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Ecuador Holiday and Festival Guide

Ecuador is officially called the Republic of Ecuador. This country is situated in the North-western region of South America. It shares its border with Peru in the East and South, the Pacific Ocean in the West, and Colombia in the North. This country is loaded with mountains and forests. Also, it has the most volcanoes in the world. There some beaches as well on the Pacific Ocean coast.

Holidays in Ecuador

FridayJanuary 01New Year’s Day
MondayFebruary 15Carnival (1st Day)
TuesdayFebruary 16Carnival (2nd Day)Compensated by Sat 20 February
FridayApril 02Good FridayFriday before Easter Sunday
SundayApril 04Easter Day
SaturdayMay 01Labour Day
MondayMay 24Anniversary of the Battle of Pichincha
SaturdayJuly 24Simon Bolivar Day
MondayAugust 09Independence Day Holiday
TuesdayAugust 10Independence Day
SaturdayOctober 09Independence of Guayaquil
FridayNovember 01All Souls’ Day Holiday
TuesdayNovember 02All Souls’ DayNot a Public Holiday
WednesdayNovember 03Independence of Cuenca Holiday
MondayDecember 06Foundation of Quito Day
SaturdayDecember 25Christmas Day

New Year’s Day in Ecuador

Like other countries, January 01, is celebrated as New Year’s Day in Ecuador. According to Gregorian Calendar, it Is very first day of New Year, learnss more…

Carnival in Ecuador

March 04, and 05 is celebrated as Carnival in Ecuador. It’s a public event and celebrated in the whole country very warmly, learn more…

Good Friday in Ecuador

April 19, Friday will be held as Good Friday in Ecuador. This day is celebrated on the Friday before Easter Sunday. It is also known as Holy Friday, learn more…

Easter Day in Ecuador

April 21, Sunday will be celebrated as Easter Day in Ecuador. It is also called Resurrection Sunday and celebrated for the resurrection of Christ from Dead, learn more

Labour Day in Ecuador

May 01, is celebrated as Labour Day in Ecuador. In the whole world this day is celebrated as an international day of workers, learn more…

Anniversary of the Battle of Pichincha in Ecuador

May 24, is held as the Anniversary of the Battle of Pichincha in Ecuador. This day commemorates the devotions in the battle for the struggle of independence.

Simon Bolivar Day in Ecuador

July 24, is celebrated as Simon Bolivar Day in Ecuador. This day is held In the remembrance of Simon Bolivar who led the secession of Ecuador Spanish Empire.

Independence Day Holiday in Ecuador

August 09, and 10 is given as the holiday for the independence of Ecuador. This day is held in the remembrance of independence from Spain in 1809.

Independence of Guayaquil Holiday in Ecuador

October 09, Wednesday in will be celebrated as Independence of Guayaquil Holiday in Ecuador. It’s a public holiday when all public and private sectors remain closed, learn more…

All Souls’ Day Holiday in Ecuador

November 02, is celebrated as All Souls’ Day Holiday in Ecuador every year. This day is held for giving the prayers to dead, learn more…

Independence of Cuenca Holiday in Ecuador

November 04, will be celebrated as Independence of Cuenca Holiday in Ecuador. It’s a public holiday and business sector remain closed for the general population, learn more…

Foundation of Quito Day in Ecuador

December 06, is celebrated as Foundation of Quito Day in Ecuador. During this day the whole country feels alive, with parties, concerts, Go-Cart race, and exhibitions, learn more…

Christmas Day in Ecuador

December 25th just like the rest of the world is celebrated as Christmas Day in Ecuador. It’s a public holiday and celebrated and celebrated very warmly by the whole Christian community, learn more…

Boxing Day in Ecuador

Just like the rest of the world, the day after Christmas December 26th is celebrated as Boxing Day in Ecuador. This day is especially held for servants for their services throughout the year, learn more

Fact and Figures about Ecuador

All the fact and figures about Ecuador are listed below. Take look in order to know about them.

Capital of Ecuador

The national capital of Ecuador is Quito. It is the largest city and has an elevation of about 9,350 feet above the Sea level.

President of Ecuador

Mr. Lenín Moreno is the current President and overall 46th acting president of Ecuador. He took office in 2017, on May 14. Previously, he also served as Vice President. Under the current constitution president is the head of the government.

Vice President of Ecuador

Mr. Otto Sonnenholzne is the vice president of Ecuador. He took office in , on December 11. Vice President has the highest authority after the President.

Population of Ecuador

In 2017, the estimated population of Ecuador was about 16.62 million which is equivalent to 0.22% of the total population of the world. It ranked at 70th position in the most populous countries.

Flag of Ecuador

The national flag is consisting of three horizontal bands of yellow (double in Size), blue, and red color along with the coat or arm located in the middle.

Currency of Ecuador

The official currency in Ecuador is the United States Dollar. The official code is USD and the most commonly used symbol is $.

Religion of Ecuador

Christianity is the major religion in Ecuador in which 80.44% are Catholics, 11.30% are Protestants, 6.97% are other, 7.94% are Atheists, and 0.11% are Agnostics.

Dialing Code of Ecuador

The international Dialing code of Ecuador is +593.

Crime Rate in Ecuador

Ecuador has a 49.11 Crime Index and 50.89 Safety Index in the world.

Famous Airport of Ecuador

Ecuador deals with many national and international flights on a daily basis. Some of the busiest airports of the country are Mariscal Sucre International Airport which serves Quito, José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport which serves Guayaquil, Mariscal Lamar International Airport which serves Cueca, Eloy Alfaro International Airport which serves Manta, and Seymour Airport which serves Baltra.

Top Destinations of Ecuador

Some of the best places to visit in Ecuador are Guayaquil, Mindo, Salinas, Quilotoa Loop, Riobamba, Baños, Cuenca, Otavalo, Quito, and Galapagos Islands.

Area of Ecuador

The total area of Ecuador is about 283,560 sq. kilometers.

GDP of Ecuador

According to an estimate, the GDP of Ecuador was about 103.1 billion US dollars which is equivalent to 0.17% of the total world’s economy.

Sports of Ecuador

Sports which are played in Ecuador mostly are Baseball, Volleyball, Tennis, and Basketball.

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