National Cookie Day

4 December National Cookie Day

Cookies are very delicious and have lots of varieties. They can be flavored with nuts or even chocolate. They can be crunchy, soft, or chewy. They are also great snacks because they can last long especially when stored properly. Because a lot of people love eating cookies, it is not a surprise that a special day is dedicated to it. The such day is called the National Cookie Day which is held every 4th of December each year. This is the best day to indulge yourself in such nice treats.

Wednesday, 4 December National Cookie Day

What is the National Cookie Day?

Those of you who love eating cookies should mark your Calendars for December 4 because it is national Cookie Day. This unofficial holiday celebrates cookies of all kinds – cookies for breakfast or snacks, from sweet cookies to salty cookies, from crunchy cookies to soft mouth-melting cookies, and more. In addition, there are a lot of events held for this baking day. Not to mention the cookie baking contest that gives great prizes to people who are able to bake the best kinds of cookies.

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History of the National Cookie Day

Let’s get one fact out there: the exact origin of the National Cookie Day is quite unknown to us. However, the history of cookies themselves is actually well documented. The invention of cookies can be traced back into the 7th century in Persia. During this time, sugar became a very common commodity in the region since a lot of people were able to extract it from many sugarcanes. From Persia, cookies became popular in Europe because of the Muslim conquest that happened in Spain. Cookies then continued to become well-known across the entire continent in Europe. By the 15th century, it became one of the most popular snacks for people.

In 17th century, cookies as snacks became popular in the Atlantic as it spread across the Americas because of the Dutch settlers who went there from Europe. Housewives in homes then got the hobby of baking cookies as snacks at home. These cookies, however, were simple. They were just simple batter from flour flavored with some sugar and butter.

But then, people were able to make cookies taste better by adding some syrup, rose water, and even beer sometimes. Nowadays, cookies are some of the most popular desserts and snacks in the world. We now have thousands of recipes on how to bake different kinds of cookies. Because of such love for cookies, people were able to invent an unofficial holiday called National Cookie Day which is held each year.

When is the National Cookie Day?

This holiday is always held on the 4th of December each year.

Celebration of the National Cookie Day

This holiday is one that gathers friends and families together in order to celebrate cookies. The following are the most common activities held during this day.

Baking Cookies

This is the best time to create cookies for everyone. If you know how to bake, then your dilemma should be focused on the best recipe for creating cookies and the ingredients that you should use to create some varieties. This day will be all about enjoying creating cookies and then eating them afterward with your friends and family. You can even wrap up some in nice boxed and then give those as gifts to your loved ones with a card greeting them for the day.

Selling Cookies

If you want to make some cash, then you can try to bake some cookies that you can sell during the day. You know well that a lot of people will be demanding cookies during this day or even several days ahead of the celebration. Hence, you can try to bake some good cookies that you can sell for a good price. You’ll be earning some cash that you can add up to your savings.

Purchasing Cookies

If baking cookies is not in your list for this day, what you can do is to purchase some good cookies from a good pastry shop or bakery. For sure, a lot of these shops will offer good quality cookies because they expect people to buy from them for the celebration. You can consider buying those cookies.

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