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Holidays and observances in Dominica

Dominica is officially called Commonwealth of Dominica and an Island located in the West Indies. The national capital of the island is Roseau which is located in the western region of the country. In 2011, the estimated population was consisting of 71,293 inhabitants. This is an English speaking country. This island is located to south southeast to Martinique and northwest to Guadeloupe.

Holidays in Dominica

FridayJanuary 01New Year’s Day
MondayFebruary 15Carnival MondayCelebrated Monday and Tuesday Before Ash Wednesday
TuesdayFebruary 16Carnival TuesdayCelebrate Tuesday before Ash Wednesday
FridayApril 02Good FridayFriday before Easter Sunday
MondayApril 05Easter MondayMonday after Easter Sunday
MondayMay 03Labour DayFirst Monday in May
MondayMay 24Whit Monday7TH Monday after Easter
MondayAugust 02Emancipation Day First Monday in August
WednesdayNovember 03Independence DayNational Day
ThursdayNovember 04National Day of Community Service
SaturdayDecember 25Christmas Day
SundayDecember 26Boxing Day

New Year’s Day in Dominica

January 01, according to the Gregorian calendar is celebrated as New Year’s Day in Dominica Just like the rest of the world. It is a public holiday for the general population, learn more…

Carnival Monday in Dominica

March 04, is celebrated as Carnival Monday in Dominica. This day is celebrated before Ash Wednesday and public holiday for schools, colleges, and banks, learn more…

Carnival Tuesday in Dominica

March 05, is celebrated as Carnival Tuesday in Dominica, this day is celebrated a day before Ash Wednesday, learn more…

Good Friday in Dominica

April 19, Friday is celebrated as Good Friday in Dominica by the Christian community. This day is celebrated on Friday before Easter Sunday, learn more…

Easter Monday in Dominica

April 22, is held as Carnival Tuesday in Dominica. This day is celebrated a day after Easter Sunday, It is declared as public holiday by the government when all business sectors remain closed, learn more…

Labour Day in Dominica

Unlike the world, May 06, the first Monday in May is celebrated as Labour Day in Dominica. This day is celebrated in appreciation of the workforce, learn more…

Whit Monday in Dominica

June 10, is held as Whit Monday in Dominica. The other name of this day Pentecost Monday. It is purely a Christian event which is celebrated very respectfully, learn more…

Emancipation Day in Dominica

August 05, is celebrated as Emancipation Day in Dominica. It is a public holiday when all public and private sectors remain closed, learn more…

Independence Day in Dominica

November 04, is celebrated as Independence Day in Dominica. This day commemorates the struggle for independence from Great Britain, learn more…

National Day of Community Service in Dominica

November 05, is celebrated as National Day of Community Service in Dominica. It is a public holiday that Is celebrated nationwide, learn more…

Christmas Day in Dominica

December 25th like rest of the world is celebrated as Christmas Day in Dominica. This purely a Christian which is celebrated warmly with joy all over the world, learn more…

Boxing Day in Dominica

December 26th, the day after Christmas is celebrated for the services of servants when they got a gift from there masters. Also, known as Christmas Present or Christmas Box, learn more…

Facts and Figures about Dominica

All facts and figures about Dominica are mentioned below take a look in order to know about them.

Capital of Dominica

The national capital of Dominica is Roseau. It is the largest city of the island having a population about 14,725. It is the urban settlement of the country which is located near the Roseau River, Morne Bruce, and the Caribbean Sea.

President of Dominica

Charles Savarin is the current president of Dominica and took office in 2013, October 02. Under the constitution, the President serves as the Head of the State.

Prime Minister of Dominica

Roosevelt Skerrit is current prime Minster of Dominica who took office in 2004. According to the constitution, the Prime Minter is appointed by President and the elected member must the member of Parliament.

Population of Dominica

In 2017, the estimated population of Dominica was about 73,925 which is equivalent to 0.00097% of the total population of the world.

Flag f Dominica

The current flag is consisting of green color with a three-strip cross of yellow, black, and white color.

Currency of Dominica

The national currency of Dominica is the Easter Caribbean Dollar. The official code for the currency is $ and the most commonly used symbol is EC$.

Religion of Dominica

The most prominent religion of this country is Christianity in which 66% are Roman Catholic, 18% are evangelical, 6% are Seventh-day Adventists, and 3.7 are Methodists.

Dialing Code of Dominica

The international dialing code of Dominica is +1.

Crime Rate of Dominica

Dominica has 42.10 crime index and 57.90 safety index in the world.

Famous Airport of Dominica

The airports of Dominica are Douglas-Charles Airport which serves Marigot location, and Canefield Airport which serves Roseau location.

Top Destinations of Dominica

Dominica is fully packed with natural beauty and also known as the Nature Island of the Caribbean. There are several places that worth visiting such as Morne Trois Pitons National Park, Boiling Lake, Victoria Falls, Trafalgar Falls, Cabrits National Park, Roseau, Papillote Tropical Gardens, Champagne Reef, and The Carib Territory.

Area of Dominica

The total area of Dominica is about 750 sq. kilometer.

GDP of Dominica

In 2017, the estimated GDP of Dominica is about 562.5 million US dollars which is equivalent to 0.01% of the total world’s economy.

Sports of Dominica

Most commonly played sports in Dominica are cricket, football, and basketball, etc.

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