National Sugar Cookie Day

9 July National Sugar Cookie Day in United States

One of the most delicious and simplest cookies to make is the sugar cookie. These cookies are very popular during various occasions especially during Christmas. People love to eat them especially with warm milk. They are easy to make that’s why a lot of people create their own varieties of sugar cookies that they give to their friends or loved ones as gifts or just to eat. Because of the love for sugar cookies, we people have dedicated a special day for them called the National Sugar Cookie Day. This holiday is just as fun as the National Chocolate Cupcake Day. If you want to learn more about this holiday, then you better continue reading more below.

What is the National Sugar Cookie Day?

National Sugar Cookie DayNational Sugar Cookie Day is observed ever 9th of July each year. It honors the delicious and ever popular sugar cookies. During this day, people celebrate by conducting various activities that involve sugar cookies. For instance, they bake their own varieties, buy some from great pastry shops or bakeries, give sugar cookies as gifts to other people, and participate in activities like sugar cookies eating contest and sugar cookie baking contest. Millions of people take part in this day celebrations & same World Baking Day

History of the National Sugar Cookie Day

The history of sugar cookies can be traced back during the 1700s in the time of the Nazarenes of Pennsylvania. Among these people, it was the German Protestants who created simple sugar cookies as part of their religious activities.

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According to a famous scientist Benjamin Franklin, such cookies are called Beer during their time. But people contest this because we use that name for the popular alcoholic beverage. Of course, we prefer the term sugar cookies. But during this time, the name given was a specific Nazareth Sugar Cookie. It was the only recipe of its kind during that time.

The recipe though, according to historians, was not as original as people thought they were. There were earlier versions of such delicacy called the jumble biscuit. This was a dried biscuit that could be left for months and last long to be eaten.

Over time, the state of Pennsylvania adopted the Nazarene Sugar Cookie as Commonwealth’s official cookie. It was so formal that there was even a house bill for it called the HB 1892. Now, the extreme popularity of sugar cookies resulted in a special unofficial holiday dedicated for these biscuits.

When is the National Sugar Cookie Day?: Is today National Sugar Cookie Day?

The National Sugar Cookie Day is always celebrated on the 9th of July each year. This means that this year, the holiday will be held on July 9. Next year, people will celebrate this holiday on July 9.

Celebration of the National Sugar Cookie Day

Various activities can be done to celebrate this special day. If you are one of those people looking for ideas on how you can celebrate this day, then the list below will help you out.

Make Sugar Cookies

Of course, the best way to celebrate this day is by making your own sugar cookies. It is just easy to make that even kids can do it. just prepare the ingredients and your oven. You will be done in no time. You can also try to make your own variation as well as your own decorations. There are so many varieties you can make.

Purchase Sugar Cookies

If you don’t have time to bake sugar cookies for this day, then you can just purchase some in the local bakery or pastry shop. For sure, lots of these stores will offer their own version of sugar cookies especially since they expect a lot of people to demand these delicacies for the holiday.

On Social Media

You can take your celebration in social media. You can use the hashtag #NationalSugarCookieDay in Twitter or in your other social media accounts. Let people know that you are participating in the celebration by taking photos of yourself with sugar cookies.

Facts about the National Sugar Cookie Day

  • Sugar cookies are the official cookies of the Commonwealth in Pennsylvania.
  • The National Sugar Cookie Day is held every July 9 of the year.
  • Ingredients of sugar cookies are flour, baking powder, butter, eggs, vanilla, and sugar.
  • Sugar cookies can be decorated in different ways.
  • It has been 920 days since the sugar cookies were celebrated.
  • There are about 3000 ways to celebrate the holiday.
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