs Are Loving and Caring

National Black Dog Day October 1

Just like any other colored dog, black dogs are extremely loving, caring, and good-natured. Unfortunately, some movies and illustrations have made their reputation scary — for example black dogs with nasty long teeth, etc… but in reality, they are nothing like that. They go over the edge to be as affectionate and cherishing as any fluffy white pup, and you get all the other benefits as well.

4). Black Dogs Are Full Of Fun and Energy

October 1 Black Dog Holiday

Black dogs have more fun. They are fun-loving, jolly, lively, full of spark and energy. They invest more energy to make up for the image they some way or another got as dull or depressing.

5). Black Is Beautiful

Black Dog Awareness Day

There’s the deep black, the dark blue, the black with white highlights here and there, the smooth black, shiny black, the sleek black, the black with soft fur, the black with blue eyes, the black with golden eyes… Well, you get the image. Black isn’t simply black; there are as many different types of good-looking black dogs as there are dogs!

And who said that black dogs don’t look good in photos? Man, they look amazing. These cute black dog photos are enough to prove this fact right!

6). Black Dog Is Good Luck!

Adopt A Black Dog Day

Bad luck, nincompoop! When you love a black dog, luck is on your side. Thinking of black dogs as unlucky, dangerous, or dreary – is plain nonsense.

7). You Can Always Find Your Black Dog In The Snow

Black Dog Adoption Day

You can easily find your black pooch in the snow. Alright, no snow in your area… but you can locate them easily on any light-colored surface. BTW, you can capture some really AWESOME photographs of your black dog in the snow!

8). Snuggle With Them On Chilly Nights For They Are Your Natural Heaters!

Adopt A Black Dog October 1

Black dogs are your natural heaters. Science says: black absorbs heat, which means your black pup could be your great companion to cuddle with on chilly nights.

9). They Are Your Best Bodyguards

Nation Black Dog Appreciation Day

Although, very sweet at heart and extremely loving and caring – it’s a fact that black dogs have got those grandeur wild looks. So let’s use it to your benefit. If you are looking for a dog with that “bully-boy personality”, what better than a loving black dog disguised as a “wild beast”? They will protect you from attackers with their menacing looks, and sometimes even use their threatening frown to fear the opponent!

10). They Are Desperately Looking For A Home

Adopt Me Black Dog

Despite having so many qualities, black dogs have the lowest adoption rates. They are sitting in shelters, desperately waiting for their forever home. So let’s adopt a black dog and put an end to the Black Dog Syndrome… For Love Knows No Color! Your pet doesn’t care what color YOUR skin or hair is!

Quotes Lines Captions that Inspire People To Adopt Black Dogs

  • For people who have a black dog, this mysterious black dog phenomenon is just insane! How can anyone look at the striking good looks of glistening black fur, not see attractiveness? Who could slap a tag onto a puppy based only on the color of the fur?
  • Black Dogs are just as loving, caring, loyal, and as friendly as any other colored dog. Please adopt them and love them.
  • Black Dogs are beautiful. There’s no excuse for turning your backs on Black Dogs and Cats… No excuse at all. Happy Black Dog Day !
  • Refusing to give a dog home because of superstition is just plain silly. It just doesn’t make sense.
  • A black dog or cat crossing your path means that the animal is going somewhere. There’s no bad luck or bad omen involved.
  • Beautiful black dogs are seen in almost every shelter home throughout the country – they’re waiting to be found, and adored, like any deserving dog. On this National Black Dog Day, let’s adopt a black dog.
  • Adopt a Black Dog. Their loyalty is no less or more than another dog, but they need a home, too.

Quick Facts

National Black Dog Day falls on October 1, a pet awareness holiday that promotes the adoption of black-colored dogs and encourages people to love them.

  • Type: Pet Holiday, Awareness Holiday
  • Date: October 1
  • Theme: Black Dog Adoption & Black Dog Love
  • Also Called: International Black Dog Day, Adopt a Black Dog Day, Black Dog Appreciation Day, Happy Black Dog Day, Black Dog Awareness Day
  • Hashtag: #BlackDogDay
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