Defender Fatherland Day

23 February Defender of the Fatherland Day

This day is a holiday in Russia, and it is nationally celebrated on February 23. As the name suggests, it is the day for men, who are our fathers, sons, brothers, boyfriends, and husbands. Many women give surprises and gift to the men in their family and celebrate it like it’s a men’s day. But some people oppose this thinking and are of the opinion that it should be celebrated to give respect to the army officers and soldiers who work day and night to keep us safe.

We can never ignore the efforts and sacrifices that our soldiers make daily just for the safety of us citizen. I think no day would be enough to tell how grateful we are to the army for their tireless efforts. This day we should try to spend some time with the soldiers and make them realize that we value their efforts and bring gifts for them as a thank you.

February 23 Defender of the Fatherland Day.

But how many of us know the reason behind this holiday I think none of us or only a few of us. But today you are going to know everything on the defender of the fatherland day and that my way of paying regards to the army officers.

Defender of the Fatherland Day  is around the corner, and it is a chance for us to pay our regards to our very dedicated army.

Defender Fatherland History

The origin of this day is still obscure, but according to the common understanding, Russia celebrates this day as the 4th anniversary of Red Army but the Russian leader of that time Vladimir Lenin passed an act of the establishment of a Bolshevik Army on 15 January 1918. According to the history provided in the Soviet book, the red army won over Garman invaders on February 23, 1938, but there is no evidence to back this claim.

The date was not selected intentionally instead it was chosen by accident, as the government first decided to celebrate it with the day of the red gift day, i.e. on 17 Feb, which was supposed to be a charity event. But that day was on Monday, so they decided to keep the holiday on the weekend, so then it was decided to celebrate the day on 23 of February every year.


From 1936 to 1990, February 23 was celebrated as the Navy day and Soviet army day and all the soldiers were appreciated for the efforts in World War 2. After that in 1991, the holiday was removed from the list of public holidays. But then again in 2002, but after the Soviet Union came to an end, it was decided by Russian president Vladimir Putin, to make it a holiday nationwide and was given the name of Defenders of the Fatherland Day.

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How it is celebrated Defender Fatherland Day:

This day is also celebrated in some other parts of the world like Moscow, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan, and every country celebrates this day in its manner.

  • In Moscow, they hold a ceremony, which is accompanied by the Russian president, military heads, political parties’ heads, officials of Russian Orthodox Church, another representative of the government at the Alexander Garden that is near the Kremlin walls.
  • But in Kazakhstan, they celebrate this day on the 7th of May.
  • Kyrgyzstan also celebrates this day but on a different day, e. 20th of June and it also has a day dedicated for the army of Kyrgyzstan on May 29.
  • In Tajikistan, they celebrate their army day.
  • Ukraine never used to celebrate this day, until 1999, when president Leonid Kuchma decided to celebrate this day. But again in 2014 president, Petro Poroshenko changed the name of this from Defenders of the Fatherland to Armed Forces of Ukraine day and it is celebrated on 6th December every year.
  • In Russia, it is celebrated like a big occasion. There are fireworks; concerts are organized where people can come with their family and enjoy the holiday.

So how do you plan to spend your defender of the fatherland day?

How to celebrate defender of the fatherland day:

My idea of this day is to make it special for the people, who don’t even get a holiday on this day and that are the army officers. We can celebrate defender of the fatherland by bringing gifts and chocolates for them to make them feel special. Be a volunteer at welfare to help the needy because this day is not only for army officers but also for those people who help the needy and playing their role in making the country a developing state.

This day is not dedicated to the men only. Instead, it is for all those people who stand up for their country, whenever the country is in bad times. This is our responsibility being a citizen to standby our country through thick and thin.

Since it is a holiday so most of the businesses and offices will remain closed by still, you can celebrate defender of the fatherland day by celebrating it a day before or after the holiday.


Just like every other year, this year’s Defender of the Fatherland is going to be huge and full of excitement. There are going to be paraded at the Alexander Garden, fireworks, discount on different restaurant, concerts and so much more.

But we should not forget why it is being celebrated. It is celebrated in recognition of the efforts of our army officers, the sacrifices they made for us. It is a day to be thankful to them for their tireless efforts, and they should be appreciated for what they have done for our country. It’s because of them that we are safe, sound and having a good time with our loved ones.

Make sure you do not forget all this while celebrating defender of the fatherland day, take out some hours from that day, visit the soldiers, and listen to their stories and grievances because they deserve all the respect and appreciation and one day can never to be enough for the services they gave to this country.

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