Calzone Day

Honoring Delicious Calzones on "National Calzone Day" November 1st

National Calzone Day is a “Calzone Appreciation” food holiday celebrated annually on the first day of November. If the atmosphere on November 1 is adorned with all the aroma of tomato and garlic sauce, then it may just be that it is National Calzone Day!

What is Calzone?

Calzone (also known as Italian Folded Pizza) is a mixture of sausage, mushrooms, pepperoni and bell peppers, each of baked inside pizza dough with tomato sauce and loads of melted cheese. You can fill your calzones with a lot of distinct toppings. Calzones could be picked up and eaten like a sandwich, making them a mess-free option for parties and dinners.

Learn About National Calzone Day

Calzones are worthy of their chance to shine. On November 1st we are celebrating National Calzone Day, a food holiday to honor and appreciate delicious Calzones.

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Whether you are a sausage filling fan or a mix veggie-lover, we could all agree on something – Calzone is bae. After all, what’s not to adore? They’re a pure deliciousness of a pizza wrapped up in the pillowy dough. It is compatible with almost any pairing, and it’s open-minded about its filling (sausage, chicken, mushrooms, olives, cheese). There is a filling, sauce, or style for everybody. So we should give Calzone the praise and respect it deserves by celebrating National Calzone Day.

National Conzole Day

Who Created

National Calzone Day was founded by Minsky’s Pizza (a bar and cafe restaurant) in 2016, as a day to celebrate Minsky’s 40th anniversary along with their enthusiasm for tasty, handmade calzones. Minsky announced November 1 to be celebrated as Calzone Day, and foodies have been observing this holiday since then.


The intentions behind the establishment of Calzone Day on November 1 was simple. Just like other food holidays, Minsky’s wanted a dedicated holiday for Calzones as well.

Secondly, calzones are underrated and in many cases are forgotten about. So the other main objective was to give Calzones the appreciation it deserves, and keep alive the legacy of this delicious Italian folded pizza!

When Celebrated

National Calzone Day is always celebrated on Nov 1. This means that the upcoming Calzone Day will be observed on Monday, 1 November .

Why Celebrate

Calzones are underrated. Seen as inferior to the grand pizza pie, calzones in many cases are forgotten about, but why? They deserve their chance to shine. They deserve appreciation for not only being delicious, but also because they are so handy and portable, and you can literally put anything within them. They are normally very reasonable too and you’ll be able to get one anywhere in a rush.

Celebration Ideas & Activities

November 1st is National Calzone Day, and we know you are probably planning to observe this food holiday by simply scarfing down a Calzone after work. However, you can do much more than this to really honor the magnificence of Calzone by involving yourself in the most delicious celebratory activities.

Throw A BYOCalzone Party

Interpret this as you like – whether it is Bring Your Personal or Build Your Own, it is all that amazing stuffing in any Calzone party. There are loads of good ways to throw a Calzone party your guests won’t ever forget, and yet one surefire solution is putting up DIY stations with a vibrant choice of toppings — comprising both classic ingredients, among others which are a bit more avant-garde. You may even offer choice doughs to accommodate a number of your guests that prefer gluten-free. You may also have your guests bring their favorite kinds of Calzones to share. Since sharing is caring. Especially on National Calzone Day!

International Conzole Day November 1

Shake Up Your Calzone Combos

Obviously, a lot of people like classic fillings such as pepperoni, onions, and mushrooms. But, how about trying something a bit different on Calzone Day.

Go On A Calzone Crawl

Do a little research to come up with the best pizza joints in town and then plan out a route. Challenge yourself to try out a different slice at each stop. And yes, you will likely wind up crawling having a heavy stomach at the end of the route. But anything for Calzone, amirite?


Brush Up On Some Calzone Trivia

What better way to celebrate Calzone that to feed yourself with Calzone-related knowledge? Not only will you develop a deep understanding of your beloved food, but you will also rack up interesting facts about Calzones.

Bring Calzone To Work

Since Calzone Day falls on a Friday, you’re probably going to be in the office. Order some freshly-baked Calzones to your workplace and become a genuine hero. (Or simply invite the people that you really like to visit the nearby Calzone cafe at lunchtime.)


Learn New Recipes

Head to Google or Youtube, and learn new recipes to create different variations of delicious Calzones.

Interesting Facts

  • Calzones were invented in Naples, Italy in the 1700s — as a means to serve people a pizza that they could walk around with.
  • “Calzone signifies ‘pants’ or ‘trouser leg’ in Italian, however in culinary parlance, it refers to what’s a ‘pizza turnover’.
  • Like a pizza, calzone can be made small, as for appetizers, or as big as a heavy meal. The fillings are exactly the same as used for pizzas.
  • On Sunday, July 14, , the planet’s largest Calzone was made at the Vaughan Pizza Fest in Ontario. It took 400 pounds of dough, 80 kilograms of mozzarella cheese, 40 kilograms of pepperoni and 12 kilograms of Italian peeled tomatoes to create this 59-feet long Calzone!

Calzone Day Deals @ Minsky’s

From November 1st to November 4th  Minsky’s Pizza will be celebrating the Fourth Annual “National Calzone Day”.

Win FREE Calzones

On celebrating this day with Minsky’s, you can win FREE Calzones for a year. All you have to do is just post a selfie of you and your Minsky’s Calzone on social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram) using the hashtag #MinskysCalzoneDay.

One lucky applicant will likely be drawn from a pool of qualified entries posted to one of the above-mentioned social networking platforms throughout the competition period: November 1-4, .

Get 25% OFF Discount on Calzones

Minsky’s Pizza is offering 25% OFF deals to VIP Minsky’s members both with take away, dine in, and online orders.

Random users are eligible for this 25% OFF Discount only via the online order. At check out, just enter code: Calzone25 and save 25% per Calzone from November 1-4.

Add FREE Bacon

Wish to include free bacon into your Calzone? A strip of crispy bacon is going to be added into a yummy Calzone free of cost! Simply tell your waiter “I want the free bacon”.

To include free bacon into your Calzone online, select the “Free Bacon” option. Crispy bacon will be added to your Calzone at no cost!


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