National Lobster Day

Honoring Seafood Delicacy "Lobsters" on NATIONAL LOBSTER DAY - observed on September 25th

The National Lobster Day is celebrated every year on September 25. This day gives dedication to the luxurious delicacy that everyone loves to eat.

There are many different ways on how lobsters can be cooked. But the most popular methods for making them including grilling, steaming, baking, and boiling. This holiday gives an excuse for everyone to eat lobsters, even if they may cost high, and enjoy their tastiness and deliciousness.

Lobster Day

The National Lobster Day is a special day just all about lobsters. This seafood has given people a lot of good vibes just for being delicious. And this day is all about giving the lobsters all the honor and commemoration that they deserve. People buy lobsters days ahead of the celebration so that they can prepare their special meals with lobsters as main ingredients that they can serve during the holiday celebration. Those people who are quite busy in life prefer to go to fancy restaurants instead of where they can eat delicious lobster dishes. Other activities are also done for the day including lobster lectures and lobster fishing.  During this Day, is same like National French Fry Day  people conduct various activities.

History of Lobster Day

The National Lobster Day has quite a good history. It all started when lobsters were so abundant and extremely delicious that they became staple foods for the people.

Origin of Lobster Day

Back in September 25, 2014, Senator Susan Collins and Senator Angus King of Maine created a joint resolution declaring September 25 as the National Lobster Day. Though the origin of this celebration is still quite new, it continued to become popular not just in the country but also all over the world. Nowadays, many people are taking part in the celebration of this day so that they can have a day full of enjoying the very delicious lobsters they can eat.

National Lobster Day

When Celebrated

This holiday is always celebrated on the 25th of September each year. This means that the upcoming National Lobster Day will be celebrated on September 25.

September 25Wednesday
September 25Friday
September 25Saturday
2022September 25Sunday
2023September 25Monday

Why Celebrate

The following are the main reasons why you should celebrate this holiday:

Lobsters Have an Interesting History

As mentioned earlier, the history of lobsters is quite unique because they went on from rags to riches. There were times when lobsters were so abundant that people can just catch them in the wild for free or cost very cheap when sold in the market. But words about them quickly spread. Lots of people started to demand them heavily. Their supply quickly diminished. And now, they cost a lot. They are usually eaten at expensive restaurants. You might be interested in knowing more about these stories and sharing them with others during the National Lobster Day.

Lobsters are Fancy and Luxurious

Another reason why you should celebrate the holiday is that lobsters are fancy and luxurious. You are given an excuse to eat lobster during this day. Hence, you don’t have to punish yourself saying that you cannot eat them because they are expensive. You can plan and prepare ahead of the celebration. You can save up some cash so that when the day comes, you have the money to purchase the lobster meal that you want to eat.

Lobsters Have an Interesting Anatomy

Most seafood that we eat is plain and uninteresting when it comes to anatomy. But crustaceans like crabs and lobsters are on a different note. Interesting facts about lobsters include them being able to grow forever without limits, they can taste with their legs, and they chew using their stomachs. They can also regenerate their limbs and their claws are so powerful that about 100 pounds of force per square inch can be exerted by them. These are good things to know and good things to be shared when you eat lobsters during the holiday.

Lobster Dish

Celebration Ideas & Activities

The following are the most fun activities to do for your celebration of this holiday:

Go to Maine

Maine is one of the popular destinations for lobsters. You can go to the Maine Lobster Museum located in Ben Harbor to check out the freshest lobsters available. You can also get informed about lobsters in terms of the different species, their life, habitat, and anatomy.

Throw a Lobster Feast

Perhaps the best way to celebrate this day is by throwing a lobster feast. Yes, it might cost a fortune but nothing compared to this celebration. You can enjoy eating delicious lobster meals with your friends and family. The party will surely be fun and spectacular.

Wear a Lobster Costume

A simple way of celebrating this day is by throwing a lobster costume. What you can perhaps do is to go to a local clothing shop to pick an already-made lobster costume. Or you can also try to manifest your creativity by making your own lobster costume you can wear for the day. You can also perhaps share a photo of yourself wearing the costume on social media while using the hashtag #NationalLobsterDay.

Interesting Facts

What is the history of lobster?

Nowadays, we consider lobster as a luxury food. But did you know that back in the days, it was considered a food for the poor? During the 1800s, lobsters were so abundant that people in New England could just walk down the beach during low tide and easily catch lobsters. Hence, many peasants and lobsters lived off of lobsters during this time. Because of excess demand for lobsters, a certain community in Massachusetts passed a law that imposed a limit on the number of lobsters that can be caught by the people. It was about three times a week.

How did the lobster industry evolve?

Lobsters continued to be popular. In fact, according to the Pacific Standard Magazine, there was a time when beans were more expensive than lobsters. People could buy Boston baked beans for about 53 cents per pound while canned lobsters cost only 11 cents per pound. But then through time, lobsters became so in demand. Perhaps their population continued to decrease even if people started to learn how to raise and farm them. By this time, lobsters are now luxurious crustaceans that please crowds of people.

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