Galactic Tick Day

Galactic Tick Day: Celebrating the movement of Solar System around the Milky Way Galaxy

There is a holiday that celebrates our trip around The Milky Way every 230 million years. We celebrate 1 centi-arcsecond every 1.7361 years. The upcoming Galactic Tick Day is March 21st.Galactic Tick Day

What is Galactic Tick Day?

Galactic Tick Day is a holiday that celebrates the movement of the Solar System around the Milky Way galaxy. The day is observed every 633.7 days, or 1.7361 years, stamping one “galactic tick,” which marks 1/100th of an arcsecond of the orbit of the solar system around the Milky Way.

This unique occasion is intended to highlight the bigger cosmography that we end up in. It’s not only a fascinating tidbit – but it also fills in as a mechanism for more extensive thinking around the spatial and different systems we find ourselves in that we can’t really simply intuit.

When is Galactic Tick Day this year?

The upcoming Galactic Tick Day will be celebrated on, March 21st.

It is the journey — the trip our whole planetary or solar system takes together — that is the beginning point for Galactic Tick Day: a new holiday that will be observed for the third — 237th time on — 21st March.

To attend this Galactic Day event, join the celebrations here: 237th Galactic Tick Day hosted by Galactic Tick.

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Who invented Galactic Tick Day & Why it is celebrated?

The very first Galactic Tick Day was one Galactic Tick (1.7361 years) after Hans Lippershey documented the patent for the first telescope on October 2nd, 1608.

As indicated by David Sneider, one of the holiday’s inventors, [Galactic Tick Day] began as a fun idea that really has some quite fascinating results.

In 2016, one of Sneider’s close friends said something like that in a discussion, and it started a realization. Here’s what his friend said:

“Goodness, Mercury is in retrograde — I would be advised to be cautious, I’m in for some bad luck.” These words sparked a realization in Sneider.

While astrology is not regarded as a branch of science, the idea that cosmic bodies and their movements have an impact and importance in our daily lives has continued.

“You’re thinking the developments of celestial bodies and after that wrapping it some layer of superstition,” says Sneider. “What’s more, that line of thinking drove me to intuition about different parts of the cosmic movement that go unrecognized or misconstrued. What’s more, I thought, ‘What about a calendar holiday to praise the journey of our solar system around the Milky Way?'”

Happy celebrating Galactic Tick Day to all space fanatics out there!


Galactic Tick Day

A holiday for space fanatics that celebrates the movement of the Solar System around the Milky Way galaxy.
Date:March 21
Observed by:Space fanatics
Official Website:
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