National Gingerbread House Day

Gingerbreads 12th of December

The National Gingerbread House Day is observed every 12th of December each year. The purpose of this day is to celebrate the favorite American food called Gingerbread which is simply sugar cookies in the shape of a house. Gingerbread houses are favorite delicacies by families on different holidays, especially during Christmas. Yes, it is fun and enjoyable to eat them but the experience of making or creating them is also so enjoyable. Hence, a special day has been dedicated to gingerbread houses. People enjoy celebrating the National Gingerbread House Day as much as they enjoy celebrating the National Sugar Cookie Day.National Gingerbread House Day

What is National Gingerbread House Day?

Gingerbread house is a sugar cookie in the shape of a house. It is usually made by hand by putting pieces of sugar cookies together to create a house, putting some frostings on the roof, windows, and door and then decorating the house with different colors of candies. During the National Gingerbread House Day, these delicacies are made. But those without time to make them can purchase some from local pastry shops and bakeries.

History of National Gingerbread House Day

The National Gingerbread House Day has quite a good history in its pockets. Its roots can be traced back to when the gingerbread was discovered.

What is the history of the gingerbread?

According to some records, gingerbread was first baked in Europe during the end of the 11th century. It was this time when the crusaders brought back the tradition of making spicy bread from Middle East. Ginger was used to create the bread not just to create a spicy flavor but also to preserve the bread and make it last longer. In addition, according to some French stories, gingerbread was brought back into Europe during 992 AD by Gregory of Nicopolis, an American monk and saint.

What is the history of gingerbread house?

Gingerbreads became so popular that the creation of gingerbread became a profession. In fact, during the 17th century, only professional gingerbread makers were allowed to make gingerbread in days other than Easter and Christmas. Various shapes of gingerbread came into existence including stars, man, heart, soldier, sword, pistol, and animals. But the tradition of creating gingerbread houses started in the early 1800s in Germany. According to some historians, gingerbread house making started due to the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel. Now, gingerbread house making became a staple activity in many holidays especially in Christmas.

Gingerbread House

What is the history of National Gingerbread House Day?

Unfortunately, even with deep research about this day, we cannot find out exactly who, when, and how the National Gingerbread House Day started. Regardless, we know for sure that the celebration of this day came into play because people want to give dedication to this staple delicacy that we enjoy creating and have fun eating in special celebrations.

When is National Gingerbread House Day?

This day is always celebrated on the 12th of December each year. This means that this year, people will have fun celebrating the National Gingerbread House Day on December 12, . And next year, people will enjoy celebrating this day on December 12, .

How to Celebrate National Gingerbread House Day?

There are many activities conducted by people to make their celebration of the National Gingerbread House Day as fun and enjoyable as possible. Some of these activities are:

Make Your Won Gingerbread House from Scratch

Perhaps the best activity you can do to celebrate this day is to make your own gingerbread house from scratch. It will be even more fun to make one with your family and friends. You just need to prepare the simple ingredients to make this delicacy. Afterwards, you can have fun eating such a good treat with your loved ones.

Participate in a Gingerbread House Making Contest

If you have skills in making gingerbread house, then it is a good idea for you to join a contest for making the best gingerbread house. You may even win astounding prizes.

Celebrate on Social Media

You can take your celebration of the day on social media. You can, for instance, use the hashtag #NationalGingerbreadHouseDay to let your friends and followers know that you are taking part in the celebration. You may even post photos of yourself with the gingerbread house you created for the day.

Facts About the National Gingerbread House Day

Of course, your celebration of this day will not be complete without your sharing some good and interesting facts about the National Gingerbread House Day. Here are some of them:

  • The gingerbread originally came from the East but it came to Europe in 922 by a monk to treat indigestion.
  • According to some stories, Queen Elizabeth I was the person who came up with the concept of making gingerbread man.
  • Gingerbread houses became so popular in Germany after the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel was published by the Brothers Grimm.
  • The Bergen City in Norway makes an entire city composed of Gingerbread houses each year.
  • In England, unmarried women often eat gingerbread man believing that it would bring them good luck into finding the man of their lives.
  • A Swedish tradition involves making a wish by eating gingerbread.
  • The origin of gingerbread houses can be traced back to ancient Egypt and Greece.
  • The largest gingerbread house ever built was 60 feet by 32 feet in dimension. It was worth 35,823,400 calories.
  • The word gingerbread originated from the Old French word gingebras which means preserved ginger.
  • Gingerbread can be sweetened by sugar, honey, or molasses.
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