Father’s Day in El Salvador

El Salvadorans Celebrating Fatherhood on "Father's Day" - observed every on June 17 in El Salvador

Father’s Day is an important celebration all over the world. It aims to honor all fathers and recognize their contributions towards their families and caring for their children.

About Father’s Day in El Salvador

Father’s Day simply celebrates fatherhood. Although a majority of the countries celebrate it on the 3rd Sunday of June. In El Salvador, they celebrate their Father’s Day every 17th of June each year. El Salvador’s celebration is a little bit different from other countries because they have a fixed date for it – June 17. Apart from that, the country also considers this day as a paid holiday, which was formally declared on 2012 and was first started in June 17, 2013.

Father's Day in El Salvador

During this special day of celebration, people celebrate by telling their fathers and grandfathers how much they love them. They also give heartfelt greetings through letters and precious gifts to their fathers. Just like mother’s day, people in El Salvador celebrate Father’s Day in a very family-oriented way. Families get together and spend their time with each other cherishing how lucky they are to have a loving, caring, and hardworking father.

Father’s Day in El Salvador
A June 17 holiday in El Salvador – celebrated in honor of fathers
When Celebrated:June 17
Upcoming Date: June 17,
Kids appreciating their fathers and thanking them for their services
Honoring Fathers, Appreciating Fathers, Presenting Gifts


Sonora Smart Dodd is the originator of the idea of the Father’s Day celebration. Her father named William Jackson Smart was a civil war veteran who still managed to raise his six children alone. Knowing that there is a special day for mothers, Sonora also wanted to have one for fathers. So she decided to celebrate Father’s Day on her own father’s birthday which fell on the 5th of June. Unfortunately, though, her preparations were not yet done so she decided to move the celebration on the 3rd Sunday of June. This is the date being followed by a lot of countries for the celebration of Father’s Day.

El Salvador has a different date for Father’s Day. They have it fixed on the 17th of June. The reason is that their country does not celebrate holidays unless they are fixed on that date. Similarly, they celebrate Mother’s Day on a fixed date which falls on the 10th of May each year. There’re similar events as well known as the Mother’s Day  & National Boyfriend Day

Father's Day in El Salvador


As mentioned earlier, Father’s Day in El Salvador is celebrated every June 17 of the year. This means that the dates of such celebration are as follows:

June 17Monday
June 17Wednesday
June 17Thursday
2022June 17Friday
2023June 17Saturday
2024June 17Monday
2025June 17Tuesday

Why Celebrate

The following are the main reasons why you should participate in the celebration of Father’s Day:

Fathers Are the Best in Making Us Laugh

Most of the time, we laugh because of how great the humor of our fathers have. He is always there to make sure that the atmosphere is not always serious – that we can have a good talk and do humorous stuff to make us laugh. We might not notice it all the time but our fathers try hard and do their best to see smiles in our faces. Hence, celebrating this day will allow us to thank our fathers for making us happy all the time.

Fathers Are Great Teachers

Fathers are also good teachers. They teach us not only with regards to school or games. They also teach us about life. They give us the knowledge and skills that will allow us to survive in this harsh world. Our daddies are always there to guide us and show which way to go to. Hence, celebrating Father’s Day is a good way to remember how good of a teacher our fathers are.

Fathers Are Always Patient

Our fathers are so patient that it takes a lot for them to get angry. They give us whatever we want and they make sure to do so. They work hard for our families. They provide us earnings for our daily living. They give their full effort and perspire with it as they are inspired to make us live the best lives possible. We do value this patience that they have when we remember this quality during Father’s Day.

Happy Father's Day in El Salvador

Celebration Ideas and Activities

The following are the best things to do to make your celebration of Father’s Day as best as it can be:

Make Your Father Feel Appreciated

Perhaps the best thing that you can do for your celebration of this day is to make your father feel he is greatly appreciated by you. You won’t know how valuable this is until you yourself become a father. Perhaps you can give your father a heartfelt letter telling him how much you love him and how greatly you thank him for all that he has done for you and your entire family.

Spend a Day with Your Family

You can celebrate this day in a good way by spending some quality time with your family while emphasizing your father’s greatness. You can go to the amusement park or just eat out with your entire family. You can sing your father some great songs and tell him how much all of you love him. You can then post a picture of your father’s day celebration on social media while you use the hashtag #Father’sDayInElSalvador to let your friends and followers know that you are also participating in this day.

Give Your Father a Good Gift

Also, a good way to spend this day is to give your father a good gift that he will appreciate. It does not need to be expensive. Just make sure that it is something that your father likes and will appreciate when you give it to him.

Father’s Day Messages for Your Own Father

  • “I’m so proud to be your son. Happy Father’s Day!”
  • “Dad, you’re in all my favorite memories.”
  • “Dad, you’re still the one I think of first when I have a question about something or when I just need some support and good advice. Thank you for always being there for me.”
  • “Happy Father’s Day to the man who taught me how to step and throw, how to field a grounder, how to follow through and pretty much every other important thing I know about baseball and living!”
  • Thank you for the example you set and for your leadership in our family. We love you, Dad!”
  • “We could never hide how much we love you, Dad. Not even in a duck blind with camo on!”
  • “With you, Dad, Father’s Day means lots of tasty grilled things and lots for our family to celebrate!”
  • “So glad we all share such fun times together, Daddy.”
  • “We deeply admire the good man and wonderful father you are.”

Father’s Day Messages for Your Grandfather

  • “No matter how much time goes by, I treasure my memories of times spent with you, and I still look forward to all our times together.”
  • “For teaching me to fish, to make campfires and to always be kind, thanks, Grandpa!”
  • “I hope you know how much I admire the man you are, Grandpa.”
  • “You’ve taught me so much without saying a word.”
  • “Grandpa, your influence has shaped me in lasting ways.”
  • “I’ve always felt so blessed to have a grandpa like you.”

Father’s Day Messages for Your Husband

  • “Happy Father’s Day to the man of my heart, the father of our children, the love of my life.”
  • “Thank you for all the ways you go above and beyond every day for our family. The kids and I are so lucky to have you.”
  • “I’m so grateful to be sharing life, love, and parenthood with a wonderful man like you.”
  • “So glad you were with me for this fun and crazy ride.”
  • “I can’t imagine anyone who’s a better father or more loving husband than you.”
  • “Feeling blessed, feeling cared for, feeling loved, thanks to you.”
  • “Our kids think of you as a hero. And they’re absolutely right about that.”

Father's Day 17 June

Father’s Day Messages for Your Brother or Friend

  • “Celebrating the great dad you are to Sam and the wonderful uncle you are to my kiddos!”
  • “I always knew you’d be a great dad someday.”
  • “Hope Father’s Day brings you some time to relax and geek out in your favorite ways.”
  • “I can tell from how your kids act that they feel happy and totally loved. Of course, they do. They have an awesome dad!”
  • “Wishing a great day to the father of a few of my favorite nieces!”

Father’s Day Messages for Your Son

  • “So very proud of the son, the man and the father you are.”
  • “Happy Father’s Day to our wonderful son. Thanks for being such a devoted father to our favorite little granddaughter!”
  • “Now that you’re a dad, you can understand better all the love and pride we’ve always felt for you.”
  • “For a kid who used to gag when your little brother’s diaper got changed, you sure did grow up to be a great dad!”
  • “With a love for being such a great son…and for making me such a happy grandfather!”
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