National Pizza Day

09 February National Pizza Day in United States

National Pizza Day is celebrated on 9th of February each and every year. It is a holiday across the world where people enjoy the most iconic and popular dishes in the world and try to spend as much of their time with their friends and family. Pizza is an oven-baked flatbread food that is heavily covered with cheese, sauces, chicken, and many other ingredients.

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History of National Pizza Day

Well to be honest & straightforward with you nobody knows when actually National Pizza Day was created and also there are no footprints of when pizza itself was created. Originally, Pizza was a dish that was created by the Romans out of placenta bread and at that time it was covered with a number of layers of sauces, cheese, and herbs.

Be that as it may, while those early dishes were actually pizzas, what individuals would perceive as the modern pizza wouldn’t move toward becoming concocted until around the 18th century. This is the point at which a portion of the residents of Naples, Italy started to make flatbread dishes canvassed in garlic, basil, cheddar cheese and inevitably tomatoes.

Amid the 19th century, Italian settlers started to convey this dish home to the United States. However, it truly wouldn’t wind up prominent until the administration men coming back from World War II returned home in the wake of building up a taste for pizza in Italy. This is the point at which the pizza advertises explodes in the U.S and made pizza a standout amongst the most prevalent fast foods in America.

What date is National Pizza Day?

National Pizza Day is celebrated on February 9

National Pizza Day Song

You may ask how popular Pizza is in the United States. Well, to get the answer to this question you may have to look at the numbers to find out how much pizza is popular in the US. Around 4 billion pizzas are sold in the US. The majority of the restaurant’s pizza chains & pizzerias sold these pizzas and around 1 billion pizzas are bought by the grocery in form of frozen pizzas. For every man, woman, and child in the U.S., over 23 pounds of pizza is consumed. That is a lot of pizza.

After The National Pizza Day Peoples Celebrates  Valentine’s Day on 14th of February

National Pizza Day Customs, Traditions, and Celebrations

There is only one single way to celebrate & enjoy the National Pizza Day and it is by enjoying the pizzas in many different forms. You can go outside with your friends and family to the local pizza shop and grab the slice you like most. You can arrange a pizza party and can simply take the pizza to your home.

7 Interesting Facts About National Pizza Day

  1. Pepperoni is one of the most famous & popular pizza. 36% ordered received of pepperoni pizza.
  2. More than 3 billion pizzas are sold every year in the USA.
  3. 1 billion frozen pizza sold every year in the USA.
  4. 17% of the USA restaurants are Pizzerias.
  5. The first Pizzeria opened in Naples Italy in early 1738.
  6. Gennaro Lombardi, in 1985 opened the first Pizzeria in United Stat in the New York City.
  7. On an average 23 pounds of pizza per person consumed every year in America.

Additional Survey Findings


According to the recent survey, approximately 3% of American would like to eat pizza rather than having a boyfriend or a girlfriend. This behavior is slightly higher in the females 4% of them like to eat pizza rather than having a boyfriend. Also Read :  National Boyfriend Day


  1. Pizza Hut (31%)
  2. Papa John’s (22%)
  3. Domino’s (17%)
  4. Papa Murphy’s (10%)
  5. Little Caesar’s (8%)
  6. barro (3%)
  7. Cici’s Pizza (2.8%)
  8. California Pizza Kitchen (2.8%)
  9. Round Table (2.6%)
  10. Chuck E. Cheese’s (1%)


  • In America, Pizza is ranked as the #2 most popular fast food just behind Hamburgers. 43% of American love to eat pizza.
  • Pizza is my favorite food (18%)
  • I like to have a glass of wine with my pizza. (10%)
  • My idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day is sharing a pizza. (9%)
  • I don’t like pizza. (2%)

2 Best Activities of National Pizza Day

  1. Pizza Party – No matter at what age you are the word Pizza Party delighted you most I guaranteed & put some pleasant smile on your face.
  2. Dare to Pizza – On National Pizza Day you can give a dare to your friends and family members of eating pizza in breakfast, lunch, & dinner.

There are many more activities which you can do on National Pizza Day as it is the official holiday. Enjoy with your friends and family.

Why Love National Pizza Day?

There are a lot of reasons to love national pizza day. Some of them are mentioned below.

National Pizza Day Funny Unofficial Holiday

On National Pizza day there is something for everyone – Sauce or which sauces? Deep dish or thin crust? Cheez or new provolone? Oven-baked or wood-fired? There is something for everyone on National Pizza Day. You can easily adapt to the changes in tastes you love and like to enjoy Pizza.

One of the Best festivals – You might remember the Pizza parties back from your school days. Admit it! You always love to enjoy eating pizza in different flavors regardless of the age of yours.

Perfect Salty, Carb-Y Goodness, Sweet – The layers of cheese, sauces, crust, and everything else on pizza creates an almost delicious food bomb with a number of aromas and flavors.

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