National Fig Newton Day

16th January National Fig Newton Day

Various national food holidays have been in existence for quite a long time already. Although some of them are not real official holidays, they are quite fun to celebrate. Celebrating them is also a good excuse for you to enjoy the foods you like to eat. One of these holidays that we are talking about is the national Fig Newton day. This is an interesting holidays that celebrates soft cookies filled with jams made from fig. if you want to know more about this interesting holiday, then you should continue reading below.

Fig Newton

What is the National Fig Newton Day?

This holiday is observed every 16th of January of each year. It is a day dedicated for Newton figs. Newtons are simply pastries filled with fig paste. They are quite similar to cookies but they are soft and filled with jams from fig. It has a distinguishing unusual shape already adopted by the producers of this food. During this day, people celebrate in different ways. They can either make up their own versions of the best fig rolls they can create or just buy some from pastry shops or bakeries.

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History of the National Fig Newton Day

Until the 19th century, many physicians believed that many illnesses related to digestion can be alleviated by recommending a daily intake of fruits and biscuits. Fig rolls seem to match the description perfectly because they are biscuits filled with jam made from fruits called figs. They can be locally produced and easy to make by hand.

In 1891, Charles Roser, a Philadelphia baker and lover of figs, invented and patented a machine that allows the insertion of fig paste into a pastry dough that is thick. His recipe then became so popular and a hit among the people. Because of that, a Kennedy Biscuit Company based in Cambridgeport Massachusetts purchased the recipe by Roser. That same year, the first ever Fig Newtons were baked at the FA kennedy Steam Bakery. Hence, the name Fig Newtons because the pastries were first made in the town of Newton, Massachusetts.

After some time, the Kennedy Biscuit Company joined forces with the New York Biscuit Company. The merging resulting in a company called Nebisco. This company trademarked the biscuits called the Fig Newtons.

Nowadays, Fig Newtons has become so popular that homes consider them as staple snacks or desserts. With much love from the people, there is now an unofficial holiday celebrated for It called the National Fig Newton Day.

When is the National Fig Newton Day?

This holiday is always celebrated on the 16th of January of each year. Because of that, we can expect to celebrate the holiday next year on, January 16.

Celebration of the National Fig Newton Day

There are quite different ways on how people celebrate the National Fig Newton Day. If you want some ideas on how you can celebrate this day, then you better take a look at the list below.

Create Your Own Fig Rolls

A very good idea on how you can celebrate this day is by creating your own fig rolls. It is not that complicated considering the fact that we now have a lot of different kinds of tools and equipment for baking that making fig rolls today can be really easy. You can experiment in the kitchen while looking at a recipe or cookbook that will give you the instructions on how to properly prepare, create, and bake fig rolls.

Create a Fig Newton Pie or Cake

You can make it even bigger by baking not just fig rolls but fig Newton cake or fig pie. Similar to the rolls, you can take a look online for instruction on how to create Fig newton pies or cakes. You will definitely find some that can match your preferences and taste.

Purchase the best Fig Newtons Available

If you don’t have time to bake, then you can just perhaps purchase fig newtons from the store like a pastry shop or a bakery. For sure, there are lots available during the day because they expect people to demand lots of these pastries to celebrate the day.

Eat Up with Your Friends and Family

You can invite your friends or family over to eat fig newtons with you. It will be such a delight and can help you celebrate the day in the best way possible.

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