National Jelly Bean Day

National Jelly Bean Day United States

Jelly Bean Day is celebrated every 22nd of April each year. Although jelly beans are popular all year round, a special day is dedicated just for them. Jelly beans are just some of the most popular candies ever produced. There are so many flavors of jelly beans ranging from the sweet ones to the spicy ones. Nowadays, more and more flavors and being developed by candy manufacturers. Some are even so unique and interesting. This is what we celebrate during the Jelly Bean Day.

What is Jelly Bean Day?

Jelly beans are candies made in the shape of beans. They are not necessarily made from beans. Most jelly beans were made from jelly and were just shaped into beans. Usually, when you purchase a box of jelly beans, it will contain various colors and flavors.

History of Jelly Bean Day

Although jelly beans became popular, especially during Easter, their history stretches far back into the mid-19th century. The first ever jelly beans were created during the mid-1800’s. Many people believe that the original jelly beans were inspired by a sweet candy called Turkish delight which was made from powdered sugar and fruit.

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Jelly beans became especially popular during the civil war because of a Boston confectioner named William Schrafft. During those times, jelly beans were sold by pounds to people. Schrafft encouraged those who buy jelly beans from him to send some to the Union soldiers so that they could get a taste of delight even as they venture through battles during those war-torn times.

It was in the 1930s when jelly beans became closely associated with Easter. They became staple sweets during the holy week celebration. But now, jelly beans are popular candies all year round. As an additional trivia, Ronald Reagan’s favorite treats were jelly beans.

Jelly Beans in Popular Culture

Jelly beans have been deeply engraved in our culture ever since their creation. The term Jelly Bean has been used in a wide array of topics not just one about sweet treats. For instance, in the electronics industry, the term Jelly Bean is used to describe a simple multi-use electronics equipment. In addition, during the 1910’s. the term Jelly Bean was used to describe a youth who is dressed in the latest style to attract young women.

Jelly Beans also became immensely popular in the Harry Potter franchise, which is one of the largest and most popular in the world. Within the series, there is a jelly bean brand called “Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Bean”. The beans here are not just ordinary beans. They are actually magical. Some can change the characters’ expressions or their colors. There are also unique flavors such as vomit, earwax, and more. Eating these jelly beans is fun. The characters tend to randomly pick one jelly bean from the box. Lucky them if they get to pick a jelly bean with a good flavor.

Because of that popularity, the jelly beans from the harry potter franchise were sold in real life. Harry Potter stores now sell these beans for everyone.

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When is Jelly Bean Day?

Jelly Bean Day is celebrated each year during the 22nd of April. This means that this year, Jelly Bean Day will be celebrated on April 22,

Celebration of Jelly Bean Day

People from all over the world celebrate Jelly Bean Day, especially those who are enthusiasts of these candies. Here are some activities done during the special day.

Jelly Bean Eating

Jelly Bean eating during the day is simply an activity that involves eating jelly beans. Most people buy their favorite jelly bean flavors from their favorite stores. Others buy a box of jelly beans with different colors inside. They then share the candies with their friends and loved ones and remind each other that the day symbolizes an important day for jelly beans.

Jelly Bean Games

Some people conduct games about jelly beans during the day. One example is the jelly bean eating contest wherein people are tested on how much jelly bean they can eat within a small amount of time. Another game is a guessing game wherein people are asked to guess the total number of jelly beans in a jar. The person wo guesses a number that is closest to the true total number of jelly beans in the jar wins a special prize.

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